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Is car insurance fronting morally right?

I sometimes ask myself whether it is worth doing something morally right or financially wise in this society of ever increasing prices. Take for example this 17 year old male who has just passed his driving test and is eager to get behind the wheels. He has spent roughly £900 on the 40 hours driving lessons which the DSA recommends, bought his first car for £3500 and is now looking for a cheap car insurance deal to get him going. What happens next? He receives insurance quotes no cheaper than £2500. This is unfortunately the reality faced by most new drivers. At 17 or under 25, you are at this point in your life where you are just starting up and you do not really have money saved and much to spend and still you are subjected to the highest insurance premiums of all.

Now you haven't gone through all this hassle to stop here, have you? So what do you do? You learn that if you take out the car insurance along with your parents, it will become unbelievably cheaper. All you have to do is ask your parents to put down their names as the main driver so that you become an additional driver on the insurance policy. The only problem here is that you are not supposed to really do that. Why? Because the car is in your name and you will be using the car most of the time, so you should be the policy holder for the insurance too. If you do not disclose this information at the time of application for car insurance, then you will be doing what is called 'car insurance fronting'.

So what is car insurance fronting really?

Car insurance fronting is the tactic used by young and new drivers to reduce their insurance premiums. By allowing an experienced driver to become the main driver on their insurance policy, they significantly lower the premiums they will pay. Fronting has been made illegal now because it presents a much higher risk for the insurers than what they have quoted you for. To them, the main driver should be the one using the car most of the time and any additional drivers should be driving occasionally. It is on this basis and the fact that an experienced driver is less likely to be involved in an accident than a young driver that the premiums are considerably cheaper. Now if the young driver uses the car more than the main driver, it will be called fronting in car insurance terms and since it is associated with giving false information when getting a car insurance quote, it has been made illegal. Not many insurance companies will reject your application if you decide to do that though but if you ever make a claim to them afterwards, then they can reject your claim based on the grounds of car insurance fronting. I do not condone this technique but if you, as a young or new driver, will be making such a massive saving, then is it morally right or not?

Sure, you run the risks of having your claim turned down if you ever make one and get 6 points on your license for fronting and also being charged with 'driving without car insurance', but is it financially worth all these risks?

The cheapest car insurance deal for young and new drivers

So what are the best car insurance deals for young or new drivers at the moment? Well I've done a case study to see which company is offering the most competitive quotes among all the so-called 'cheap car insurance providers'.

Case Study (Updated 29 January 2008):

John Smith is an 18 year old male student (date of birth 11 Jan 1990) who lives with his parent and has just got his full UK driving license. He passed his practical test first time round and to congratulate him, his parents bought him a used Nissan Micra (1 litre engine)which is about 3 years old. John decides that he will be parking his car just outside his house on the roads and thinks that the maximum milleage he will be doing in a year is 4000. Since he is a young driver, he does not have any no claims discount yet. John also knows that he cannot put his father's name as the main policy holder on the insurance because he will be the main driver and this will invalidate his insurance policy should he be involved in an accident. Therefore, as a brave little soldier, he starts shopping around for a cheap car insurance quote for his Nissan Micra. Here are the quotes he received:

Direct Line : £2124.15
Churchill : £2352.00
Liverpool Victoria : £2640.18
MoreThan : £3379.65
Bell : £3426.82
Norwich Union : £4448.00

Well the cheapest quote he received was from Direct Line Car Insurance. Still a lot of money, isn't it? Unless you drive without insurance (which is not recommeneded at all!), you will not be getting any cheaper quotes because young drivers are more prone to accidents and statistics says it all. Insurers regard you, the new driver on the road, as a high risk driver and will quote high premiums to insure you. However in the case of Direct Line, after 1 year driving without any claims, the renewal quote for your car insurance will be £1193.85, a massive saving of £930.30 within a year! I suppose the first year is the toughest and it eventually becomes cheap as you prove you are not a high risk driver as the insurers think you are.

And by the way, I've tried sites like Confused which are supposed to get you the best quotes on the market and guess what, the cheapest car insurance quote they could retrive was about £3300 from a company called Bull's Eye. The list of insurance companies they searched for is shown below:

AA Admiral AIG Direct Alliance and Leicester
Auto Direct Barclays Budget Bullseye
Dial Direct Diamond Direct Choice Easy Money
E-Car Elephant Esure Endsleigh
Flexibell Halifax Hastings Direct Hero
Insure It All Insure & Go Insure. co .uk Its4me
Kwikfit Ladybird Lancaster Classic Lancaster Full Quote
Localbroker Marks and Spencer Masterquote More Than
Norwich Union Norwich Union Simplecover People’s Choice Post Office
Quinn Direct Quote a Car RAC Saga
Sainsburys Screentrade Sheilas Wheels Swift Cover
Swinton Yes Insurance Zurich ***

Even though sites like Confused or GoCompare search many insurance companies at once, they DO NOT search all companies! So you could be missing on a huge saving if you don't search for a more competitive quote elsewhere. As you can see from the above panel of insurers, Direct Line is not listed. Therefore spare yourself 2 minutes and try getting a quote from Direct Line Car Insurance and let me know how much you're being quoted afterwards. Remember this is independent advice that I am giving away and if you find cheaper quote with another company, I will update the information here to reflect it so that other young drivers can benefit as well.

Finding car insurance for provisional license holders

While getting cheap car insurance for new drivers has become an increasingly difficult task these days, obtaining insurance cover for learner drivers holding just a provisional license proves to be next to impossible. Since these learner drivers have yet to master the art of driving, they are therefore considered as the highest risk group for the insurers. Consequently most insurance companies will bluntly refuse your application for car insurance if you have just got a provisional license.

So which companies will insure provisional license holders?

The truth is not many! And the very few which will take you on will do so at a higher premium rate. Before i tell you where to go to get cheap car insurance for learner drivers, you should know that because you have got a provisional license and you are still learning to drive, you should always be accompanied at all times when driving by another driver who is 21 years old or over and that person must have had his license for at least 3 years.

The following companies will provide cheap insurance cover for a learner driver with provisional license:
Direct Line Car Insurance

Note that when you pass your driving test and finally get your full UK driving license, your insurance premiums might go down by just £100. This is due to the fact that insurance companies regard new drivers driving on their own as carrying more or less the same risks as a learner driver under supervision.

Choosing the right car insurance for a 17 year old driver

The legal age to start driving in the UK is 17. Most young adults who would be celebrating their 17th birthday very soon would have already applied for their provisional license and seeking to learn to drive with a qualified instructor. Usually after a couple of months of learning, they would have succeeded in their driving test and looking forward to enjoy driving a car of their own.

However, 17 year old car insurance is rather expensive for a number of understandable reasons. For example, seventeen year olds are more likely to be involved in car accidents and therefore present a higher risk to the insurer. To elaborate, at 17, someone is still at a very young age and their style of living differs a lot from mature drivers because there are more frequent drinking, late nights out and long drives. Those are the most compelling reasons why car insurance for 17 year old drivers is excessively high.

Just like everything else in life though, you start at the very bottom and slowly make your way towards the top of the ladder. The same goes for getting cheap car insurance for a 17 year old young person, who will undoubtedly start by paying a lot for insuring his car intially and will eventually pay a fraction of what he has paid in his 1st year for car insurance as he builds his driving experience.

Shopping for car insurance for an 18 year old driver

The day you turn 18 is a memorable day for you because you've now reached a milestone in your life. You are legally an adult and can from this day onwards make your own decisions and do not require anyone to sign on your behalf.

If you're been wise, you would already be holding a driving license for a year now since you are allowed to drive at 17. This would mean you now have a whole year's driving experience together with a full year of no claims bonus which would entitle you to a massive discount for your 18 year old car insurance.

However if you haven't been pro-active enough, you will have to face up to the fact that car insurance for 18 year olds are quite expensive since you are still young and regarded as very risky by the insurers.

While there are ways to reduce car insurance for young drivers, you will not see a huge cut in your insurance quote. You are more likely to save some £500 but your overall premiums will still be over £2000.

So where do you take it from there? Well you need to know that each car insurance company tries to target a specific group of people and consequently will provide you with the best and cheapest quote if you happen to fall within that group. For example, Saga specialises in over 50's car insurance, therefore people having reached this age will get cheaper car insurance with them than with any other company.

Buying car insurance for a short period only

Ever wondered whether you could get a temporary car insurance cover for that estate car you need to borrow from your friend to help you move houses? Well you will be glad to know that such a short term car insurance policy exists! So instead of driving without car insurance hoping nothing bad will happen, put your mind at peace and get protected against all the odds.

Examples of occasions when you may need short term car insurance

  • Driving your friend’s car for the weekend
  • Borrowing your friend’s van when moving houses
  • Buying a house’s door which doesn’t fit in your small car
  • You are not insured to drive somebody else’s car
  • You want insurance cover when you are driving abroad for your holidays
  • You are renting a car/van
  • Temporarily letting an additional driver (son/daughter) using your car
  • Driving a courtesy car in emergency situations where you are not covered
  • Picking up your new car from the dealer/garage which does not have insurance yet
Short term car insurance can be bought from 1 to 28 days. Therefore if you're looking for a weekend car insurance or just insurance cover for two weeks only, you will be able to get the adequate level of cover for any number of days you wish for, provided it does not exceed 28 days though.

How much does the short term car insurance cost?

A typical guide to the pricing for temporary car insurance cover would be as follows:

Day 1 - £10.50
Day 2 - £10.50
Day 3 - £4.20
Day 4 - £4.20
Day 5 to Day 26 - £4.20
Day 27 - £4.20
Day 28 - £4.20

Purchasing car insurance for the first time

You've probably heard that there's a first time for everything, well the same applies for car insurance. At some point in your life, you will need to buy your first car insurance ever and it might sound like a daunting task initially but if you do your research well, you should be fine.

First time car insurance will be sought by people who've just passed their driving test and looking to get ready to hit the roads. Although some people might have held their license for a long time and not actually have a policy of their own, a first car insurance can prove to be rather expensive because the driver will not have any no claims bonus to begin with. This means you start off with a very big disadvantage and careful research needs to be done if you don't want to spend all your money on a new driver car insurance policy. Believe me, car insurance for an inexperienced driver averages at £2800 and can even go up to £5000.

I know it sounds crazy and it doesn't make any sense but this is the horrendous truth. Insurers know first time drivers are a great risk and will charge you a lot for a car insurance cover. Your parents might be paying something like £250 but that's because they've built up their no claims discount over the years and they are more experienced now and less likely to make a claim against the insurance company.

If you decide to become a second or additional driver on somebody's else policy, you will save money in the short term but you will not build your no claims discount and when you decide to take car insurance in your own name at a later point in your life, you will return to your starting point which is getting first time car insurance as the policyholder.

Since you will eventually need to commit to it someday or the other, why not do it now and be done with it, eh? Yes, you will have to pay more at the beginning but take my advice and take it with a pinch of salt and you will be rewarding yourself in no time.

So where should I go for cheap first time car insurance then?

As we've said before, you will have to pay a high premium in your first year but if you want the cheapest first time car insurance, you can go with Direct Line car insurance and they can bring your quote down a lot! They are the most competive in the car insurance market at the moment and you will have the facility of paying your insurance premiums in installments if you want to spread the cost over the year and pay smaller chucks monthly rather than paying it all in one go.

The unfairness of temporary car insurance cover!

Over the last few years, temporary car insurance has become extremely popular because drivers have recognised that they now are more at risk on the roads with the ever increasing number of new drivers and careless ones. Consequently the number of companies offering temporary insurance cover has soared and has made getting cheap temporary car insurance easy.

With a larger pool of insurers providing temporary car insurance now (or short term car insurance as some call it), the competition has increased so much that all companies are fighting to attract new customers. This means that the temporary car insurance quote that each company provides has to be really competitive for them to lure customers into purchasing it otherwise they will be losing their potential clients to their own competitors. And that's not something which businesses like to do! Therefore, in order to quote for affordable or cheap temporary insurance premiums, other things are being compromised along the way.

What once used to be standard cover have now been split by individual insurance companies and tailored according to what they think is essential to remain competitive. To understand this more clearly, let's ask a simple question - why do people take out car insurance in the first place? The obvious answer to this rather lame question is to protect your car against accidental or malicious damage. So every driver should be able to get this type of insurance cover (even if it was not required by law), right? However there are no insurers in the market at the moment willing to cover young people under 21 for temporary car insurance.

Not only do these young drivers face higher premiums when they set out to insure their cars but they are being deprived of temporary insurance cover because of their age! It leaves us to think about the flaws in this rigid and unfocused motoring law system here in the UK, doesn't it?

As a matter of fact, it encourages young people who haven't reached 22 yet to drive without car insurance. Just like my friend Tim who wanted to drive his brother's car for the weekend to go see his girlfriend up north in Manchester but couldn't buy temporary insurance because he was only 19 and had to chance it unfortunately. Luckily he was not caught though.

China Car GPS Is Your First Choice

In recent times there has been some great progress made in the technology behind GPS or global positioning satellites, and now this exciting technology is freely accessible even to the members of the general public. Currently there are many uses for GPS, this article will be mainly focusing on the benefits of having an in car GPS.

The car GPS is a small security unit which you can easily place on your dashboard or stick on to your windscreen. The benefit of having an in-car GPS installed is that by just keying in your required destination it will give you real time turn-by-turn directions needed to reach the destination you want by voice.

Car GPS products have become one of the top selling categories in the last couple of years. With prices dropping and the choice of car GPS products growing it is easy to understand why merchants are trying to buy as much car GPS products as possible. With the help of, you can not only find affordably priced car GPS products available directly from the source, but also gain an upper hand in the various products you are able to offer to your markets. Here are just a few ways in which can help any merchant looking to purchase car GPS products. Connects You with the source with made in China, your business can gain a huge advantage by connecting with the source of car GPS products. Whether you are looking for suppliers of the top rated car GPS products or manufacturers of car GPS accessories, you can not only find these enterprises quick and easily, but continue to research each enterprise to ensure they fit your business’s needs. offers a highly efficient B2B E-commerce marketing platform that is extremely easy to use and can connect you instantly with other enterprises that offer Car GPS products. With over 5 million current members, you can rest assured that you will be able to locate several companies that can fulfill your needs. With, we not only provide you with a robust marketing platform, but offer a community that can help your business grow and profit for the long term.

Tools, Resources and Lots of Information One of the ways that exceeds most car GPS merchant’s expectations is by offering a wide variety of tools and resources that make connecting and trading with others efficient and affordable. We understand that when businesses first start trading overseas issues can pop-up and trading as a whole can seem complicated. We are committed to making trade as easy, efficient and affordable as possible by providing all our members with quality, current information that demystifies overseas trade and helps businesses avoid the common pitfalls that are abound. In addition, we offer a wide line of premium services including trade consultancy to help businesses with specific trade issues.

The relative trade shows as follows:
72nd China Electronics Fair
CEF, the only national electronic fair supported by Ministry of Information Industry of PRC and Ministry of Commerce of PRC

As the most authoritative comprehensive electronics show, CEF has the longest history, the more general categories, the most profound influence and the largest scale. Growing up with China's electronic industry, CEF has witnessed the transition and development of China's electronic and information industry from planned economy to market economy.

CEF has impressive influence worldwide. As the largest electronics fair, CEF is one of five members in Asian Electronics Exhibition Conference Confederation (AEECC). It is listed in top 5 Asian electronics exhibitions with CEATEC JAPAN, KES, Taitronics and HK Electronics Fair.

2008 China Zhengzhou Auto Accessories Fair
This exhibition is held by people's government of Henan province and All - China Federation of Industry and Commerce - Auto (motorbike) Parts Chamber of Commerce (CAMP). They will held All-China Auto and E-products Order Meeting and China Wool Manufacturing base united Business Attracting Issue Meeting. We will invite the auto manufacturing companies in the four big auto and E-products industry group, namely Pearl Triangle, Yangze River Triangle, Round Bohai Sea and Northeast, as well as the woll manufacturing companies in Henan Jiaozuo, Hebei Nangong, Zhejiang Tiantai to attand CAAF 2008. They will also organize auto group purchasing companies, including large-scale logistics company, complete auto manufacturer and government, to hold government purchase and large-scale group purchase explanation meeting during the exhibition.

Germain Acura of Naples: The No 1 Acura dealer in Naples, Florida

Germain Acura is a leading and No 1 authorized full service dealership for new, used, and certified pre-owned Acura vehicles, parts and service in Naples, Florida (FL).

Germain Acura is always the first choice for anyone who is looking for new, used, and certified pre-owned Acura vehicles. Germain Acura’s perfect blend of professional and progressive management, a highly-skilled and motivated staff, state-of-the-art and robust infrastructure and well-defined and closely-monitored processes simply make it the best choice for all kinds of Acura needs in Naples.

Car models at Germain Acura
Germain Acura has a wide variety of new Acura cars such as the all-new 2008 Acura RL, TL, TSX, MDX, and RDX. Germain Acura has reasonable and affordable prices on new and pre-owned Acura vehicles.

Online Specials
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Parts and Service at Germain Acura
Germain Acura stocks genuine Acura parts and provides excellent service on all new, used and certified pre-owned Acura vehicles.

Bring Acura vehicles for service into Germain Acura’s state-of-the art equipped service center where qualified and expert technicians analyze and provide economical working solutions for all new, used and certified Acura vehicles. Submit the printed copy of the parts/service coupons available online to Germain Acura’s dealership showroom and save dollars on the purchase of genuine Acura parts and on scheduling service!

In addition, one can schedule a test drive or apply for a Trade-in-value appraisal for used car and Germain Acura’s professional client advisor will call the customers promptly.

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Tips To Find The Perfect Tonneau

Tonneau Covers come in amazing varieties nowadays and this gives the consumer a major advantage when deciding on which features to trade off on. The first issue a truck owner should decide upon is whether he needs a truck bed cover at all, and exactly what pros and cons are associated with the product. Benefits include:

1. The ability to cover loose items – there is always a danger of losing items which are flung from the truck bed. Loose items could also be a major traffic hazard to other drivers.

2. Protection from the elements – A cover provides excellent coverage from direct sunlight and winter conditions.

3. Gas saving – A Tonneau has the potential to make a truck more aerodynamic, reducing drag and thus increasing miles per gallon.

4. Safety – Truck bed covers can cover valuables and be a significant deterrent to theft.

5. Style – A matching tonneau cover can add style to a vehicle, giving it a ‘finished’ look. This can be further enhanced by custom logo.

The major con would be price. A Tonneau Cover is often in the range of several hundred dollars and may be considered a major expense by the casual trucker.

Assuming that a truck owner has decided upon investing in a tonneau, there is still the question of which type to choose. The major types include:

1. Hard Tonneau Covers – These are made of extremely durable fiberglass and provide the maximum possible security.

2. Soft Tonneau Covers – Unlike hard tonneaus, soft covers are usually made of vinyl and are made with easy of use and installation in mind.

3. Retractable Covers – Retractable covers run on rails down the length of the bed and can be latched to any open position.

4. Toolbox Tonneau Covers – Toolbox tonneaus are two functional items in one: a toolbox and a tonneau. These are often used by construction contractors for their practicality.

There is also an ever widening range of tonneau covers with unique forms and folding styles. For example, a hinged tonneau opens and closes like a door for easy access to the truck bed. “Butterfly” tonneaus have their hinges down the center of the bed and are thus able to be opened on either side while others are able to be folded backwards and forwards.

Once the tonneau is officially installed, there are a number of accessories to ensure its smooth usage. For example, a tailgate lock can be an essential component to aid in the prevention of theft. Tailgate seals are useful in keeping the truck bed free from leaks. The high tech minded can even get an electronic tailgate lock and sync their tonneau and power door locks.

2.99 Gas Promotion from Chrysler - Good and Bad

Chrysler, the world known American car manufacturer, has just launched its 2.99 gas promotion program in the United States. With this move, the company has started some very intense fighting between the supporters and the opponents of this idea.

The prices for oil have risen significantly over the past few years, putting much pressure on the economy and the people’s budgets. If the gas prices continue to revolve around the $3.60/gallon mark, people having large, thirsty V-8 cars will pay very much for their fuel.

To combat the rising of gas prices, Chrysler has launched its $2.99 gas guarantee program. In short, people that buy a car built by the Chrysler Corporation in a given period will only pay $2.99 per gallon at any gas station and the company will support the difference between $2.99 and the actual gas price.

While other American car manufacturers have stated that they would not initiate such a program, a Japanese carmaker, Suzuki, has just launched a similar promotion: for the cars bought between May 1st and June 30th, Suzuki will offer its promotion called “Free Gas for the Summer” and they expect this campaign to boost their sales.

The supporters of Chrysler’s promotion state that Chrysler’s promotion is very tempting, especially if you consider the gas prices are likely to go up in the nest years, there are some things you should know before getting enthusiastic. Not only this, but they also say that other car manufacturers have followed Chrysler’s example.

However, there are people that are against Chrysler’s promotion and they have shown that you benefit more from a traditional cash back rebate promotion than from Chrysler’s program. If you have observed the car market for a while, you are familiar with the cash back rebates car manufacturers offer their clients.

Chrysler has changed this promotion with its new $2.99 gas guarantee program. The question is if this offer has more benefits for the client than a cash back rebate.

There is no secret that Chrysler is facing significant sales problems. They have been producing large vehicles and heavy duty trucks for many years now, but today’s car market has changed and they are somewhat behind their competition.

While Americans are demanding more, smaller, and medium sized cars with better fuel consumption, Chrysler is still offering large V-8 cars. Some of their cars have the lowest mileage numbers in their segments and while the carmakers are announcing an increase in sales, Chrysler is still announcing lower figures. For example, Sebring, Chrysler’s medium sedan, has yet to reach high selling numbers and it offers 30mpg on the highway.

When it comes to Chrysler’s $2.99 promotion, car market specialists have taken a car belonging to the Chrysler Group: Dodge Durango, a classic SUV. It has a 5.7-liter V-8 engine and given its declared mileage of 18mpg on the highway, by benefitting from Chrysler’s promotion you only save around $420 per year.

This is far less then the usual $2.000 cash back rebates other carmakers are offering for their vehicles. Not to say that other important players on this market are offering more economic vehicles with standard cash back rebates, assuring you will pay less for gas after you have bought the car. Chrysler, on the other hand, is offering gas thirsty cars with a promotion that only saves you a few hundred dollars per year.

Auto Salvage Marketplace Buy Sell Damaged, Wrecked, Repossessed ; Insurance Cars and Truck

Automotix has just made the business of salvaged automotive vehicles a lot easier. Here you will find a way to not only buy but also sell salvaged autos. Automotix has put together a clearinghouse for not just licensed salvage yard dealers and pools, but also for the layman, car dealerships, hobby restorers, owners and any other consumer of automotive parts and supplies that have been salvaged.

As the owner of a salvageable totaled vehicle, you can now use this website to help either remove, sell, or find a buyer for your wrecked vehicle. It used to be that the owner of a totaled vehicle would have to call a wrecking yard to dispose of their vehicle or part it out in the wanted ads of their local newspaper, fielding many calls and taking time away from everyday tasks. The owner of a wrecked vehicle can now use Automotix' Auto Salvage page to list their damaged/wrecked car or truck for consumers nationwide. Because of the search engine used on Automotix' salvaged page, a consumer can now post a salvaged vehicle request, which means that they're posting a want ad for the exact vehicle that they're looking for that has the usable parts that they may need. This means nationwide coverage for the owner of the salvaged vehicle.

For those who own a business such as insurance, wrecking yards, salvage yards, used car dealer, auto pool, insurance auction, auto recycler and even mechanics, they can now post their salvage cars/trucks for consumers to peruse nationwide. This means a proven customer base for a particular vehicle that the business owner may have to dispose of, either as parts or as the whole salvageable vehicle. Automotix has developed this page for consumers and owners of salvageable vehicles or used automotive parts.

Here at Automotix there are many different ways to find a usable salvaged vehicle or even just used vehicle parts. You can peruse and scan posted for sale ads, you can search salvage automotive parts and supply ads, you can use a car locating service to locate your specific year, make, and model of vehicle for used parts and supplies.You can post a wanted ad, specifying the exact car, or used parts that you need for your vehicle, all here on one site. This means that you don't have to hit every salvage yard websites looking for your particular vehicle used parts and supplies, or make a hundred phone calls, it can all be done from here.

If you are the owner or dealership of a junkyard, insurance agency, wrecking yard, auto recycler, body shop, or even just a mechanic, you can now list your usable salvaged parts and supplies here at the Automotix Auto Salvage section. This means you don't have to post ads on many different websites, or in many different local circulars, it can all be done on one website, reaching a qualified customer database, here at the Automotix auto salvage web page.

If you are the owner or dealership of a junkyard, insurance agency, wrecking yard, auto recycler, body shop, or even just a mechanic, you can now list your usable salvaged parts and supplies here at the Automotix Auto Salvage section. This means you don't have to post ads on many different websites, or in many different local circulars, it can all be done on one website, reaching a qualified customer database, here at the Automotix auto salvage web page.

Bargain Used Cars - Buy/Sell Cheap Used Cars and Trucks Under Market Value (under $5,000)

These cars may have problems, may have a high mileage, and may have cosmetic problems or mechanical problems. Or they're an

older model the owner needs to sell for a bit of fast cash, but in fine shape for its age and mileage. If you're looking for

a bargain car, a second vehicle to tide you over while yours is fixed, or need a student car that doesn't have to be too

pretty, you've come to the right place. You can search by vehicle make and model, or just browse the Automotix Bargain Cars

for sale, a great way to find the vehicle you need at a low price

You have several options when using Automotix Bargain Cars; you can post for a car wanted, post your bargain car or truck for

sale, browse the bargain cars for sale at the Bargain Cars Marketplace, or you can browse the Wanted Bargain Cars.

If you're looking for a special car for sale and need it at a bargain price you can actually post a wanted ad. This means

that you can specify model, make year and mileage for your personal bargain car. This allows owners that have a bargain car

for sale to peruse your wanted ad and contact you if they think their vehicle will fit your want ad.

You can post a bargain car for sale ad in the Automotix Bargain Cars Marketplace, allowing you to post pictures, condition,

mileage, and other pertinent information about your bargain car. You'll leave a bit of contact information and those looking

for a bargain car can peruse your ad, helping you to sell your bargain car fast.

If you're looking for a cheap vehicle, you can browse the Bargain Cars Marketplace, allowing you to look for specifics such

as price or condition. This means you'll be able to look at vehicles within a certain price range, with pictures, mileage,

and condition posted. You'll then contact the owner and look at the car and get a bargain car at a great price.

If you have several cars for sale and are not sure you want to sell them, but possibly need a bit of quick cash, you can

browse our Wanted Bargain Cars section. This means you'll be able to peruse what future purchasers are looking for in a

bargain car. If you have a car/truck that fits their needs, you can contact them and offer your bargain car for sale.

So welcome to Automotix Bargain Cars, where you can find cars/trucks at bargain prices or sell your car or truck for a

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How Do I Start a Hot Engine this Summer

It is usually a cold engine, which is exposed to extreme weather that is most often difficult to start. However, hot engines sometimes have problems too. Hot engines can be tough to start, and many people do not know how to deal with this situation when it occurs to their cars. With the intention of overcoming this dilemma, it is important to know exactly why it happens.

The most common reason why a hot engine will not start is because the problem is related to fuel. When your car engine is too hot, fuel cannot circulate well, due to the way vapor obstructs it workings and therefore the engine just will not start, as it should. You can find out more information on this subject online at, they are experts on cars. They suggest to keep your engine running at the correct temperature and to protect its alloys and metals, you need to use a properly designed coolant.

A car engine will keep gaining temperature until it has been turned off. During this time is when the highest concentration of vapor is circulating around and chances are, that it shall obstruct the engine to a greater extent. Obviously, when and if you are driving in hot weather and have just turned off the car engine you may experience start problems. The solution is simple; you must wait for a few minutes until trying to start it again. The most sensible solution of course, is to use a high quality engine coolant. This can also be experienced if you park your car under no shades or in direct contact with the sun. Though the engine is not running, the temperature from the sun is also enough to keep your car engine hot. That is why cars for sale in car auctions are given proper water baths for their engine and radiators even when they are not running for they are parked under the sun for a long time.

Fuel injected engines do not experience this problem as much as other engines, because the fuel remains inside the injectors under high pressure. Owing to this, fuel injected engines do not become so easily subjected to vapours as other engines. Therefore, the vehicle does not have the same issues when it comes to starting a hot engine. It may be time to change over your old vehicle to a newer model with fuel injection, and when this becomes an important issue, you can go online to and begin a quick search by entering and submitting all the data you have researched for your new car. Let do all the research for you when you want to acquire a new or used car. Of course you can also get a free advertising for your old car to get it sold fast.

Most of the old models or the used automobiles from the 90's don't have fuel injected engines. Proper maintenance of its engine was the best solution for the engine temperature, and of course, driving cautiosly. When you have purchased your car from a used car dealer or from a car classified in the internet or the newspaper, it is always best to ask for the vehicles service and damage history. It is always best to have a record of the old car's past problems or issues to be able to get an expert see through it properly. For example, if the used car has had some engine troubles or some occational over heating, by knowing this, the new owner will be more cautious with dealing with the car's engine temperature. This is something better to deal with before taking the car on trips.

Another reason why you may have an engine, which is hard to start while hot, is that it may be due to seasonal weather as refiners change from one fuel blend to another. Petrol refiners often change a higher volatility fuel to a lower one when summer approaches. This is simply because hot weather causes fuel to evaporate more quickly. If refiners change back to a higher volatility fuel, while cars are still exposed to days of extreme temperatures, this may cause swift evaporation of the fuel which, in turn would create too much vapour within the engine. During this hot weathers, it is always recommendable to check your radiator water, and keep it at its advisable volume, everytime you take your car out to maintain the proper engine temperature.

It is always a good practice to get your engine and radiator properly maintained and serviced by you or by an expert to get it always running at its best shape.

Doctor Let's the Cat Out of the Bag on Buying Cars 60% Off

World famous Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has just released her biggest "shocker!" ever ...

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Auto Repair Fraud and How to Avoid It

Last summer, the charges brought against Sears highlighted many of the problems that consumers confront in taking their cars in for automotive repairs. Serious questions were raised regarding the pervasiveness of automobile repair fraud in America.

The problems of automobile repair fraud are national in scope. The Sears case alone resulted in actions by 43 different States.

Following the hearing of last year, the National Associations of Attorneys General established an automotive repair task force to examine the issue from the State perspective and to coordinate enforcement efforts. As part of the settlement with Sears, the National Association of Attorneys General received $200,000 to create an automotive repair industry reform fund.

Given the sophisticated equipment in most automobiles today, it is no wonder that consumers find themselves at the mercy of auto repair shops, and are often left wondering whether the $500 they just spent for repairs was necessary, or was it just money that was wasted?

Even if a given repair was necessary, questions often linger over whether the repair was properly performed, and whether, indeed, the repair will last for a period of time.

Because of this situation, undercover sting operations are one of the most effective methods for discovering abusive practices and are extremely useful for their deterrent effect.

While it is clear that the routine trip to the auto repair shop is every consumer's nightmare, it is less clear how to remedy the situation.

So straight away, right off the top, make sure you understand everything you are being told. Get an estimate, and get it in writing. Before you authorize anything beyond that estimate, make sure the mechanic gets your direct approval.

Before you have the work done, check around. At the very least, call around. Find out what other mechanics think of that estimate. Is it a rip-off, or isn't it? Other mechanics might have an opinion that is a little bit better than your own.

Also, before you go ahead and have that work done, talk to the mechanic. Tell him you want your old parts back. It may not guarantee that you will not be ripped off, but it will put the mechanic on the defensive. It will tell him that you are no idiot.

At one shop we went to, the repair man simply said he could not provide us with our old parts. That is a tip-off right away that something unusual is going on.

Also, a couple of the shops we went to, we got an estimate before the mechanic even looked under the hood. That should be another tip-off that something sneaky may be going.

Also, another important question to ask is, how much are they going to charge for those new parts? Some shops will charge you only list price. However, at a number of other shops we got stung for as much as two-and-a-half times list price.

Obviously, it is better to be armed with knowledge and a checklist of how to approach a car repair, rather than being an obvious victim.

Solutions to the Auto Repair Fraud Issue

Whether it is for family matters or to commute to work, most of us depend on a car every day. And, while new cars, domestic and foreign, have become more reliable and require less maintenance than older models, the fact is that cars break down and must be repaired. An individual who needs his car repaired promptly is susceptible to being charged for unnecessary repairs. Moreover, most consumers are not sufficiently knowledgeable to know when what a mechanic is recommending to them is an unnecessary repair.

Even if a consumer thinks he has been defrauded, it is virtually impossible to prove that a repair facility did anything improper once a repair has been made. State law enforcement efforts, using stings and inside informants, can identify wrongdoers, but these efforts are unlikely to lead to redress for consumers who have been defrauded.

Traditionally, the automotive repair industry has been licensed and regulated at the State and local level. Some States, for example, require auto repair facilities to give consumers a written statement estimating the cost of repairs, and also require the repair facilities to obtain further authorization from the consumer before proceeding with work not listed on the estimate or if the cost of the repair will exceed the estimate by a specified amount. Other States impose licensing or certification requirements on auto repair facilities and on auto repair mechanics.

While recent cases have drawn much attention to national auto repair chains, these chains constitute a limited portion of the industry. For example, in 1990, mass merchandisers accounted for only 4 percent of the automotive after-market service outlet market share. The three greatest market share segments, together accounting for 62 percent of the market, were service stations, with 25 percent, new car dealers, with 22 percent, and general repair shops, with 15 percent.

Most auto repair problems continue to be local in character. Nevertheless, this is an important consumer issue, and the Consumers Commission is committed to assisting State and local law enforcement efforts whenever it is feasible, and to identifying cases that can more appropriately be addressed by the Consumers Commission, rather than by State and local agencies.

There are some proposed changes that will make this industry fairer, and reduce the problems faced by consumers.

First, the widespread use of flat rate manuals, which list the average length of time needed to make specific repairs. Repair shops may charge consumers labor costs based on those averages, even though the actual repair times may be substantially less.

A second area of interest involved incentive compensation systems in the auto repair industry. These systems, which include the use of quotas, commissions, or similar compensation may provide incentives for sales personnel to sell unnecessary auto repair services in order to meet quotas or receive larger commissions.

The final concern is low-balling, a practice where repair shops advertise deceptively low prices to lure consumers into the repair shop, even though only a few vehicles will be eligible for the advertised price. The staff of the Commission is in the process of examining these factual, legal, and economic issues.

Another possible law enforcement approach that has been identified is to focus on national franchised auto repair outlets, such as tune-up, transmission, and brake repair shops. These types of specialty repair shops held about 13 percent of the automotive aftermarket service outlet market share in 1990.

The Smart Car in America

mart is a subsidiary of Daimler AG that creates the “smart” model, a two or four seat vehicle that is aimed especially for urban use. The first Smart vehicles were produced by the Swatch Swiss watch manufacturer.

They wanted a very small car that could be easy to drive and park in the crowded European cities. They also wanted the car to be cheap enough for young people to afford it. From 2006 onward, all the Smart models are being created and sold by the Mercedes-Benz automobile group, while intended as a cheap and affordable mini, the Smart was too expensive for young people and it became somewhat as a fashion statement. There are several Smart models sold: the Fortwo, the Forfour and until 2005 there was a cabriolet model.

In many parts of Europe the Smart, especially the Fortwo model (as its name implies, it can carry only two passengers) was a success, while the Fortwo model was taken out of production recently. However, many people are asking if the Smart car could become a success in America, the home country of full size SUVs and powerful V-8 engines.

Until recently, the Smart models could not be imported legally in the US as they did not meet the American emissions regulations. All of the models that could be found on the market were modified so they could pass the emissions tests.

However, the Mercedes-Benz automobile group has developed new engines for their 2008 model, so it could be sold throughout the world. The question remains though if the US market is ready for the Smart car.

Its supporters say it is the best city car in the world, as it is only 106.1 in long and it can be parked almost anywhere in the city center. Its small engine is powerful enough for urban needs, however it lacks the power for long highway cruises. The smart car has a titanium structure, making it the safest mini car on the market.

However, there are people that say the Smart has poor value as it has several disadvantages. First, it can only carry two people (the driver and a single passenger), while some of its competitors car carry five people in full comfort. In the same time its relatively short wheelbase (73.5 in) means that the smart car is very uncomfortable, especially on poor roads. The first models were also speed limited, as they could become unstable as high speeds. However, the 2008 model is safer, more comfortable and fun to drive.

Its critics say that despite its 1L engine, the smart car does not boost a significant fuel economy and the Toyota Prius offers significantly lower fuel consumption, especially around town.

However, the Toyota Prius is a hybrid model and among the non-hybrids, the smart car has been declared the most fuel efficient car in the U.S. in the Federal Government's 2008 Fuel Economy Guide. The smart car can be a very fun car to drive, especially if you do not consider being in such a small car a major inconvenience.

Gas Saver - Buying a Hydrogen Booster vs. a Prius

So, you're about to purchase a new Prius because it's a hybrid gas saver - maybe you've never even heard of a hydrogen booster. A new Prius hybrid sounds like a great plan because of all the money you'll be saving on gas, right? Hey, we aren't here to judge, but did you know the Prius has gone over 60,000 vehicles sold? This is great news for the car manufacturer, but bad news for you. Why? Well, unfortunately, once they reached this mark that energy tax credit you were hoping for just went out the window.

Hey, we aren't trying to burst anyone's bubble. We just like you to know some things that others may not like to tell you about a gas saver. The point is there are several individuals wanting to purchase a Prius based on the tax benefit because when they got that return, guess where it would have gone? Yep, towards those ridiculously large car payments. One of the biggest downfalls to purchasing a new hybrid vehicle like the Prius is the cost.

In order to save money at the pump, you have to shell out thousands of dollars. This means it will take years to actually get any savings at all, especially if you are paying interest on the payments. Then there are those of us who don't have the money to be spending on a brand new fuel saver car. With the economy the way it is right now, who wants to keep spending money? Even the economic stimulus checks were a stalling tactic. All we can say is it's time to take matters into your own hands and look at the alternatives.

A year ago, a hydrogen booster diy fuel saver was just another thing on the internet trying to compete with everyone else. No one seemed too interested because eventually the cost of gas would go down as the war in Iraq continued. To everyone's surprise, gas kept rising and is now hitting the $4 a gallon plateau all around the country. Since October of 2007, the demand for gas saver hydrogen boosters has been enormous. We imagine in the months to come it will only get bigger.

However, millions of people still aren't aware of how a hydrogen booster can change your lifestyle. Instead of working to pay for gas, why not go back to paying for gas so you can get to work? Get the tax breaks you've been looking for by installing a hydrogen booster. Just for hooking this up to your vehicle, you'll receive a $2,000 IRS break for using a clean burning automobile. According to one hydrogen booster website, larger vehicles like buses can claim up to $50,000. Then you would be able to go out and buy that Prius right?

The question is whether or not you want to spend years trying to recoup your investments purchasing a new Prius hybrid. We came across an interesting piece that said you would have to drive almost 47,000 miles just to start seeing savings on gas, based on average driving. Not sure if you want to spend the time doing that considering there is another gas saver option where you can save money right now. Whatever you decide to do, we hope this article has at least given you some options you were unaware of before.

Consumers Fight Back Against Soaring Gas Prices And Win Big Bucks

The price of gasoline at the pump dropped a bit from its record shattering high just earlier and some lucky people in different parts of the country cashed in on the bonanza saving some pocket change on their purchase, but even before anyone could take their savings and celebrate by buying half a six pack of beer with it the government was Johnny on the spot with bad news that gasoline prices could soar above $4 during the coming Summer months.

Oil futures prices, meanwhile, fell as the dollar stabilized, giving investors an opportunity to lock in profits from crude’s recent rally. Limiting the declines were developments in Iran, which announced plans to expand its uranium enrichment program and said it has tested key equipment, a move that raised the market’s concerns about political conflict that could affect the country’s oil exports.

In its monthly report on petroleum supplies and demand, the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration forecast that monthly average pump prices will peak near $3.60 a gallon in June, but could rise as high as $4 a gallon at times. That’s a dime higher than the EIA’s previous monthly average projection, and brings government forecasts closer to those of many analysts who expect gasoline prices to peak close to $4 a gallon.

The agency also predicted that gasoline consumption will fall during the peak Summer months due to the rise in prices which will come about because of increased usage during the Summer months. This was contrary to the previous forecast that said gasoline usage would increase by forty thousand barrels/day during that time period.

Americans are already driving less for the first time in decades over the first few months of 2008.
On Tuesday, regular unleaded gasoline prices slipped slightly to a national average of $3.331 a gallon from Monday’s record of $3.339, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Prices are 55 cents higher than a year ago.

The primary reason for the increase in cost of gasoline is the cost of a barrel of crude oil which just yesterday rose above $112! And one of the reasons for that increase is the rapid decline of the US dollar.

The greatest number of people just sit and suffer and cope while not taking any effective action because they don’t consider they can do anything. In other words, they are in apathy. There are people, though, who are more courageous and independent and through action many of these people are turning to Water4Gas as a solution to fight back on an individual level against the rising cost of oil and gasoline.

WATER4GAS is offering information at a low price which car owners can use at home to create a small gizmo which instills hydrogen into the fuel/air mixture that their car or truck runs on.
What this does is make bite sized particles out of the particles that the engine uses as fuel. Therefore the system gets to use a lot more of it.

By doing this you can reasonably expect to reduce your gas consumption by 30-50% or significantly more. Those particles “musta” been pretty darn huge in some systems before. But with W4G they are made usable so you can reduce your gas consumption.

It also helps make emissions significantly cleaner. In conclusion to utilizing this simple gizmo, smart consumers can “Fight Back” and rapidly “Win Big Bucks” in return.

This package of info has been purchased by over NINE THOUSAND people already and the percentage of happy customers is about 99%! So how about you?

I have been in internet marketing for several years. I write and research articles. Did you find the tips useful in this article? You can learn a lot more on how you can cut your gas bill by 50 percent by checking this website.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ever Wondered What Seized Car Auctions Are?

We've often come across terms such as seized autos, state seized auctions and bank seized cars, but ever wondered what these terms mean. Well, basically a seized vehicle or car is one that is seized or taken, by the government or certain financial and banking institutions. Why do they seize these cars? There could be many reason and all within the confines of the law. Repossession, surplus inventory etc are some of the main reasons of seizing these vehicles.

What is surplus inventory? Sometimes the government imports a number of vehicles. These vehicles may land up being surplus, for various reasons. So, what this means is, that the government is faced with a situation that the demand for vehicles is much lesser than the supply. And so they are face a surplus. Now, storing these vehicles is not only expensive, it's just a waste of space. What governments or banking institutions decide to do is, sell these vehicles at a cheaper rate, rather than just keeping these vehicles as they are – thus wasting space and money to keep them safe. And so they decide to have auctions of these seized cars or bank repossessed vehicles.

In earlier times, it was just car dealers and other people who held special licenses that could go to these auctions. However things have changed today, and nowadays these car auctions are accessible to everyone.

State seized auctions are a bargain hunters dream. More than that, they provide people an opportunity to get some of the best quality cars at extremely low rates. If you're lucky, you could be driving home in your dream car, after paying quarter of the amount that you would have paid in a car showroom or dealer.

Surely after reading this far, you'll be keen to know when is the next state seized auction and where? If you search for this information on the Internet, you'll be able to get details of various state seized auctions. Now mind you, some of these auctions are not just restricted to cars, you also have seized and foreclosure property auctions, bank repossessed vehicles etc

Having found out the location of the car auction, you need to do a few things first. Make sure you do your homework first. If you're interested in buying particular model, find out about the price, condition, owners to name a few. While you may not get the car you want, at the auction, it's always better to get a general taste of the buying environment and negotiating secrets. It's also important that you understand how the car auction process, what details they would need from you – should you win the bid. You'll find everything on the Internet, the only thing you need to do is spend some time and effort doing the research to list your desires and dislikes in a car. Take for example the website, for more details. You can become a member and get access to some of the best deals on seized cars. The thing is, a lot of information on seized car auctions, is not available to the general public, but by joining up for a website, you'll have access to the industry secrets that are closely guarded.

Equipped with all this information, you have a lot to gain at a seized car auction. For one, you now know how relatively inexpensive it can be, to have your car of your dreams. Take for example, the case of Ms. Faye Adams, who became a member of this site and within no time, she had got the BMW that she always wanted, all thanks to Moreover she was able to get this car at a fraction of the cost that she would normally pay.

All said and done, state seized auctions have become an inexpensive option for many is there to make your dream car a reality. Join now, and see yourself driving your favourite car in a matter of few weeks!!


Best Car Loan Rate – Cheap Car Loan Quotes

The best car loan rates can be found online from a number of financial companies. Unlike dealership financing, online lenders have to compete with low rates and fees for your business. And you can find these cheap rates on lenders’ sites, or you can also get a personalized loan quote to find the best available car financing.

First Decide What Type Of Car Loan Terms You Want

Before you start collecting loan estimates for your next vehicle, think about what type of loan you want. For example, decide whether you want to keep your interest costs to a minimum or to maintain a low monthly payment.

For the cheapest loan, select a three year term with at least 20% down. That will help you qualify for the lowest rates and keep your interest costs to a minimum. Additional increases in your down payment will save you even more money.

To keep your loan payment at a minimum, select a seven or six year loan. By extending your loan for a number of years, your monthly payments remain small.

Decide On A Lender

Picking a lender is much like picking a car. Once you have done your research, you compare prices to find the best deal. With online financing companies, researching loan rates and fees is fast and easy.

In just a matter of minutes, you can receive several offers from different lenders. All you have to do is provide some basic information. Once you have received your car loan estimates, you can then find who has the best offer.

The annual percentage rate, also call APR, will tell you which as the cheapest loan based on both rates and fees. You will also want to look over the loan’s terms for any fees or rate caps. Most car loans have an adjustable rate, so caps can protect you from skyrocketing payments.

Get Your Loan Approved Before You Buy A Car

Getting pre-approved for your car loan just takes a few days. The online application takes less than fifteen minutes to complete. In a couple of days, your loan contract and blank check arrives in the mail. With your check, you can purchase a car from any dealership or even a private individual. You have maximum flexibility by lining up your car financing ahead of time.
Get Quicker Approval Of "Car Loan" With Instant Car Loan

Instant car loan is just as the initial car loan but only difference is that an instant car loan gets approves faster. But, have you ever thought that why an instant car loan gets approved faster? Of course, the presence of certain factors results in faster approval, these factors plays a crucial role in instant car loan, the brief of such factors are:

• Security

If the borrower place collateral against the loan amount, such collateral gives the lender a sense of security that if the borrower any how misses any payment of instalment in such case he can still realise his payment. And this sense of security enables the lender to approve loan amount faster. However, sometimes it can take bit long time as it involves asset evaluation but placing security is always preferred
by the lender.

• Credit score

It is definitely true that the borrower with less than perfect credit score can avail instant car loan but having a good credit score is always desirable. The reason is that the lender feels secure and prefers dealing with the borrower of good credit score. And, it is quite obvious that if lender prefers them, then they approve their loan amount on the priority basis.

• Online

Advancement in the information technology has now taken over the financial market that is; the borrower can also apply for instant car loan through online. Online method offers the facility to applying it from house or from office. It is also proven that online applications are processed faster as compared to the application in the physical market. Online application, not only approves faster but they seems to be cheap as it involves no processing and overhead costs.

These above points are considered as preference for the lender for approving the loan amount faster. There are other alternatives which can be in used in an instant car loan. In other words as said above that lenders prefers lending an amount against collateral but a tenant and non-homeowner can also avail instant car loan. For them certain proofs and documents provided act as security to the lender.

Likewise, instant car loan can also be applied in the physical market but it is considered as very hectic and chaotic. As for applying in the physical market there is a need to visit each and every lender for enquiry and for loan quotes. And, the most difficult part in the physical market is locating the lender offering instant car loans.

So, it is recommended to avail instant car loan with collateral, good credit score and through online to become the priority of the lender.
Car Loan Refinancing - When To Refinance Your Car Loan

Want to save money? Lower your monthly payment? Then refinance your old car loan. Trade in your high interest rate loan for a lower rate, especially if your credit score has improved. You can also lower your payments by extending your loan terms, helping your cash flow.

Trading In High Rates

When rates drop, refinancing makes sense for both mortgage and car loans. Factor in the length of the car loan though when deciding whether to refinance. If you only have a year left on loan payments, then it won’t save you money to refinance since you have paid most of the interest up front.

You can also reduce your interest costs by refinancing for a shorter term. Reducing your loan by two years can easily shave over a thousands dollars off your interest charges, even with the same rate. Once again, you need to look at how long you have left on your original car loan to be sure you can save money.

Better Score, Better Rates

If you have improved your credit score since you first secured your car loan, you may find savings in better rates. So even if rates haven’t dropped for the general market, you may still qualify for better rates.

Besides making regular, on-time payments, you can improve your score by reducing your debt ratio. Your score also improves when none of your accounts are maxed out.

Lower Payment, Longer Term

Reduced rates aren’t the only reason to refinance. By rolling over to a longer term, you can reduce your monthly payment. Just remember that in the long run, you will be paying more for your car loan. However, when finances are tight, this option can keep you from defaulting on your loan or other bills.

Before jumping into a refinancing deal, be sure to investigate financing companies. Compare their APR, ask for free quotes, and read the fine print. Also check with your original lender to be sure there are no early payment fees. The best refinanced car loans are the ones where you save money. Taking the time to research financing offers will ensure that you find just such a deal.
Easy Car Loan - Find Quick And Painless Car Loans Online

Getting a car loan at the dealership can take hours. You talk to someone, and wait, and talk to someone else, and wait. By the time you can actually drive your car off the lot, you’re more exhausted than excited. The internet has car loan solutions for people who want to get their car loan in a quick and painless manner. This article offers tips on how to find an easy car loan online:

Use a Loan Directory Service

A loan directory service is a website that collects information from borrowers and then distributes it to multiple lenders. You fill out basic information -- name, address, social security number, income -- and then the website matches you to lenders who offer the type of loan you’re looking for. You can then browse through the results to find the deal that best suits your needs, and then move on to the lender’s website to complete the process. The best part about filling out a loan application online is that you can print out your contract before agreeing to it, and you don’t have to read it with a loan officer breathing down your neck.

Use a Lender That Doesn’t Require Proof of Income

If your lender requires proof of income, then you’ll have to either mail or fax copies of your last two paycheck stubs after you fill out the application. Since this can prolong the application process, choose a lender that doesn’t require proof of income. These lenders typically verify your income through your employer, so you’ll have to provide your employer’s name, address, and phone number. However, once you’ve filled out the application online, you’re finished. You just have to wait for a decision.

Once you’ve been approved online, you simply go to the dealership to buy your car. You’ll be amazed at how much less time it takes when you don’t have to get financing through the dealership.


Your family has grown out of that to door sports car you purchased last year. So you bought the wrong vehicle, what’s the big deal? You’ll just get a new mini-van that will make family life in it a lot more convenient. The twins have put a strain on the cash flow, but what the heck. You’ll just finance the whole thing and get the automobile you need. So you go to the bank but they tell you they can’t do business at this time because you are too far “upside-down”. What happened? Your credit’s pretty good. You never missed an auto loan payment. What’s going on here? Let me explain a few auto loan facts of life and the dangers of being “upside-down”.

When you finance a car you are using it as collateral for the loan. This makes the auto loan “secured.” The bank or lending institution will loan an amount based on the car’s current book value. This book values a car with three different categories, generally: retail, trade in and loan values. “Loan value” is the lowest, at about 75% to 80 % of the retail value. There is a reason for this practice and you should be aware of it.

A new car depreciates rapidly in the first few years. Therefore, the lender wants the auto loan amount to reflect that depreciation. The bank or car dealer wants to be sure the outstanding loan balance always stays less than the “loan value”. For them this means they can always sell the car for more than you owe if they have to repossess it. Whenever an auto loan balance is more than the auto’s “loan value” it is said to be upside-down. In other words the vehicle isn’t worth the balance. At this point, in order to sell or trade your vehicle you may either have to add the difference to the new vehicle loan or make it up with cash. Without the cash, you’ll be putting yourself in dangerous position. You see, with good or excellent credit, the lender may choose to approve the full amount. Be careful what you wish for though. If you’re “successful” you could find yourself in so deep, that the upside down car loan cycle lasts for the next several vehicles. That is, until you keep one car long enough to pay it down to its real value. Another peril of being upside-down in your auto loan is that your auto insurance may not be adequate. That generally only pays off on book values and not on loan balances. If your car is totaled or stolen you’re again faced with paying the difference in cash or adding it to the new auto loan. What a merry-go-round!

Keep these facts in mind when choosing your vehicle. Make sure it’s the right one and do not over-finance it. The consequences may be disastrous. You may have to live with the wrong vehicle, sometimes for years or you may have to come up with a substantial amount of cash that could have been better used elsewhere. That kind of grief can be avoided. All it takes is a little thought and planning.

Here's one more word of advice. You may be tempted or even be persuaded into financing more than you first intended because of super low interest rates. The thought here being you can earn more interest investing in something with the intended down payment than you would paying out. While this may be true, unless you're in a position to remedy the deficit at a moments notice, all the dangers of being upside-down remain. This strategy should be left to those consumers fortunate enough to have the ability to pay cash if they want to. For the rest of us the benefits we may get are minimal and not worth the risk.

Keeping far away from ever becoming an upside-down car loan statistic does not take a college degree. Follow these steps:

  • Pay a substantial down payment when purchasing the car. The more you put down the less you owe, see how easy it is?
  • Do not take too long an auto loan. Avoid a loan that might last longer than the life of the car. Make adjustments for your own driving situation. If you drive 75,000 miles a year even a 24-month auto loan might be too long. Some loans last 84 months to make them affordable, think about what the car will be worth after 48 months, what you will still owe and the chances you will want another car before the 84 month car loan is paid off.
  • Do not finance the taxes and fees. These don’t add value to the car and may make you upside down as you drive the car from the showroom.
  • Pay extra principal on your car loan when you can to pay it off early. Just because they give you a payment amount and a payment book does not mean you can’t pay extra. Imagine a 60-month car loan on with a $25,000 starting balance and payments of $495. By paying an extra $105 each to make it an even $600 you will find you paid the car loan off a full year early. The earlier it’s paid off the less likely you ever have an upside down car loan both because the balance of the loan is less and the loan can not be upside down when it is paid off.
  • Do not roll an old deficiency from a previous upside-down auto loan into your new car loan. This just makes things worse and more likely if a problem develops the next time it may take something as strong as a bankruptcy to fix it.
  • Do not over pay for the car in the first place. The less you pay the less you owe the less likely you have an upside-down auto loan, another easy tip.
  • Don’t buy a car you cannot comfortably afford. Sometimes the upside-down car loan problem comes to a head not because you need to sell the car early because of the car itself but because you have to get away from the car loan payment.
  • Consider the timing of when you may want a new car and the likely time to have an upside down car loan. When would a car loan be most likely upside-down? In the first two years. Both because during the first two years of any auto loan a higher percentage of your payment goes for interest instead of reducing the loan balance and those first two years also proves to be the time of the fastest depreciation in vehicle value.

I know these things all sound great on paper, and those people who have read this article and have the luxury of following my advice I hope will. The tough day at the auto dealer comes when the only way to finance that car you want is by getting the longest loan, financing everything and putting little down. I’ve already said be careful. Just when you think you have no other choice remember this choice-get a cheaper new car or opt for a used car. Ask the dealer for alternatives, check your local paper or online.

If you ignored my advice or found this information after you already had an upside-down auto loan situation on your hands you have a few options. I’ll list them in order of least effect on your credit:

  1. Pay the “deficiency” off when you trade or sell the car with the upside-down auto loan.
  2. Keep the existing car and keep paying on the upside-down auto loan until you have paid off enough that the loan no longer merits upside-down status.
  3. Roll the deficiency into your new car loan. Be sure to re-read the dangers of this choice in the text above.
  4. If you have equity in your home consider cashing some out to reduce the deficiency or catch up. This should be done only if there is no other way out. Learn more about using your home equity to help with debt issues first as you could risk losing your home if you fail to make payments.
  5. If you are unable to keep up with the current payments, ask the lender if you can make interest only payments temporarily or skip a payment. Then go back to choice 2 above as soon as you're able to.
  6. Give the car back or sell it and negotiate the deficiency. You may need a lawyer to help with this (which may cost more than the deficiency) but often you can work out an arrangement for paying none of the auto loan deficiency, just part of the deficiency or get the deficiency paid as a 0% interest loan over a number of years. Depending on the terms you may need to be in tough shape financially to get this option and it may ruin your good credit.
  7. File bankruptcy, you can give back the car and have the deficiency from the car loan wiped out if you qualify under the bankruptcy code.

Buying a new car? Purchase the car you NEED, not the car you want.

Buying a new car can be a very emotional experience. Don’t make the same mistake many auto purchasers do when buying a car by getting carried away with all the “neat stuff” the car has or selecting a new car model for your eyes or ego and not your finances. Car buyers become so emotional they forget about the real reasons they wanted to buy a new car in the first place. The fancy auto options are fine and dandy so long as the car still fills all your needs and keeps your budget in line. Don’t limit your car buying quest to what makes sense for just today either. Make sure the car not only fills all of your present auto needs but also the foreseeable future auto needs as well. To help achieve the proper new car purchase you should ask yourself these questions before signing the dotted line at the auto dealer.

What are the things I like the most about my present car?

What are the things I like the least about my current car?

Which options do I use and enjoy every day in my car now?

Which car options do I never use or find annoying?

Will the car options I am considering for a new car be important next year or the year after?

Will I need more vehicle passenger space in the next few years? Less?

Do I need auto cargo space?

Does the car fit everyone’s needs or just mine?

Will the car be used for work? Pleasure? Both?

Based on where I live will there be several months out of the year when I can’t use a particular car or specific features I need?

What are the auto insurance costs?

Will I be spending a lot of time in the car? If so, will it be comfortable, even after many hours (maybe some of the added options are appropriate here)?

What car safety features are important now?

Will more car safety options be appreciated in the future (growing family)?

You should be able to answer all of these questions before making a large and important commitment like a new auto purchase. Too many times, a new car is purchased for the bells and whistles and not the function. That two-door sports car could be a real inconvenience next year with the arrival of a new baby or in a snow storm. A new auto by nature loses value quickly in the first few years. As a consequence, expect a significant loss if you have to replace it with a more suitable car after just a short time. That custom paint job or special aerodynamics could be “cool” to you but render the car unmarketable. When resale or trade in comes you may find some of those expensive options selected when you purchased the car new add little or no residual value. If you financed the vehicle without a substantial down payment you may be in an even more perilous situation. You will be in what’s called in the industry, “upside down”. This occurs when you owe more money on the vehicle than what it’s worth. The only alternatives may be to live with the wrong car, sometimes for years or roll the deficiency into your next car loan and pay for your mistake over the life of the next car too. And who wants to do that? Those “cool” options that felt good at the time may only wind up costing you money and aggravation. That kind of grief can be avoided. Some new car options you need to think twice about and other options and car accessories should be completely rejected unless you don’t care about money at all. Just remember to choose your new car and car options carefully. By considering your most important needs first and you should enjoy driving your new car for many years and not regret your decision when the time comes to trade or sell the vehicle as a used car.

Auto Loan Options For Bad Credit Borrowers

More and more bad credit auto loan ads these days bombard debtors and other bad credit borrowers with the concept that they can buy a car or truck no matter what their credit may look like. Although most of these ads are based on truths, in this article I will carefully review some of the bad credit auto loan pit falls to be aware of, and help debtors to understand how some of these systems work.

The direct finance business works as a good credit auto loan would from your local bank, except borrowers with bad credit will be expected to bring in a larger down payment and pay a higher interest rate. Most local lenders, of course, will not make these loans at all to borrowers with bad credit. Depending on the severity of one's bad credit, down payments for these loans can range from 20% to 50% and depending on the credit and legal limits of the state one lives in, interest rates can range from 12% to 26%. I have even seen in a few states extreme cases where borrowers already owning cars use their vehicles as collateral for very short-term loans. The effective interest rate can be as much as 144% per year. These loans, sometimes called title loans, offer a short-term loan at 12% per month, so when the loan can not be paid off another loan at 12% must be taken. Such lending is illegal in most states and even where allowed I can think of almost no situation where taking out such a loan would represent a prudent financial decision. In most cases debtors with bad credit should expect to pay in the 12% to 18% interest range. Amortization (the time needed to pay the loan in full if all regular payments are made) choices offered may only range from 2 to 4 years opposed to good credit borrowers whose auto loans may extend for as long as 5 to 7 years. Certain amortization schedules and higher interest rates combine for payments that can be considerably higher than for those with excellent credit. The good news is that if these loans are paid on time they can also serve as tools for rebuilding credit. Dealers who advertise their willingness to work with bad credit auto purchases often ultimately finance the transaction with one of the direct lenders as described above. Dealer's who finance these loans internally sometimes combine of these things where they secure an external financing source by guaranteeing apart of the loan or allowing a part of the loan to remain un-funded until certain loan payments are made.

The greatest abuses in bad credit auto lending come from dealers who artificially inflate the prices of their cars and or the interest rates charged for the financing. A common tactic is for a dealer "specializing in bad credit purchasers" to price a car normally sold for $3,000 at $6,000, take $1,500 down and finance the balance at 24 to 26%. The reality would be that the borrower not only obligates themselves to a contract at a very, very high interest rate but that the under lying debt and price for the car bear no realistic relationship to the value of the vehicle. This leaves the borrower in a position that ultimately they will default on the loan further ruining their credit. Otherwise they will complete the contract by which time they may have paid double or triple what they would have for the same car if they had purchased it from a legitimate dealer at a legitimate price. The watch word here is "caveat emptor," let the buyer beware, some dealers advertising they work with poor credit purchasers may be honest and forthright dealers. The best consumer protection is knowledge. Research the true value of the cars you are purchasing and try to pay only the wholesale cost plus a $200 to $500 profit for the dealer. In only the rarest of instances should you pay more than the retail price of the car.

Sometimes purchasing and financing a car through a dealer works to the buyers' advantage. A company dealing in the finance operation only must make all of their money from the financing where the dealer also makes part of their money from the sale of the vehicle. In some incidences the incentive to sell the vehicle for the dealer and can mean financing concessions or less constringent guidelines. Surprisingly, this emerges frequently as a situation when purchasing a brand new vehicle. With a sizable down payment it may actually be easier for borrowers with bad credit to obtain financing for a new vehicle financed by the car manufacturers own funding arms because of the company's incentive to sell their new cars. Purchasers of new vehicles can also be aided by the fact that interest rates are lowered in these transactions. Newer cars generally merit lower interest rates than older cars and amortization for new cars are longer too. The result maybe that the payment for purchasing a new car may be the same or lower than payments may be purchasing a used car.

With the popularity of the Internet and the mass marketing capabilities of television, two new types of marketing have emerged for someone with bad credit to obtain an auto loan. The most prevalent advertising of this type on the Internet is a dealer network system. A potential customer can click on a site advertising that they can purchase a car regardless of their credit. The site requests certain information about the borrower. This information is then passed along to a dealer capable of working with purchasers who have a problem in their credit history. How well these systems works will depend on the dealer used. It can be possible that the same referral network can have good and bad dealers. From the consumer point of view, since no fees are involved, the only caution is to understand the type of site you are working with and what they're doing with your information.

Application services, predominately found on the Internet, involve automatic multiple submission of financial information to potential lenders. In this case, the potential borrower fills out some in depth financial information. The coordinator of the network then forwards the information to lending sources that may be willing to make the loan. When all works correctly, the borrower hears from four lenders who then fight for the loan by competing against each other to offer the best rates and amortization. For bad credit auto loan candidates it may be more a case of one or two lenders coming forward without much fighting, but where not many sources exist this can be a great time saver.

In most of these cases, either the car dealers or lenders may contact the borrowers directly. If you don't have a car in mind already the dealer networks may be quite helpful in directing you to someone who has an inventory of vehicles and the experience and capability of securing a loan on the vehicle you wish to purchase. If you already have a vehicle in mind and are having trouble finding a financing source the multiple submission networks may be helpful.

Even with all of these opportunities which will allow "almost" anyone to obtain vehicle financing some borrowers will fall into the category that can not. People with no down payment whatsoever and bad credit may find it very difficult getting car financing. Debtors in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings may find that financing is not available until their bankruptcy case has concluded. Others may be pleasantly surprised to find financing only to realize payments on these loans beyond their means.

Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts at financing fail or if you have to settle for your second or third choices of vehicles. With perseverance, and if needed a little polishing up of your tarnished credit, you should be able to obtain safe and reliable transportation despite a previous bout of bad credit or bankruptcy.

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