Saturday, June 21, 2008

ABT Audi R8

The Abt R8: Sports car in perfection

There are cars and dream cars. The latter includes Lamborghini's Gallardo, Ferrari's F430 or Porsche's 911 Turbo. These cars make your heart beat faster and show the perfected magic of speed on the roads. Abt Sportsline's R8 will also be among these outstanding super sports cars and is getting ready to overtake them in the prestige duel.

The design studies already show the first impressions of Abt's sportiest creation - and prove that the Kempten-based tuner manages to perfect an excellent serial model like the R8 to detail and accentuate its racing genes already in the drawing. The front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the unique and beautiful rear with its four inclined arranged exhaust end pipes, the rear diffuser and the extravagant rear wing, the front of the Abt R8 is part of an overall concept that brings about phenomenal roadholding. The add-on parts of the super sports cars from the Allgäu-region improve downforce and ensure perfect balance of the front and rear axis. This is especially notable in speed ranges reserved for only a few cars. The sideblades which were developed especially for the Abt R8 and the Abt side skirts give the Abt R8 a new and individual design besides aerodynamical advantages. The aerodynamically efficient Abt body kit, which also includes carbon-fibre parts, is a real eye catcher but also shows the state-of-the-art Bavarian precision work. With the ingenious construction, which also includes a carbon-fibre bonnet, not only a maximum reduction in weight is achieved but it also ensures optimized weight distribution of the Abt R8 - the pure presence of the model athlete already shows this.

Technology and design milestones do not only come from Maranello or Sant'Agata-Bolognese but also from Kempten. The Abt R8 will be a gorgeous dream car with the genes of a top-class race car. This special automobile will belong to one of the fastest among the fastest; the Abt R8 will also challenge the Lamborghinis and Porsches. With regards to the anticipated performance data the Bavarians are traditionally discreet. But this data already amazes sports car fans and makes them want to spur the hot-blooded Bavarian horses. 530 HP (390 kW) are to be drawn from the 4.2 litre-V8 thanks to the Abt supercharger. Compared with the serial model which already shows impressive performance data this means an increase of 110 HP (81 kW). The brand new Abt 20-inch BR wheels stylishly transfer this power onto the asphalt. The all-wheel-drive dream car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 317 km/h. These values are synonymous with magic and this extraordinary super sports car desperately wants to be driven. By means of the Abt suspension which is adjustable in height, pressure and rebound, the performance and driving comfort of the super sports car can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of its driver.

A dream car is becoming reality: In autumn the top-class sports cars will have a new challenger as this is when the almost unrivalled fast and uniquely beautiful Abt R8 becomes available.

ABT Audi AS5

The new Audi A5 combines a sporty and an unobtrusive design to a powerful, elegant and individual appearance. "A uniquely beautiful car and thus a real challenge for us," says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The managing director of Abt Sportsline raved about the new Coupe from Ingolstadt, but he emphasizes that "our designers and engineers were able to improve the outstanding base model even more". The character of the noble sportscar still maintains but after getting a special treatment in the Allgaeu it appears more dynamical. The body kit, especially tailor-made for the Abt AS5, is a spectacular package: a front skirt with a grid element which emphasizes the singel-frame grill and the fog lights, the slightly curved, laterally mounted body parts and the sleek gill-shaped air-inlets, as well as the well-proportioned rear. With the unobtrusive but striking rear spoiler and the rear skirt inset in diffuser optics, the design of the Abt AS5 is gracefully rounded off. The 4-pipe rear muffler is perfectly fitting and additionally recontoures the rear view. Needless to say that the car sounds as a real Abt car should.

Even when standing still, the Abt AS5 is a sensual car, which eagerly wants to be driven. And when it is allowed to go on the road, it shows how much sports spirit it has. First of all, the 3.0 TDI engine gets a significant "power treatment". The extremely powerful, self-igniting engine perfectly fits to the A5 and, in addition, offers moderate consumption values. By means of improved motor management, Abt turns the serial 240 hp (176 kW) into powerful 272 hp (200 kW). With an extra Abt turbo charger, the power even increases to 300 well feeded horses. Diesel and sportiness belong together since long. Certainly, Abt Sportsline will successively modify later developed A5 engines.

To ensure a perfect handling of the noble power package, Abt also makes use of its adjustable sports suspension, besides the serial Quattro engine. All the more, the Abt AS5 will be brought to a standstill by means of the Abt brake system with a disc diameter of 380 millimeters.

To perfectly round off the successful optics package, Abt Sportsline recommends the AR wheel, which is available for the A5 in the sizes from 18 to 20 inch, of course together with appropriate sport tyres. Wheels, body components and technical modifications build a whole unit: a wonderful Coupe at its best. Not more and not less.


The Abt TT-R

A real racer from the exclusive Kempten-based tuning company bears the letter "R" in its name - of course the powerful version of the TT performing incredible 355 HP (262 kW) does, too. In a flash, namely 5.1 seconds, the sportscar reaches the 100 km/h threshold. The cockpit of the TT-R has a lot to offer its ambitious driver. With its dynamical design it harmonizes perfectly with the sporty vehicle character - steering wheel, gear shift knob and centre console are kept in exclusive carbon-leather optics. The magical three letters that convert a beautiful Coupé into a race car can also be found in the car interior again, as everybody driving a TT-R cannot get enough of this exclusive model.


The new Abt TT - Comeback of the year

With the Abt TT-R Abt Sportsline celebrated the most amazing motor sport victories in the season 2002. Hardly anyone was able to beat the Abt TT-R. In nine of the ten DTM races at least one of the Abt pilots clinched a podium position, and at the end Laurent Aiello won the DTM championship in the yellow Abt TT-R. Therefore it is no wonder that the Abt team from Kempten has a special relationship with "their" TT and it is a fortunate coincidence that the second version of this sporty Audi model just appears on the market when the family enterprise celebrates its 110th company anniversary. At the same time, this happenstance means a challenge for Abt Sportsline - a challenge the team from Kempten meets by enhancing this exceptional sports car.

The new Audi TT is a model which already combines clarity and form with modern technology in the serial car and therefore offers maximum driving pleasure. "This is the best precondition we can imagine to perfect a car," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, managing director of Abt Sportsline - and presents convincing data:

The masterpiece in the new Abt TT model range is the Abt TT-R equipped with a VR6 3.2 ltr. engine and a performance of 355 HP (262 kW). This outstanding sports car offers real racing adventure for the roads. The Abt TT-R accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds compared to the serial model that takes 5.9 seconds.

In connection with the Abt TT-Sport models, the Bavarian team has also noticeably boosted the power of the VR6 3.2 ltr. and 2.0 T-FSI engines . The Abt supercharger kit and modifications of the motor management ensure that the 3.2 ltr. 6-cylinder engine now performs 310 HP (228 kW) instead of the serial 250 HP (184 kW). The Abt engineers also did a good job with the 2.0 TFSI engine. They upgraded the serial power of 200 HP (147 kW) to 270 HP (199 kW) with a maximum torque of 350 Nm (serial 280 Nm).

For the new 2-litre TT Abt also offers its innovative intelligentSport-technology. Specific modifications of the motor management allow the Abt TT-iS to be fuelled with standard, super or superplus gasoline. The performance increases to as much as 240 HP (177 kW) depending on the fuel quality. More power - less thirst. With an additional Abt gearbox modification the fuel consumption of the Abt TT-iS can be reduced by up to four litres.

Besides the power boost, the modified design of the Abt TT models was one of the most important factors. In this connection Abt Sportsline has developed special body styling parts that make the TT a real eye-catcher communicating power and dynamics. With an integrated grille element, the front skirt emphasizes the area around the fog lights and single-frame grille so that the face of the Abt TT becomes even more aggressive and marked. The lateral body styling parts continue the dynamical body language and lead directly to the extravagant rear with rear skirt inset and rear wing. In contrast to the filigree serial part the Abt rear wing cannot be folded but is a part that is firmly integrated into hatchback. The result is not only a racier design; it also brings about more downforce. The 4-pipe rear muffler is the finishing touch that perfectly harmonizes with the black rear skirt inset and rear diffuser. To round off the striking overall optical design, Abt Sportsline recommends the 19-inch wheels AR19 and SP1 with tyres sized 255/35 ZR 19.

What is more, Abt has also included a special suspension kit and suspension springs in its product range so as to meet the demands of the power upgrade and modified design.

The new Abt TT with its extraordinary driving performance and body styling has everything a winner needs.

Abt TT engine models:

* VR6 3.2 K - 355 HP (262 kW) - Abt TT-R
* VR6 3.2 K - 310 HP (228 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
* 2.0 T-FSI - 270 HP (199 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
* 2.0 T-FSI - 240 HP (177 kW) - Abt TT-iS

ABT Audi Q7

Abt Q7 - a special version of the performance SUV

Abt Sportsline's presentation of the tuned version of the Audi Q7 coincides with the sales launch of the multifunctional sports car from Ingolstadt

Combined experience: For 25 years Audi has been manufacturing all-wheel driven cars and the successful Kempten-based company Abt Sportsline has been upgrading vehicles for just as long. In the Abt Q7 the know-how of both companies is combined in a car that meets highest demands.

It is more than a mere successor of the legendary Quattro: The Audi Q7 is the perfect car for every opportunity, as it not only is suitable for all terrains, but a convincingly comfortable car for travelling long journeys at the same time. Since the Q7 innately is a true all-rounder, it proves to be a perfect tuning model. Once again Audi supplies the perfect basis for Abt Sportsline's experts. The vehicle was optically and technically upgraded without changing its characteristic features.

At first glance the Abt Q7 looks brawnier than its original counterpart which is mainly due to the fender extensions lending the vehicle a more powerful appearance. You can tell that it easily masters difficult terrains. The rear wing completes its harmonious look and ensures that the Abt Q7 never loses wheel grip. By means of a two-coloured contrasting paint in white aluminium on the marked front skirt, the elegant rear skirt and side skirts, the Abt SUV reveals itself as an exclusive cruiser. The vehicle sides are eye-catching as a result of the lateral white aluminium insets which give the Abt Q7 unmistakeable features and dignified and agile looks at the same time. The sporting impression is highlighted by the double twin-pipe exhaust system with a pipe diameter of 84 millimetres and the one-piece wheels. Abt Sportsline's wheels type AR with diamond-machined surface and exclusive exchange system are already available in the sizes 20 or 22 inch with tyres 275/45 R20 or 295/30 R22 Conti CrossContact. Another wheel option is the 22-inch SP-wheel.

Abt Sportsline's modifications meet all the Q7's demands, no matter whether off-road, on motor ways or in front of a luxury hotel - the Abt Q7 is the perfect car for every opportunity. Looks and technology form a unified whole; the Abt Q7 does not only look husky, it really is. Abt Sportsline's engineers succeeded in clearly enhancing the innately powerful 3.0 TDI power unit. The modified six cylinders V-engine now provides 272 HP instead of the standard 233 and an explosive torque of 580 Nm (standard: 500 Nm).

Audi has been manufacturing vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive for a quarter of a century and the Abt Q7 crowns this development. You may look forward to this one-of-a-kind SUV.

ABT Audi Allroad Quattro

The Abt Allroad quattro. Stylish power-SUV

The Audi allroad quattro combines several vehicles at the same time - especially if it was tuned by Abt Sportsline.

Thanks to the Bavarians´ great experience in motor sports the elegant all-wheel drive estate car becomes a true sports car and confirms the "S" in SUV as the Abt engineers have been able to develop various power upgrades for the Diesel engines bringing about considerably more power. Instead of the original 180 HP (132 kW) the 2.7-litre Turbo Diesel now performs 230 HP (169 kW) and the 3.0-litre TDI 272 HP (200 kW) instead of 233 HP (171 kW). The increase in power is especially noticeable when taking a look at the explosive torque of the "small" Diesel totalling 450 Nm and mighty 550 Nm for the 3.0 TDI. In comparison to the original models these values mean an increase of 70 respectively 100 Nm.

The extra portion of sportiness for the allroad harmonizes perfectly with Abt Sportsline´s wheel range. The Abt wheels SP1 and AR19 are available in the size 8.5x19 inch offset 50 with suitable tyres size 255/40 R19. 15 mm-spacer discs on each side complete the sporty looks. In addition, Abt Sportsline also offers the 20-inch wheels AR20 (9x20 inch offset 40) which are a true eye catcher, in particular mounted on the SUV with tyres size 265/30 ZR20. In order to round off the dynamical styling package for the all-wheel drive sports car Abt Sportsline has developed a very dynamical rear spoiler. The wheels, spoiler and motor tuning guarantee even more driving pleasure with the many-sided car.


The Abt Polo. More, from every perspective.

"There is no need for compromises" is Volkswagen's slogan for the new Polo. Abt Sportsline, the leading tuner for all VW models, has re-interpreted this message and developed a both sporty as well as safe tuning programme for the new Polo.

Abt Sportsline has created an extensive aero dynamic package for the new VW Polo which accentuates its sporty design. The newly designed front grill and front spoiler lip give the Polo a dynamic and stylish look. The rear wing does not only make the Polo look sportier but also grants increased down force on the rear axis.

Thanks to Abt Sportsline's sport suspension springs, the new Polo is made even safer and sportier in particular. The progressive-operating springs lower its body by 35 millimetres. Thus, making the Polo look more vibrant and granting perfect road holding. However, the optimization of the driving dynamics is especially remarkable. The car responds far more sensitive to steering activities and is more agile in handling. At the same time the Abt springs reduce the vehicle's side tilt, hence granting additional safety and sporting driving behaviour especially in fast corners or sudden shifts in direction.

In addition the VW Polo is optically upgraded by the elegant and sportive Abt light alloy wheels type Z. 17 inch is the largest available size of the one-piece aluminium wheel in the classical five-spoke design. The convex spokes give the wheel a powerful and dynamical look.

Abt Sportsline's accessories for the new VW Polo do not only make the car safer but sportier in particular. Before long Abt Sportsline will be offering further products such as power upgrades and sporty accessories for the Polo.

ABT VW Passat

The new Passat by Abt Sportsline

The new VW Passat was designed to become the most comfortable Passat ever. With this new luxury class limousine Volkswagen is bound to set new standards. The Bavarian company Abt Sportsline which enjoys a long tradition is also following this philosophy. The leading tuner for all makes of the VW-group already has concrete ideas what the new Abt-style VW Passat will look like.

Before long Abt Sportsline will be offering a discreet but nevertheless sporty-looking front spoiler lip as well as a rear spoiler for the VW Passat. When constructing the aerodynamic parts, great importance was attached to creating harmonious optical characteristics. The result is a sporty but not obtrusive appearance.

Additionally Abt Sportsline will be offering the five-spoke light alloy wheel SP for the new Passat. The one-piece cast aluminium wheel highlights the sporty and elegant appearance of the Abt model.

Moreover, a complete Abt Sportsline suspension kit is currently being developed. Besides lowering the vehicle, the goal is to increase driving dynamics, as well. When it comes to matching work, the Abt engineers keep their focus on the balance between sportiness and close-to-production everyday comfort.


The Abt GTI. For tough guys

According to the advertisements, the new Golf GTI is made for guys who have been tough men all along. Abt Sportsline has taken the VW slogan to heart and has converted the cult object from Wolfsburg into a car for real guys: The talk is about the Abt Sportsline Golf GTI with 230 hp.

The GTI from Kempten is a true sports car, following the original's tradition. The outward appearance of the Abt GTI gives away the secret that the model from Kempten is not an every day GTI. The optics was adapted to the power with extensive aerodynamic components. The body kit of the German tuner comprises a front spoiler lip and carbon lip, a bonnet made of carbon fibre, side skirts as well as a rear skirt and rear muffler with four chrome end pipes. No need to say that the GTI from Kempten is a toy for tough guys only.

It becomes even more obvious when taking a look at the power dates. Under the muscular body of the Abt GTI, the impressive power of 230 HP (147 to 169 kW) and 310 Newton metres is waiting to hit the road. The engineers of Abt Sportsline were able to achieve this power upgrade of the 2.0 TFSI power unit by modifying the motor management. The result is a plus of 30 HP and 30 Newton metres regarding the standard model. So it's not surprising that the top speed climbs to 241 km/h and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is managed in only 6.7 seconds.

Beside the optics and powerful performance, the specifically tuned sport suspension kit by Abt Sportsline guarantees sporty driving pleasure - on any kind of road. For, the height adjustable suspension kit can also be adjusted in pressure and rebound according to individual requirements and operational area. Beside the body modifications, lowering the vehicle of up to 55 millimetres also contributes to the sporty appearance of the Abt GTI, but however in particular the driving dynamics is increased noticeably. The sports car reacts more sensitive to steering activities and runs like on rails in tight corners.

The light alloy wheel SP1 by Abt Sportsline, which has been awarded numerous times by car magazines, also guarantees optimal grip on the roads. The one-piece wheel in classical five-spoke design in the dimension 8.5x19 inch underlines the sporty optic of Abt GTI and is equipped with 225/35 R19 tyres of technology partner Dunlop.

In the interior of the Abt Sportsline Golf GTI the special feeling for details becomes apparent: the steering wheel as well as the red Recaro sport seats and GTI floor mats are marked with the characteristic Abt logo.

Abt Sportsline based in Kempten has changed the cult object Golf GTI into a popular sports car with impressive power and unmistakeable optics for real tough guys.


Abt Golf: Full programme for the success mode.

The fourth generation of the VW Golf is on the market around the world. This super seller from Wolfsburg was so successful that those in the automobile world now refer to the "Golf class". Hence, it is natural that the experts at Abt Sportsline gave special attention to this million seller.

Ten different light alloy wheels are available for the Golf, ranging in dimension from the 7 x 15" single-piece cast version, to the luxury three-piece wheel in the impressive 8 x 17" format. For those seeking something more prominent, the A24 model proves irresistible, with an 8.5 x 18" dimension. All wheels carry the characteristic Abt design with five spokes.

Complementing the vast array of Abt wheels are six different Abt engine tuning kits. For the 1.8-litre Turbo unit alone Abt offers three possibilities to add considerably more power to the standard 150 hp. Abt offers customers a selection of power output levels: 193, 215, or even 235 hp. The tuning experts can also improve the output of the 1.9-litre TDI and the 1.6-litre units.

Whether for the front, the rear, or the side, VW Golf owners will find the Abt body accessories functional and attractive. A front grill sporting the Abt logo, a front spoiler edge, side skirts, a rear wing and a rear apron provide a wide variety of stunning packages.

Aluminium gear lever knobs, polished or anodized, Abt door pins, pedals or a footrest contribute to the customizing of the interior, as well as floormats endorced with the Abt logo.

Pure sporty handling characteristics is the main objective when the technicians set-up the Abt suspension. They work in close cooperation with Christian Abt, who not only heads Abt Sportsline's technical department, but secured the German Super Touring Championship in 1999. The champion considers extensive testing and setting-up a true sports suspension as one of the special bonuses of his profession. Abt Sportsline offers a set of sports springs and a complete sports suspension. Both solutions lower the body by 35 to 40 millimetres.

Different exhaust systems, and a twin tail pipe, with 76 millimetre tubes, complete the extensive Abt programme for the top seller from Wolfsburg.

ABT Audi AS6 Avant

The Abt Sportsline AS6 Avant. Sporty passion

The new Audi A6 Avant is designed for those who demand a broad range of abilities, but a compromise in none - and this is a motto the Kempten-based company Abt Sportsline really understands. As for a long time now the Bavarians bear great passion for the vehicles from Ingolstadt. For decades they have been tuning all Audi models. The new Abt AS6 Avant impressively demonstrates the enthusiasm Abt Sportsline has for tuning.

The optics of the Abt AS6 Avant awakes passion and invites you to get into the car. The shapely Abt-front grill and newly designed front spoiler lip equip the front with sporty traits. Broad side skirts give the AS6 Avant a dominant roadability and underline the dynamic design of the standard model. With the wing on the rear offering increased downforce on the rear axis, the Bavarians demonstrate sportiness. The rear skirt inset with a 4-pipe stainless steel rear muffler bearing the Abt-logo is a real eye catcher.

Especially the power of the Abt AS6 Avant demonstrates the passion the Abt-engineers have for tuning the Audi-models. A power upgrade by means of modifying the motor management has been developed on the basis of the Audi A6 3.0 TDI. Thanks to this technically demanding method the Abt AS6 Avant performs impressive 265 bhp and a maximum torque of 550 Nm. This is a plus of 40 bhp and 100 Nm compared with the standard vehicle.

The power of the Abt AS6 Avant is transmitted via the specially tuned suspension springs. They lower the body of the estate car by approximately 40 millimetres and thus optically contribute to the overall dynamic appearance. More important, however, is the optimisation of the driving characteristics. The handling is improved noticeably and the progressively operating springs permit a sportier manner of driving.

The Abt-light alloy wheels SP1-Titan are another important factor for transmitting the power onto the asphalt. The one-piece cast wheels in the classical five-spoke, 19 inch-design are equipped with 245/35 R19 tyres of technology partner Continental.

The new Abt AS6 Avant impressively demonstrates the passion of the company Abt Sportsline bears for tuning the Audi models.

ABT Audi AS4 Avant

Elegant and sporty: The new Abt AS4 Avant

According to Audi, the new A4 Avant is far more than just a nice station wagon. Though by saying this, the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt for sure did not mean Abt Sportsline's version, the new Abt AS4 Avant confirms this statement to 100 per cent all the same. But as a matter of fact there is a lot more to the model from Kempten than it just being a nice representative of its class. It is an elegant and sporty station wagon which above all convinces with personal qualities.

The Abt-engineers have developed specifically tuned power upgrades for the 1.9 TDI, the 2.0 TDI and the 3.0 TDI. Hence the power of explosive 140 HP in the 1.9 TDI and even 170 HP in the 2.0 TDI is waiting to be freed. After the Abt-power upgrade the top model 3.0 TDI quattro possesses 252 HP and a torque of 505 Nm. This means a plus of 48 HP and 55 Nm compared with the standard model. The Abt-engineers gained this additional power by modifying the motor management. Thus the 3.0 TDI Abt-station wagon races from zero to 100 km/h in just 7.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of impressing 243 km/h. A power upgrade to 230 HP for the 2.0T FSI version is currently being developed.

The enhanced motor performance is transmitted onto the asphalt through specially tuned suspension kits. The progressively operating suspension springs or suspension kit which is adjustable in height, optimize the station wagon's driving dynamics and lower the body by approximately 40 millimetres. All these factors convert the Abt AS4 Avant into a true sports car.

In accordance with the driving performance, the AS4 Avant optically presents itself in a sporty and elegant outfit, too. The special aerodynamic body parts such as the shapely Abt-front spoiler lip give the station wagon a sporty and marked face. Broad side skirts skilfully underline the dynamic design of the standard model and make the AS4 Avant look like a real power package on the road. The rear end carrying the rear wing demonstrates pure sportiness. The rear skirt with the 4-pipe rear muffler bearing the Abt-logo is a real eye catcher. It is remarkable that all parts still look noble and elegant despite their sporty features.

For the sporty and elegant AS4 Avant Abt Sportsline offers various light alloy wheels from 16 to 19 inch. The one-piece cast wheels in the classical five-spoke, 19 inch-design can be equipped with tyres in the size 235/35 R19 of technology partners Dunlop or Continental.

The new Abt AS4 Avant definitely is more than just a nice station wagon. The elegant aerodynamic body parts and its powerful performance convert it into a noble sports car.

ABT Audi AS4

The Abt AS4: aggressive look for the bestseller

There is hardly a car that was spoken about so much this year as it was about the Audi A4: at its debut in the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) the bestseller clinched the titles in the driver's, team and brand championship in Europe's most popular touring car series at first go. It's a matter of course that Abt Sportsline sets a high value on sportiness, dynamics and high-quality design for the street version of the Limousine the company from Kempten is presenting the result on the Essen Motor Show with the AS4.

The Audi A4 from Ingolstadt was already born with a dynamic line management. Using premium manufactured body add-on parts, Abt Sportsline understands accentuating this skilful line management. Thus, a marked front grill and a matching front spoiler lip were developed for the Abt AS4 for an equally friendly and aggressive facial expression. This look continues to the Abt side skirts and the rear where the AS4 is equipped with a rear wing and rear skirt. Beside sportier optics the add-on parts also provide an improved contact pressure and so a more stable road holding.

The driver will appreciate this, as also concerning power, the engineers have done their job on the so-called "volume model" from Ingolstadt. Originally the 2.0 TDI engine performed 140 HP (103 kW) under the bonnet but after the power treatment in Kempten a total of 170 HP (125 HP) can be measured. The chip tuning perfected by Abt Sportsline which enables this leap, moreover causes a considerably improved responding behaviour of the power unit. Appropriate sound comes from the Abt rear muffler with four chrome end pipes and necessary safety from the Abt sport brake system.

The optimal contact to the road surface is an important fact when possessing so much power - Abt Sportsline has two important components: the Abt sport wheel SP1 in noble titanium design and a size of 8.5 x 19 inch as well as the matching tyres of Dunlop. The tyre manufacturer is not only partner of the champion team Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline in the DTM, but also in the tuning business.

The package for the Abt AS4 is rounded off by an Abt shift knob as well as marked emblems on the rear and the engine cover.

ABT Audi AS3

The Abt AS3: new standards in the compact class

With the A3, Audi has set new standards in the compact class. And the next generation has all what it takes to continue the success story of its predecessor. Of course, Abt Sportsline is involved as well: one of the five premieres by the company from Kempten, at the last IAA is the complete tuning and optic package for the compact car from Ingolstadt. This puts the world's leading tuning company for cars from the Volkswagen Group on pole-position once again.

Emotion and precision - these two characteristics are representing the design of the new A3 and make the entire bodywork of the car look even more powerful and sporty. With an extended wheelbase, more width and its reduced height, the new car almost looks like a coupe. Abt Sportsline is emphasizing this impression even further by means of high-quality bodywork parts. At the front, for instance, the Abt AS3 gets a distinguishing cover and a front spoiler extension. Next to the side skirts, the rear of the car particularly meets the eye: covers and wings developed in Kempten make the compact car look even more powerful and dynamic.

Abt Sportsline has also paid attention to the performance of the new A3. With chip-tuning, the power output of the fuel-efficient and powerful 1.9 litre turbo diesel engine is being increased from 77 to 96 kW (105 to 130 hp). The job, which is a very comfortable effort for customers, because it is quick and easy, requires enormous technical know-how. With experience of many decades, Abt Sportsline has acquired this know-how and has mastered chip-tuning to perfection. The modification in the engine management software includes data like the time of ignition or the amount of fuel that is being injected for the entire rev range and for various throttle pedal positions. Finding the optimal balance, it requires enormous development effort. The values 0-100 in 10,5 sec. And a V-Max of 196 km/h speak for themselves.

Abt suspension springs provide excellent road holding for the Abt AS3, lowering the bodywork by approx. 35 to 40 millimetres and adding to a more sporty driving experience. To allow the driver to handle also critical driving situations without any problems, an Abt sports brake system is also being prepared for the A3, with steel flex brake lines which protect against damage by stones or other outside elements. An exhaust silencer with four pipes is rounding off the programme of the Abt AS3.

Dunlop tyres with the specification 235/35 R19 have been fitted on the Abt sports wheels SP1 in the size 8.5 x 19 inch. Both in everyday business and in motorsport, Abt Sportsline and Dunlop are unified by a close partnership: in the DTM, all six Abt-Audi TT-Rs are racing on Dunlop tyres, while both partners are using their competence for joint developments in the tuning area.

Our importers will gladly provide you with price information concerning the Abt AS3.

ABT Audi AS6

The Abt AS6. Imaginative and engaging.

Already after the first photos, test drives and impressions, one thing became clear: With the new A6 Audi has launched a big hit. Concurrently to the presentation, Abt Sportsline shows its ideas for the new figurehead in the luxury class: More agile, more dynamic and even more pleasure to drive. Following the advertising slogan for the new A6 "Imaginative and engaging" - the imagination of the most successful tuner for vehicles of the Audi and VW brand, even goes a step further and gives the newcomer his very own face.

The aim of the A6 is clearly defined: Being closely connected to its role model, the successful Audi A8 and likewise establishing itself as most sportive vehicle in its class. Equipped with the extensive optical package of Abt Sportsline, the AS6 already drives on the passing lane. "I am sure that the AS6 will quickly make its way into the customer's hearts", says managing director Hans-Jurgen Abt. "For our engineers and designers the car with its sportive line is a first class model and a real eye catcher with just a few little conversions."

The characteristically wide track with the perfectly suiting design of the SP rims, as well as the Abt rear skirt inset, emphasize most noticeably the rear design of the Abt AS6. Four chromed Abt mufflers set a clear signal for the power capacity of this extraordinary vehicle. The Abt rear spoiler on the boot provides a more sportive look and especially an increased down-force which results in improved driving characteristics. Just like all body add-on parts by Abt Sportsline it is manufactured in top quality and is seamlessly integrated in the contours of the standard vehicle.

Though being discreet, the focus set on the front spoiler lip is quite individual. This style continues on the side of the body: Beside side skirts which underline the dynamical design from the front to the rear, Abt Sportsline also equips the AS6 with Abt sport wheels SP1, dimension 8,5x19 or the models A25/A26 size 8,5 x 18, each with the classical five-spoke-design. Complete wheel-sets with the brand partners Continental and Dunlop are directly available at the local supplier.

Abt Sportsline also achieves more dynamics and power underneath the bonnet of the AS6: with a sport suspension kit continuously variable in height or a first power upgrade for the three litre-Diesel engine with six cylinders for example.

With the Abt AS6, Abt Sportsline once again has managed to present its own ideas simultaneously to the official presentation of the standard vehicle. Being one of the first tuners to present the car, undoubtedly is a result of the close cooperation between Ingolstadt and Kempten which exists for decades. The great confidence has also been transferred to motor sport throughout the years: With the comeback of Audi into the DTM, Abt Sportsline, as official works team, enters with four Audi A4 DTM and are the first to lead the four rings to the podium.

ABT Audi AS400

The Abt AS400. Undefeatable.

In the DTM, the Audi A4 of the Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline right from the start is a car which has to be beaten. Now also competitors on the road will have hard times: With the new Abt AS400 Abt Sportsline is presenting one of the most powerful and exclusive vehicles in its history. 400 HP (294 kW) potency, just under 290 km/h top speed and an acceleration of in-credible 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 - these are the pure facts of the Abt AS400 which is equipped with a 2,7 litre large V6-Bi-Turbo-engine.

"With the new AS400 we want to and will set new standards in the field of high performance vehicles", says Managing Director Hans-Jurgen Abt. "The vehicle is a combination of the high-quality basis which Audi has supplied with the standard model and the large technical know-how of Abt Sportsline when tuning and refining this basis." The Abt AS400 will be launched on the market in a small series of 25 and besides its sportive attributes however maintains its suitability for daily use as a sport station wagon.

Incorporated into the design of the new figurehead from Kempten is the complete experience from many decades in the tuning business. Under the bonnet the 2.7 litre V6-Bi-Turbo-engine fulfils its ser-vices providing a maximum torque of approximately 500 Newtonmeter. Via the permanent all-wheel-drive Quattro, the concentrated power of 400 HP is transferred to all four wheels which are equipped with 18 inch titanium coloured Abt sport wheels. The sport brake system and the sport suspension kit are responsible for safety and optimal control on every road.

As for all Abt tuning projects, Christian Abt signs himself responsible for the development. For the technical Manager of Abt Sportsline and Audi works driver in the DTM, the AS400 is the highlight of the year: "Normally no road vehicle is good enough for a race track. However the AS400 is a special case: With the power, acceleration and the sportive handling you really have the feeling qualifying starts any minute. "

The sportiness also continues with the optics. With front grill, front spoiler and side skirts as well as rear skirt and rear wing the AS400 is given the unmistakable dynamic handwriting of Abt. The 4-pipe stainless-steel exhaust system is not only responsible for the right sound suitable to the power, but proves its Kempten origin when admired from the probably most often seen perspective of the Abt AS400. Inside the line is followed with Abt entrance panels, instrument clusters (speedometer up to 320 km/h), aluminium pedals and foot rests as well as further details.

The Abt AS400 is available for 94.900,00 Euro (inclusive Value Added Tax) at Abt Sportsline in Kemp-ten or one of the more than 100 Abt partners in Germany. And for everyone who still has not enough, Abt Sportsline offers a power upgrade to 450 HP (331 kW). Additionally an Abt sport brake system and Abt sport wheels SP1 in 19 inch-size are available as optional equipment.

ABT Audi AS3 Sportback

The Abt AS3 Sportback: More than driving pleasure

Already at its first public appearance during the DTM-season highlight on the Norisring, the new Audi A3 Sportback caused a furore: In a parade in front of the fully occupied grand stands with more than 100.000 spectators, Audi presented its latest baby. Nearly at the same time of the first rides of the sporty five-door, Abt Sportsline had already realized the first ideas for un-derlining the inherently sporty elegance.

Athletics and driving pleasure in a new dimension - these are the targets Audi aims to achieve in the premium compact class with the new representative. This is where Abt Sportsline ties up and supplies additional dynamics for the suspension kit of the Sportback with especially developed Abt suspension springs. The springs effect a lowering of 35 to 40 millimetre and additionally grant an improved, tighter and with it a more sporty contact to the roads.

The Abt sport wheels which the successful Audi tuner offers do not only stand for a more individual optics, but also for a better contact to the asphalt. Customers have the choice between the model Z6 in the dimension 8 x 18 inch and the awarded sport wheel SP1 which sets a clear exclamation mark due to the size of 8,5 x 19 inch. In common they both have the Abt-typical high quality manufacturing and the unmistakable design of the company based in Kempten.

Of course the matching sound is required with so much optics. Abt Sportsline supplies this with a rear muffler and two pipes made of fine stainless-steel. The Abt shift knob manufactured in leather and aluminium as well as the Abt floor mat set continue the sporty line in the interior.

With springs, rear muffler and wheels Abt Sportsline only presents first ideas for the Sportback. Al-ready in preparation are body parts and power upgrades for the 1.9 and 2.0 TDI-engines.

ABT VW Touran

The Abt Touran: Shooting Star-Van

Immediately after its successful introduction, the Volkswagen Touran has become the indisputable market leader in its segment within Germany: Alone 5.801 registrations in June 2003! The more reason for Abt Sportsline, the world-wide leading tuner for vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, to present a complete tuning range for the new family star from Wolfsburg.

The Abt aerodynamics programme consisting of front grill, frontspoiler lip and rear wing optically shows off the Touran in a sporty way

Always a "must have" are Abt Sportwheels of the series "A", "SP" and "Z" from 16 to 19 inch, for example the Abt Z4 in the dimension 7,5x17" offset 43 with tyres 225/45 R17 of the Abt tyre partners Continental or Dunlop

Additionally Abt suspension springs lower the Mini-Van by sporty, but still comfortable 35-40 millimetres

An Abt sports brake system is currently being developed
And, last but not least, the Abt rear muffler with the chromed double end pipes complete the tuning programme with the sporty rear view.

Of course the DTM-Champion 2002 also takes care of the engines: Power upgrades for the Touran 1.9 TDI as well as for the Touran 2.0 TDI have been developed by the tuning specialists located in the Allgau. With this the standard motor performances are increased from 74 kW (100 HP) or 100 kW (136 HP) to remarkable 92 kW (125 HP) respectively impressing 125 kW (170 HP).

ABT VW Touareg

Abt Touareg. The sport all-rounder by Abt Sportsline

With the Abt Touareg Abt Sportsline has devoted itself to an all-terrain vehicle for the first time. Exactly two years ago the exceptional off-roader in Abt look celebrated its premier. In the meantime the first ideas have been realized into an extensive tuning programme including power upgrade and body parts for the upper class all-rounder. The Abt Touareg VS10 conquers terrain and motor ways with more than 370 HP, high quality suspension technology under the body shell und a fascinating optical package.

Basis for the engineers of Abt Sportsline was the 10-cylinder Diesel engine. In serial condition the power unit with a five litre capacity already disposed of 230 kW (313 HP). After modifying the electronic motor management the Abt Touareg accelerates from 0 - 100 km/h in just over seven seconds, speeds to 240 km/h and releases a power of 274 kW (373 HP). The torque increases to incredible 860 Nm at 2000 rpm. At the same time the engine inherits a considerably improved response behaviour which in equal measures convinces on motor ways and terrain. Abt Sportsline offers a power upgrade from 174 HP to 195 HP (128 kW to 143 kW) for the R5 TDI, the 3.0 TDI power unit is boosted from 225 HP to 265 HP (165 to 195 kW). The Abt sport brake system on the front axis grants the necessary safety with so much power.

Confessing fan of the Abt Touareg VS10 for example is RTL-moderator Sonja Zietlow. She read a test report about the sporty all-rounder and immediately picked up the phone and only a few weeks later was able to admire her new Abt Touareg in Kempten. "It's the ideal car: looks great, has power and lots of space for my two dogs. And even a whole golf bag fits into the boot";, says Sonja Zietlow who has just come back from the Australian jungle and the TV show "I'm a celebrity - Get me out of here".

Best technology - especially the newly developed Abt Level Control (ALC) with which it is possible to combine perfect cross-country mobility and optically appealing lowering stands for this motto. During standstill a lowering of up to 60 millimetres is possible and thus offers a perfect optics. In order to achieve an optimal balance between comfort and dynamics while driving, the vehicle is raised to a lowering level of approximately 30 millimetres. Sporty ambitioned drivers can lower the Touareg by a further 10 millimetres with the adjustment "Sport" and at the same time a tighter damper set-up is provoked.

Great attention of the designers was put on the car body shell of the so-called Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Beside front grill, front and rear skirt as well as a discreet rear wing, they also developed wheel arch extensions which even more emphasize the dynamics of the Touareg. The last glance of the viewers lies on the Abt rear muffler with its four pipes.

Instead of the standard 18-inch wheels, Abt offers 19 and 22 inch sport wheels. In Essen the Abt version of the Touareg is equipped with sport wheels in the size 10 x 22 inch inclusive ContiSportContact tyres.

ABT VW Sporting Van T5

The Abt Sporting Van: the van with power from the Allgau

The T4 already was a sales hit in the Volkswagen product range. Its successor, the Sporting Van, is equally useful and solid as the bestseller. Already now, Abt Sportsline has developed a tuning programme that provides the van on top of that with plenty of sportivity, power and dynamics. With almost 200 hp and a complete bodywork modification, the Abt Sporting Van looks set to attract a huge fan community pretty soon. With this package, Abt Sportsline once again is proving its versatility and underlines its position as the leading tuning company for cars from the Volkswagen Group.

Now who was talking about a commercial vehicle? The 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine of the Abt Sporting Van delivers 144 kW (195 hp) after a modification of the electronic engine management in Kempten. After the chip-tuning, perfectioned by Abt Sportsline with its experience of many decades, the torque has been increased to 450 Nm at 2500 rpm; 0-100 km/h in 11,5 sec. and a V-max of 195 km/h. This puts an end to problems with bigger transports - quite the contrary: with power from the Allgau, the Abt Sporting Van is also providing sheer driving pleasure under any circumstances.

But technology and power are only one thing. Abt Sportsline has also been thinking about the optics: a complete modification of the van includes a new front grille, a front spoiler lip as well as Abt side skirts. At the rear, the designers from the Allgau have left their discreet, yet unmistakable signature with a rear skirt and wing. The Abt exhaust silencer with four stainless steel pipes is rounding off the optic package.

Abt suspension springs, lowering the bodywork by 35 to 40 millimetres compared to the production model cater for improved road holding as well as more sporty and more rigid driving characteristics. The line from the company from Kempten continues with the wheels: the Sporting Van has been equipped with the SP1 wheel in the size of 8.5 x 19 inch. The single-piece sports wheel is marked by its wheel rim bed inclining to the inside and the Abt logo in the heart.

The wheels have been fitted with 255/40 R19 Continental tyres. Next to Dunlop, Continental is Abt Sportsline's tyre partner. A partnership that goes well beyond the sheer supply of tyres.

Our importers will gladly provide you with price information concerning the Abt Sporting Van.

ABT VW New Beetle Cabriolet

Abt New Beetle. Nostalgia and High-Tech.

Hardly any other vehicle evokes such powerful and exciting memories like the VW Beetle. And there is hardly another comeback in the automobile branch that is so popular and greeted with so much enthusiasm as that of the New Beetle. Abt Sportsline adds to its fascination - with numerous technical and optical features for the best-seller. With the Abt New Beetle "classic", the Kempten tuning company builds a bridge from yesteryear to today. And for sporting and ambitious Beetle fans, the new rally collection from the motorsport family from Bavaria leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Nostalgia has no place as far as technology is concerned. When it comes to power enhancement, only high-tech solutions are applied. The 2.0-litre engine receives a power plus to ca. 105 kW (143 hp) thanks to capacity enhancement by 200 cubic centimetres, a customized Abt crankshaft, special pistons, Abt camschafts, a cylinder head modification, a mid-silencer, optimised air ducting as well as changes to the electronic engine management. Abt expertise in the ECU field ensures an increase in the 1.8-litre turbo-engine from 110 kW (150 hp) to 142 kW (193 hp). For the 1.9-litre TDI, Abt provides an increase from 66 kW (90 hp) to 85 kW (112 hp).

Abt also provides additional accessories for the New Beetle including two types of back-silencers, an aluminium gear lever knob, aluminium pedals, stainless steel running boards, as well as a set of floormats displaying the Abt Sportsline logo. Aside from the brake kit, Abt also offers steel-braided brake lines for the New Beetle. Additionally, a New Beetle owner can choose between 14 wheels, one of them being the brand-new Z5 wheel (8 x 18") presented on the IAA motor show.

For those with a penchant for nostalgia, the Kempten team developed parts for the Abt New Beetle "classic" after taking a close look at old photo archives. The team then created a spectacular body kit reflecting the original Beetle in a inspiring way, for example with running board sets, mudguard as well as a front and rear bumper. A front grill, chrome fog headlamp frame, headlamp visor and the matching V-rims (7.5 x 17 inch) rounds off the New Beetle body kit from the House of Abt.

A very special example of the New Beetle caused a sensation in German rallying: Together with natural gas supplier Thyssengas, Abt enters a Beetle in the German Rally Challenge series and the German Rally Championship. The highlight: The 230 hp model uses natural gas instead of traditional fuel. The popular contender passed its dress rehearsal perfectly as a course-opening car at the Deutschland Rally. It also collected plenty of trophies already. With this, Abt Sportsline confirms that the company motto "from the racetrack to the road" is more than just a saying. The spectacular range for the Rally Beetle, including roll-cage and extra headlights, can be ordered separately or as a complete package.

ABT Audi RS6 Avant

Abt RS6 Avant. There is nothing more than this.

When DTM-drivers are getting into a road car in order to take it for some laps at a race track, it will be quite a special car indeed. With the new RS6, Audi has achieved this remarkable feat: already during the DTM-season, in which this extreme sports car was used as a safety car, Laurent Aiello and Christian Abt often used to take the limousine and the Avant for a little ride. Now, the team of Abt Sportsline has taken on the RS6 as well. And anyone who thinks that 450 hp is the limit, has to think again: enter the Abt RS6 Avant.

Yes, one might think that 331 kW (450 hp) are more than enough for an Avant - after all, the winning car of the 2002 DTM, the Abt-Audi TT-R, only just tops this performance. But a company like Abt Sportsline, having been passionately involved in motorsport for many decades, can't be satisfied that easily: after a modification of the electronic engine management of the eight cylinder bi-turbo power unit, performance has been increased to 371 kW (505 hp), while the maximum torque will only be reached at a fascinating 630 Nm. This allows the Abt RS6 Avant to dash from 0-100 km/h in only 4.6 seconds.

Equally impressive as the driving performance and the increase of the top speed to approximately 280 km/h is the noble understatement of the Abt RS6: it is hiding its strength and its power, easily exceeding the performance of a sports car, under the elegant guise of an Avant. Here, Abt Sportsline has only refined the bodywork in details, like for instance with the four pipe exhaust system, emphasising the car's sporty appeal and unmistakably referring to its provenance from Kempten.

Fitting for the performance, Abt Sportsline has chosen the appropriate wheels for the most powerful vehicle in its line-up. The Abt sports wheel SP2, cast in one piece in the dimension 9 x 20 inch and fitted with 255/30 R20 ContiSportContact2 tyres ensures the best possible contact between the quattro-drive and the asphalt. The new Champion wheel rim covers are the pinnacle of wheel design from Kempten. The silver-coloured covers with black inscription commemorate Laurent Aiello's title-winning campaign in the 2002 DTM-season.

With so much power, the performance of the brakes is especially important. Therefore, Abt Sportsline has mounted its sport braking system to the front and the rear axle of the RS6. Apart from the looks, the double-ventilated brake disks with the dimension 380 x 32 millimetres (front) and 322 x 32 millimetres (rear) ensure more safety and lighter handling of the super sports car. Larger pistons result into more braking power, the disks provide more stability and increased durability.

ABT Audi AS8

The Abt AS8. Luxury paired with sportiness

The Audi A8 is the flagship of the Ingolstadt-based automobile group. Due to innovative technology and quality at the highest stage, the luxury car has reached peak position in the ranking of the luxury class vehicles. Based on the A8 with V8-supercharger and a capacity of 4.2 litres as well as quattro-drive, Abt Sportsline has created a breathtaking model which perfectly unites luxury and sportiness: the Abt AS8.

By means of a complex power upgrade, the Audi-specialists from Kempten have increased the performance of the luxury class limousine to 450 HP and 520 NM of maximum torque. Compared to the inherently well motorized standard model with 335 HP, this is a plus of 115 HP. Hence, the Abt AS8 accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 247 km/h.

The performance data were achieved by complex modifications. Abt Sportsline's supercharger kit consists of a specifically developed intake, a modified fuel and injection system, a map-controlled and water-cooled intercooler as well as an exhaust temperature regulation. As with all Abt products, great emphasis was placed on a constant and reliable performance. The result of this development is very impressive: the Abt AS8 displays its full performance in every driving situation.

The Abt AS8 combines sportiness and luxury in another way, too. The so-called Abt Level-Control (ALC) was developed especially for the standard air suspension of the Audi. By means of a newly programmed level controlling unit the ALC allows the suspension kit to be adjusted in multiple ways. Hence, the Abt AS8 can be lowered optically by up to 35 millimetres or be adjusted stiffly according to desires and requirements. As a matter of course the ALC disposes of adapted levels thus guaranteeing sufficient residual spring travel.

With regards to optics, the Abt AS8 communicates pure understatement. The designers have developed front spoiler edges and a discreet rear wing for the Audi A8. In addition, the limousine was equipped with the Abt double-twin pipe rear muffler bearing the well-known logo of the Audi-tuners from Kempten.

The sporty and elegant concept of the Abt AS8 is completed by light alloy wheels SP2 in classical five-spoke design. The one-piece aluminium 20 inch-wheels are equipped with tyres of technology partner Continental in the dimension 275/35 R20.

The Abt AS8 based on the Audi A8 with V8-supercharger and a capacity of 4.2 litres as well as quattro-drive unites the luxury of the top class limousine with the powerful sportiness of a sports car. Once again Abt Sportsline has proved their innovative power and sensitiveness for up-to-date and customer-friendly tuning.

ABT Audi AS4 Cabriolet

Abt AS4 Cabriolet. Open to everything.

All good things come in threes: following the big success of the Abt AS4 Limousine and the Abt AS4 Avant, Abt Sportsline now presents the latest member of the AS4 family with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet. The airy four-seater is quite something. The joy of life that is typical for a cabriolet has been combined with sporting power made by Abt Sportsline. The result turned out to be a fun-to-drive car, over 240 km/h fast and open to everything. No matter if a drive in the sunshine on the country road or a fast motorway journey - with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet, there are no limits.

How much engine power does a cabriolet need? Mere figures are no sufficient answer to this question. The ideal power unit for open driving first and foremost has to be sovereign. The six-cylinder engine of the Abt AS4 Cabriolet definitely is. The engine management of the 162 kW (220 hp) strong production machine has been modified by Abt Sportsline. Moreover, the three-litre unit has been fitted with a supercharger. Should the driver cry for performance, the Abt engine with its massive torque has plenty of it, in all rev ranges. If desired, 213 kW (290 hp) are available. All of this pleasantly unnoticed, but still with significant presence.

According to the motto "not obtrusive, but effective", the Abt suspension works with modified springs, lowering the distinctive body by 35-40 mm. Especially on twisty country roads, the lowered centre of gravity pays off. The AS4 Cabriolet handles quick changes of direction with lightness.

But the Abt AS4 Cabriolet doesn't just have a sporty side to it. An appealing elegance is also part of the package. Abt Sportsline emphasizes the exciting design with an Abt chrome kit for the front air intake and the front grille. When approaching the Abt AS4 Cabriolet from behind, the decently-styled rear wing is the first thing that meets the eye. The Abt four-pipe rear muffler with painted panels will only be identified at second glance. In the interior, Abt floor mats create a sporty atmosphere. The steering wheel with integrated airbag, made up of six segments at a diameter of 360 millimetres, is a reference to motorsport. There are three leather and three carbonfibre parts and also incorporates a device for selecting the six levels of the multitronic-gearbox.

Obviously, the Abt AS4 Cabriolet is equipped with Abt sport wheels with the classical five-spoke design. In the case of the open four-seater, they are of the SP1 type, 8.5x19 inch with wide ContiSportContact tyres in 235/35 R19 size. With the wheel rim, declining flat to the inside, and the Abt ring with double holes, the SP1, casted in one piece, sets technical and optical highlights. To celebrate the win of the DTM-title, the SP1 has been fitted with silver DTM Champion 2002 wheel caps.

ABT Skoda Superb

Abt Superb. The sporty comeback.

Would you have thought of it? Already in the 1920s and 1930s, Skoda introduced a member of the luxury class family, the Superb. With the new Superb, the Czech manufacturer continues the tradition and once more steps up into this prestigious market segment. And where courage and innovation are required, Abt Sportsline can't be far: only a short time after the production start, the world's leading tuning company for makes of the Volkswagen group is showing its first ideas. The result speaks for itself: the Abt Superb is arguably the most sporty comeback of this spring.

The new flagship from the Czech Republic already offers a great deal by itself. For instance, the focus was on highest possible comfort and according luxury in the development phase. The sporty spirit for all managers on the overtaking lane comes from Kempten: the Abt rear spoiler with integrated third brake light gives the dynamic, but rather conservative design of the sedan a sporty-elegant touch. This is even further enhanced by the use of Abt springs. They lower the body of the Superb by approx. 35 to 40 mm.

While the first Superb-models were equipped with impressive eight-cylinder engines, with a capacity of up to 6.6 litres in the past, Skoda is now following the sign of the times and offers a range of petrol and diesel engines for the new generation. An ideal playing field for Abt Sportsline's engineers. Thanks to optimising the electronic engine management, they boosted the 1.8 litre turbocharged engine from 110 kW (150 bhp) to 142 kW (193 bhp). The company has developed performance improvement kits for two diesel engines as well: power of the 1.9 litre TDI-engine has been increased from 96 kW (130 bhp) to 114 kW (155 bhp), and, after a visit to Kempten, the 2.5 TDI engine delivers 132 kW (180 bhp) instead of the previous 114 kW (155 bhp).

To get the power of the Abt Superb on the road in the best possible way, clients at Abt Sportsline have a wide range of top-class light alloy wheels to choose from. The portfolio ranges from 7 x 15 inch to the A 27 model of 9 x 19 inch. All wheels have the unmistakable classic five-spoke-design and the high quality of the designer from Kempten. Of course, all wheels are also available with tyres from Abt's tyre partner Continental. As ever so often at Abt Sportsline, individuality counts here as well. And to ensure that the driver always keeps control over his luxury sporting machine, Abt's steel flex brake lines cater for the best possible brake performance while requiring significantly less pedal force.

Abt Fabia. Sporty look for the compact model.

The Skoda Fabia enjoys a strong following - however, at Abt Sportsline the compact car is given even more of a sporty appearance. As the world's leading customizer of brands of the Volkswagen Group, the Kempten-based enterprise developed a range of ideas for the small member of the VW family. The model which featured for the first time during the Automobil International fair in Leipzig in April 2001 was not only tuned optically with frontspoiler lip, rear wing and noble interior, but also with a power boost to 92 kW (125 hp).

With its standard 74 kW (100 hp) engine, the Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI is extremely agile, nevertheless the Abt technicians give the compact Czech car even more sportiness. Thanks to Abt tuning, the power output of the turbo-diesel DI engine is boosted to 108 kW (125 hp).

Abt springs provide the diesel and petrol varieties of the Skoda Fabia with even better road handling. The springs lower the vehicle by around 35 to 40 millimetres. Abt are working on an individualised suspension, as well as various refinements to the body of the Skoda Fabia - for example the Abt front spoiler lip or a rear wing.

For the interior, a comprehensive package is available. A real eye-catcher is the polished silver gearshift knob with the matching Abt aluminium pedals for manual and automatic gearboxes, as well as floor mats sporting the distinctive Abt logo. The sporty look continues with Abt running boards.

For those interested in an even more luxurious interior, Abt supplies the finest leather accessories. The fine napa leather set comprises both front seats including head rests, the rear seats and the four inner door panels. Abt takes care of the assembly at the company headquarters.

Possibilities are endless with the choice of rims. Six different varieties in four sizes are available for customers to choose from. The one-piece, cast rims share one common feature: the unparalleled dynamic Abt look. Naturally, rims are available with tyres.

Abt offers steel-braided brake linings which deliver a constant and optimal braking point of pressure and require less pedal force. Abt Sportsline offers this complete package for the Skoda Fabia with a type approval. The advantages: The braking force is more sensitively controllable, the braking distance is shortened, and the system also ensures an optimal protection against stone impact and abrasion.

Abt Leon Spaniard with bavarian temperament.

Hardly any other car manufacturer experienced a face lift over the last years like Seat. Young, dynamic, fresh - such are the features typical for the Spanish member of the Volkswagen Group. And now Abt Sportsline presents the fiery Mediterranean featuring the very special Abt touch. This makes Abt the only customizer worldwide for all four marques of the Volkswagen Group. To begin with, the engineers from Kempten turned to the Leon. "We are enthusiastic about the result", summarises managing director, Hans-Jurgen Abt.

"Even in its standard version the Seat Leon is a dynamic, sporty vehicle and a real head-turner. That makes it a great challenge for us here at Abt to demonstrate what we mean by high quality customizing", says Hans-Jurgen Abt about his stylists' and engineers' philosophy when they worked on the Seat premiere. Engine, exhaust, bodywork, suspension, wheels, accessories, and interior - the Abt specialists' typical signature can be seen in all components of the agile 4WD.

Classical customizing begins with an increase in engine performance. For the Abt Leon the engine experts at Abt were not prepared to compromise. Instead of the standard 132 kW (180 hp) they gave the all-wheel-drive Leon a boost to 191 kW (260 hp), generated by an Abt turbo-charger. The exhaust manifold, the silencer, and the charge-air cooler display the logo of the world famous customizer from Bavaria. An optimized engine management system, finely adapted to the modified charge cycles, ensures impressive torque and acceleration.

To ensure that the horsepower is perfectly transmitted was Christian Abt's personal task. The racing professional from the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) himself fine-tuned the Leon with a height adjustable sport suspension. It can be lowered by up to 50 millimetres, with the rebound and response of the shock absorbers able to be adjusted to suit individual driving styles.

In setting up the Leon, racing driver Christian Abt looked into the perfect choice of tyres and rims. His choice: Wheels of the Z5 type, 8 x 18 inches, which recently premiered at the Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA). The Abt brakes kit with steel-braided brake linings, for reduced fading and an improved response of the brake pedal, round up the customizing of suspension and transmission. Abt also pays particularly attention to the interior and the body work details: For the Leon the specialists offer a front spoiler lip, a rear wing, aluminium pedals, an Abt gearshift lever knob, a set of footmats, and Abt leather fittings.

Abt A6 allroad quattro: Super sports star without vanity

It glides on water, it cuts through deep snow like a scooter and it hangs under a paraglider in the air: In its maiden role in Bogner's movie "Mountain Magic" the Audi allroad quattro demonstrated spectacular and undreamt-of talent. But, for the team at Abt Sportsline it was still not enough: The world's leading Audi and VW tuning company, based in Bavaria, took the allroad quattro and added even more sportive touches.

Freedom without compromise - this philosophy wholeheartedly embodies the allroad quattro, combining the comfort and dynamics of a top class vehicle with the all-terrain qualities of a thoroughbred off-roader. Unique to the Audi is its four level air suspension. Both axles feature separate air suspension struts monitored via height sensors, providing the ideal ground clearance for off-road use, as well as optimal aerodynamics for faster highway sections.

Choices for power units of the allroad quattro are between a 2.7-litre bi-turbo V6 with 184 kW (250 hp) or a 2.5-litre V6 TDI with 132 kW (180 hp). However, for the Abt Sportsline team - who are used to handling the 450 hp racing cars contesting the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) - this is simply not enough. With an optimized electronic engine management the engineers now push the TDI-engine up to 154 kW (210 hp), the bi-turbo-version is increased up to 213 kW (290 hp) or even 265 kW (360 hp) and 510 Newtonmetres. The permanent all-wheel-drive optimally transfers the power in every situation and on all terrain.

The clearance between the body and ground can be adjusted to four levels - from 208 to 142 millimetres - simply by pushing a button in the cockpit. With stunning sports wheels from the House of Abt Sportsline, the car's appearance is striking. For the allroad quattro, the 7,5 x 17 inch A23, the 8,5 x 18 inch A25 single-piece cast sports rims and the two-piece A26 are available - also delivered, of course, as a complete wheel fitted with appropriate tyres. Not only do the rims display top craftsmanship, they are also designed for optimal weight and the best possible handling.

Beside the Abt front grill with its two struts, the team from Abt Sportsline also paid great attention to the interior. Abt aluminium parts and elegant fittings crafted from fine napa leather continue the classical look on the inside. With its spectacular appearance, the super sports star also proved its total reliability. At the end of filming, movie director and fashion designer Willy Bogner gave the allroad quattro his wholehearted seal of approval. "During the entire making of the movie we didn't experience a single problem with the allroad quattro - even though the strains on the car were enormous. And luckily, the Audi didn't put on the airs and graces of a star."

Abt TT Roadster: The ultimate open-air experience

Everything's possible - that's the motto of Abt Sportsline in Kempten. It's only natural for the world's leading tuner of Audi and VW cars to add that extra touch of spice to the cabriolet version of the sportscar from Ingolstadt. Even the standard version is a delicacy but after a few days in Kempten the Abt TT Roadster ensures the ultimate open air experience.

Abt Sportsline developed a new sports suspension for the open TT which further improves the agility of this sportscar. Compression and rebound of the dampers are adjustable thus offering the driver a multitude of individual set-ups. The lowering of up to 30 millimetres ensures a low centre of gravity and stable driving behaviour at all speeds. Combined with the new 19 inch rims from the Abt wheel product range is a high-grade steel exhaust manifold sporting four tail pipes and a rear body apron with integrated channel covers, lending the Abt TT Roadster a particularly sporty and individual look, and distinguishing this vehicle from its production line cousins.

The performance of the Abt TT Roadster is in keeping with its sporty appearance. Thanks to modified electronics the power output of the engine is improved from 165 kW to 184 kW (225 to 250 hp) or 195 kW (265 hp). From the model year 2001 even 213 kW (290 hp) or 228 kW (310 hp) are possible. The Abt steel-braided brake lines not only reduce brake fading and the risk of damage from gravel and abrasion, but at the same time improve the response to the brake pedal, ensuring that the deceleration performance matches the capabilities of the engine. The sports suspension makes even higher cornering speeds possible.

With a comprehensive bodykit, this open sportscar becomes even more unique. The Abt TT Roadster embodies the ideas that were founded in the concept of a super sportscar. A spoiler and a rear diffuser provide even more driving stability and safety. Details like the front grille with two striking centre struts, a laser-engraved Abt logo on the fuel tank cap, Abt floor mats, a gear lever knob and a shifting gate ring made of aluminium complete the Abt package for the TT Roadster.

The possibilities for customers to create their own personalised Abt TT Roadster are almost endless. Abt's tailor-made 17", 18", and 19" five-spoke rims, combined with ContiSportContact tyres offer an attractive alternative to the standard wheels. For the "smaller" 180 hp version of the TT Roadster, Abt offers five different engine kits with performance increases to 193, 205, 210 and 235 hp (142, 151, 154 and 173 kW). The top performance enhancement of this engine reaches 191 kW (260 hp).

Abt TT-Sport: Racing passion for the road

Abt Sportsline has developed a super sportscar on the basis of the Audi TT guaranteed to raise the pulse of sports-minded drivers. The 221 kW (300 hp) Abt TT Sport carries the signature of the reigning German Super Touring Car Champion, Christian Abt. Similarities with the Abt Audi TT-R competing in the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) are no coincidence.

Sport - this word is a promise, and the Abt TT Sport not only fulfills this promise on the race track. The new highlight in the programme of the world's largest tuner of Audi and VW vehicles enthralls on the highways and byways, as well. And, should owners wish to take to the open air - the TT Sport is also available as a convertible.

Optimised aerodynamics, providing considerably more downforce and driving stability at high speeds on motorways and national roads, are the result of comprehensive wind tunnel work. A very low front apron, an impressive rear wing, and a diffuser under the rear - normally only seen in racing - contribute to the increased safety.

For the road the ride height of the Abt TT sport is lowered by app. 40 millimetres compared to the standard model. The Abt sports team from Bavaria put a lot of racing knowledge into the new top model: a sport suspension with stronger anti-roll bars, sports brakes, a safety bar made of polished aluminium, and a single windscreen wiper are borrowed from the motorsport scene. A four-pipe exhaust system made of stainless steel with metal catalytic converters not only improves the appearance of the rear, but contributes to the fascinating sound of the Abt engine.

221 kW (300 horsepower at 6,400 revs) is the result of an optimised electronic engine management, supported by a modified exhaust manifold, turbo-charger, intercooler, and injection system. Contributing to the power-plus is modified air-ducting. Maximum torque of 400 Nm is reached at 2,800 rpm.

Recaro sports seats, a top quality interior, featuring a combination of fine Nappa and Alcantara leather and the Abt floor mats round off Abt's complete work. The specialists from Kempten display their love of details with the engraved Abt logo on the fuel cap, the gear lever knob, and the shifting gate ring. ContiSportContact tyres, 235/35-19 (front) and 275/30-19 (rear) ensure optimal road holding.

Abt TT-limited wide body. From the race track to the road.

Can performance ever be a sin? "No", says Hans-Jurgen Abt, managing director of Abt Sportsline, with a wide grin, and looks satisfied to the IAA-debut of the most extreme tuning interpretation of the Audi TT. The shape leaves no doubt: this is the road-going version of the racing car from the DTM (German Touring Car Masters), that has matured to a multiple race winner this season.

Two well-known Abt highlights played a role in the concept of the TT-limited wide-body: the TT-Sport and the TT-limited. In the past few month, both of them have attracted many customers and even more fans. With the limited wide body, the Abt team is now showing a spectacular synthesis of its two most extreme tuning versions of the TT. Thus, the successful company from Kempten demonstrates the state-of-the-art in TT-tuning.

This becomes also clear to the average layman, who might be led to believe that the TT-limited wide-body has got lost from the race track directly on the open road. Responsible for this is the spectacular bodywork kit. As a result of extensive wind tunnel tests, the specialists from Kempten have established an aerodynamic kit, which results into more downforce and therefore a better road-holding. No matter if on local roads or on the motorway. And, of course, on the race track. For instance at the Nurburgring, where Laurent Aiello has scored two brilliant victories for the Team Abt Sportsline with the Hasseroder-yellow Abt-Audi TT-R. The limited wide body not only shares the front spoilers and the extended fenders with the race car, but also the side skirts, a rear wing and a complicated diffuser, which gives downforce at the rear. The several carbonfibre parts also add to the racy feeling.

The technicians that built the limited wide body have also used racing experience while conceiving the suspension. Christian Abt himself has taken care of the set-up. The professional racing driver opted for Abt wheels of the type A27 (9 x 19 inches at the front, 9.5 x 19 inches at the rear). ContiSportContact tyres with 235/35 size have been mounted on the front wheels, 275/30 tyres on the rear wheels.

Aerodynamics, suspension and the impressive sport braking system - all of this serves for controlling the fireworks, that the Abt-technicians are lighting underneath the bonnet. 228 kW (310 hp) are the result of a power boost, that turns the standard 165 kW (225 hp) strong engine into a racing machine. An Abt turbocharger with intercooler and exhaust system allow the standard power plant to breathe freely. A top speed of approx. 254 kph and an acceleration from 0-100 kph in approx. 5.6 seconds speak for themselves. The car shown at the IAA is a right-hand-driven version for the British market. Also in the UK, Abt Sportsline has many fans. The fascinating TT-limited wide body will surely excite them.

Abt TT-limited II. The latest passion.

With its Abt-Audi TT-R, Abt Sportsline has won the title in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), which was the biggest success in the history of the company. And according to the corporate motto "From the race track to the street", the world's leading tuning company for makes of the Volkswagen-concern has created a new highlight off the track as well: the Abt TT-limited II. "We want to give people the pure motorsport feeling for road use", says managing director and DTM-driver Christian Abt. The result incorporates pure passion with 195 kW (265 hp), quattro drive and a fascinating sport package.

The Abt TT-limited already turned out to be a bestseller in the portfolio of the company from the Allgau-region. For the current special edition from Kempten, Abt Sportsline not only chose a striking red, but also an optical package with an absolute eye-catcher: the TT-limited II has been equipped with the Abt SP1 sports wheel including DTM Champion wheel rim covers. The black covers with inscription commemorate Laurent Aiello's title-winning campaign in the 2002 DTM-season. Underneath the bonnet, there is a real sportsman's heart at work: the 1.8 litre turbo engine not only has 30 kW (40 hp) more performance than the 165 kW (225 hp) strong production engine, but with 360 Nm instead of 280 Nm significantly more torque as well.

The DTM-connection can't remain unnoticed. With the front section and the famous Abt logo on the radiator, the sporty provenance of the TT-limited II becomes clear at first sight. The connection becomes even more apparent at the back: the Abt rear wing, derived from the DTM-winning Abt-Audi TT-R, provides the best possible downforce. Below that, the rear cover including carbon diffuser and four-pipe exhaust silencer refers to pure motorsport power. "Our experience from the race track provided the ideal basis for our TT-limited II", says Christian Abt.

Quattro drive and a height-adjustable Abt sport suspension, set up by Christian Abt himself, ensure the best possible transfer of the 195 kW (265 hp). The sport braking system with red-coloured brake callipers bites within fractions of a second, when it is necessary. The complete wheels with widened track, fitted with the new Abt SP1 sports wheel in the dimension 8.5 x 19 inch ensure the best possible contact with the asphalt. This representative of the new Abt SP wheel range is making its own mark, significantly standing out from other types with its flat wheel rim, declining to the inside. The super sports car comes with the appropriate Continental 235/35-19 tyres.

The thoroughbred line continues in the interior of the TT-limited II. As soon as you slide across the red doorsteps with the TT-limited II-logo into the red-painted buckets of the leather sport seats, you will soon discover the attention to detail of the designers from Kempten. A gearshift lever knob and ring of aluminium, floor mats with embroidered Abt logo, the sporty one-arm windscreen wiper and the red leather steering wheel are rounding off the perfect appearance of the super sports car.

Fitting for the performance, Abt Sportsline has chosen the appropriate wheels for the most powerful vehicle in its line-up. The Abt sports wheel SP2, cast in one piece in the dimension 9 x 20 inch and fitted with 255/30 R20 ContiSportContact2 tyres ensures the best possible contact between the quattro-drive and the asphalt. The new Champion wheel rim covers are the pinnacle of wheel design from Kempten. The silver-coloured covers with black inscription commemorate Laurent Aiello's title-winning campaign in the 2002 DTM-season.

With so much power, the performance of the brakes is especially important. Therefore, Abt Sportsline has mounted its sport braking system to the front and the rear axle of the RS6. Apart from the looks, the double-ventilated brake disks with the dimension 380 x 32 millimetres (front) and 322 x 32 millimetres (rear) ensure more safety and lighter handling of the super sports car. Larger pistons result into more braking power, the disks provide more stability and increased durability.

Abt TT-limited: DTM fascination for the road

Hardly any other car in the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) evokes as much emotion as the Abt-Audi TT-R - the most exciting vehicle in the field. With 450 HP the yellow Hasseroder racer fights against the strong works competition. Abt Sportsline now offers a genuine motorsport feeling and driving experience for the street: The Abt TT-limited.

quattro-drive, 350 Newtonmeters and powerful 184 kW (250 hp) - these are the fascinating specifications of the Coupe. All the rest is pure emotion. For instance the "Imola-Yellow" paintwork. Even though this shade does not exactly match the colour of the DTM-racer, the similarity to its big brother in motorsport is unmistakable. Apart from the colour, the designers and engineers from Abt Sportsline in Kempten embellished the street sportscar with many extra details, showing a clear bias toward the motorsport version. "Our aim with this model is to offer a car for the street with the fascinating flair of the DTM", says Hans-Jurgen Abt, General Manager of Abt Sportsline.

The concept is a hit. At first glance the rear of the street sportscar impresses with the Abt double twin pipe rear muffler and rear wing which exclusively is manufactured for this model. The discrete TT-limited insignia on the rear apron leaves no question of its origin. This is also shown on the front: The yellow-laquered front grille with two struts is included in the package of the TT-limited as well as a single wiper featuring a yellow spoiler, black side indicators and door handles and of course the unmistakable Abt emblem on the front grille. Abt's designers also left their touch on the laquered fuel cap. Pure racing also lies under the body: DTM-pilot Christian Abt himself applied his expertise in developing the height-adjustable sports suspension which provides a lowering of up to 45 millimetres.

The distinctive yellow colour dominates the interior, as well. Yellow stitching enhances the ergonomically designed steering wheel, with the seats and foot mats trimmed with yellow seams, too. The instrument rings and needle fixing pin sport the yellow colouring, with the yellow running boards decorated with the TT-limited logo. Besides the Abt sport brake system, the coupe is equipped with the Abt sports wheel A25 (8,5 x 18" offset 35). The ContiSportContact tyres with dimensions of 225/40 ZR 18 (front) and 255/35 ZR 18 (rear) with Abt valve caps complete the special appearance.

The Abt-TT limited is only manufactured in a limited number. Orders can be taken through every Audi dealer or directly from Abt Sportsline. The basic model TT Coupe quattro in the special colour Imola-yellow with the 132 kW-version costs 64.132.-DM and with the 165 kW-motor 69.120.-DM. The TT-limited optic package costs 25.404.-DM. For 5.788.-, 132 kW (180 hp) become app. 151 kW (205 hp) and the power of the 165 kW (225 hp)-strong unit increases to app. 184 kW (250 hp) for 3.706.-DM.

A special highlight is the TT-limited with a power upgrade to app. 228 kW (310 HP). Of course the TT-limited is only the culmination of what Abt Sportsline offers in it's product range regarding tuning of the Audi TT and Audi TT Roadster.

Friday, June 20, 2008

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Auto Insurance - A feeling of security

Auto insurance goes deeper than just state laws. There is a real benefit of being insured; the value is that an insurance company assumes your risk based on the coverage purchased. Not having to worry about the risks you have passed on should make someone exhale and focus their worries where attention is needed.

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In one circumstance, a policyholder whom recently purchased an auto insurance policy was involved in an accident injuring another driver with two passengers and totally damaging both vehicles involved. The combined bodily injury liabilities incurred added up to roughly $47,000 and the vehicles combined sustained around $37,000 in damages.

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In exchange for $67.00 per month, the total amount paid was $114,000. Of course the insurance companies do not pay out on all policyholders since they do not all have claims; however, those who are involved in an accident have been "saved" by the insurer and can continue their daily lives.

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