Tuesday, April 20, 2010

energizer 84020 all-in-one 12v 18ah battery jumpstarter with air compressor and power inverter


Buy Cheap Energizer 84020 All-in-One 12V 18Ah Battery Jumpstarter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter


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Air Compressor, Power Inverter, Vehicle Jumpstarter, Durable Polypropylene Case, 12V DC Sockets, Flexible Light. Easy-To-Use 18 Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 350 CA, Flex Neck Work Light for applications after dark, Large easy to use on\off rotary switch to prevent sparking, 4A WG output cables with 24 inch reach, Heavy duty metal battery clamps rated 400A; plastic coated for spark resistance, Two 12V cigarette sockets for powering 12V accessories; protected with a 30A manual-reset circuit breaker, Battery status indicator to signify the charge-state of the internal battery, 12V, 1 amp internal battery charger; charger has two stages so the charger can be connected to the wall outlet indefinitely. This allows the internal battery to be maintained at full charge at all times. Battery charge indicator to signify when the internal battery is charging and where it is fully charged. "Shortened clamps" audio alarm, "Reverse Polarity" audio alarm. 200 watt, DC/AC power inverter internally mounted; has ON/OFF switch, one AC power outlet is fan cooled. Internal air compressor capable of inflating an automobile tire in 10 minutes. Pressure gauge and ON/OFF switch on outside. Compressor is thermally protected from overheating; strong, fabric-covered output hose with screw-on valve stem coupler.



Technical Details

- 250 PSI Internal air compressor capable of inflating an automobile tire in 10 minutes. Pressure gauge and ON/OFF switch on outside Compressor is thermally protected from overheating. Strong, fabric-covered output hose with clamp-on valve stem coupler

- 12V, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 400 CA. Large easy to use ON/OFF rotary switch to prevent sparking. 4 gauge cables, 29 inch reach. Battery status indicator to signify the charge-state of the internal battery

- Heavy duty, 400A insulated metal battery clamps. Shortened clamps audio alarm. Reverse polarity audio alarm. Two 12V DC power sockets for powering 12V accessories; protected with a 30A manual-reset circuit breaker

- Ergonomic handle; doubles as protective housing for docked clamps. 12V 1 amp internal battery charger. Two-stage charger allows for charger to be connected to wall outlet indefinitely. The internal battery can be maintained at a full charge at all times

- This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

See more technical details

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Buy Energizer 84020 All-in-One 12V 18Ah Battery Jumpstarter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter Now


Monday, April 19, 2010

vector vec006 hd y socket w/fuse dual


Buy Cheap Vector VEC006 Hd Y Socket W/Fuse Dual


Buy Low Price From Here Now

12V, DC, Y Cable, Expands Your 12V Vehicle's Accessory Outlet Into Two 12V Outlets, For Car, Truck, Boat, SUV & RV, Operate Two 12V Accessories At The Same Time, Ideal For Cell Phones, Radar Detectors, TVS, CD Players, Air Compressors, Video Games & More, Fused 12V DC Accessory Plug, LED Power Indicator.



Technical Details

- Dual access "Y" socket with fuse

- Expands 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet into two 12 volts outlets

- Heavy duty, fused cigarette lighter plug

- L.E.D. power indicator, for use with 12 volt DC appliances and accessories

- Operates two 12 volt accessories at the same time

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Does what it's supposed to do." 2010-03-30

By Darryl Giors (Los Angeles, CA)

I've owned a few car Y-splitters in the past and this one is one of the best I've used. The wiring is thick and well shielded. Overall construction is better than most I've seen. It also doesn't wiggle it's way out of the car's socket over time like some accessories do.

I appreciate the fact that it has a fuse. I presume that the fuse will work if there is a short or an overload but this has not been tested.

Part of why I mention the fuse is that in the past I have had Y-splitters short and blow a fuse in my car. If you don't know what's happening at first you will probably blow more than one fuse before realizing where the problem is.

Great price for a truly excellent product.

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 "Works Well, Mostly" 2010-02-25

By Brian Haynes

The product works as you would expect, with one caveat. There is a little wiggle room around the plug, at least in the outlet in my car, so that it is possible for the end of the plug to not make the correct contact. Thankfully, the devices that I plug into it all have lights that indicate that they are getting power, so when I plug in the splitter, I just make sure that the lights are on. I have had very occasional issues where if I shift around what's plugged into the splitter the plug on the splitter may shift out of position on the outlet, but this is pretty rare. I've only used it in one car, so I don't know if the problem is from my outlet or from the plug on the splitter. After trying four bulkier splitters that wouldn't fit in the small space around my outlet, I'm just glad to have a solution that works!

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 "Great" 2009-11-09

By Bethanne (Indiana)

This is a very nice sturdy, dual car charger adapter. It seems to be made with good material that will hold together. Not had any problems with it so far.

Customer Buzz


 "get what you paid for" 2009-05-20

By chuong nguyen

the product worked ok until the end of my 1500 mile road trip. has a lead poison warning tag that scared me.

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 "Well built..." 2009-04-01

By Floyd Goodrich (Alta Loma, CA USA)

These are very well made and feel very sturdy. In this day and age you may need something like this in your car to run your GPS, cell phone, MP3 player, etc. It's nice to be able to operate two items together.

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Buy Vector VEC006 Hd Y Socket W/Fuse Dual Now


wagan el2405 100-watt smart ac usb inverter with dc socket


Buy Cheap Wagan EL2405 100-Watt Smart AC USB Inverter with DC Socket


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Wagan 100-Watt Smart AC USB Inverter with DC Socket is designed to convert 12v DC to 120v AC power source. It charges the electronics in the vehicle through the cigarette lighter socket and is used to power a laptop, DVD player, MP3 player, cell phone, etc. This inverter enables to recharge cell phones and MP3 players that can be recharged from USB power. It is slim as well as portable and features a built-in USB port. This inverter facilitates a auto-reset short-circuit protection, and low battery shutdown and overload protection.



Technical Details

- Designed to convert 12v DC to 120v AC power source

- Charges the electronics in the vehicle through the cigarette lighter socket

- Used to power a laptop, DVD player, MP3 player, cell phone, etc

- Enables to recharge cell phones and MP3 players that can be recharged from USB power

- Facilitates a auto-reset short-circuit protection, and low battery shutdown and overload protection

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Died with first use" 2010-04-13

By d

I ordered this and it died on the first use. I'm fighting to be able to return it.

Customer Buzz


 "Worked fine for me." 2009-12-02

By Mhay (USA)

I had this product for over a year and I never had any problems that the other people are talking about. For over a year, my radar detector was plugged into the circular DC input and my phone charger or notebook cord was plugged into the AC input. The black top that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car will occasionally come off, but it screws right back on. The only thing I've never tried was the USB input. What I like most about this DC to AC adapter is that you don't lose your circular input (cigarette lighter outlet) and you get an extra USB input as a bonus. Most adapters would have only 1 or 2 inputs. This one has 3. Today my car got broken into and someone stole it, so I'm buying me the same exact one. I don't want to risk buying something else when I know this one works...at least for my use.

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 "TERRIBLE and hazardous - don't waste your money" 2009-08-30

By M. Nelson (Jackson, MS USA)

I bought this for a car that needed to charge both a USB and a conventionally powered device as well. The good: it did charge both devices and apparently did not damage either. The bad: it literally started BILLOWING SMOKE after just a few hours use and could have caused serious damage if not removed. It was actually hot to the touch when it was pulled from the car socket.

I would not recommend this product to anyone for any reason as not only is it a complete waste of the money, but from my experience, it is actually hazardous to life and property.

Customer Buzz


 "Great buy" 2009-08-24

By Ari Shamash (New York, New York, USA)

I bought this device for an 8 day car vacation trip. I specifically wanted to recharge and power my MacBook Pro, which comes with an 85 Watt power supply (my kids used the MBP in the car to watch videos). It was used continuously while we were driving, approximately 22 hours total during the 8 day trip. The device just basically worked, what more can I say? I also used the built in USB port to charge up my cell phone and iPod (only one device at a time).

According to the documentation, this device only outputs 90W sustained. This wasn't an issue for me, as I doubt the MBP was drawing anywhere near the 85W limit of the power supply. Compared to others reviewed at amazon.com, this device does not have a fan, so it operates silently. The last thing I needed was *more* noise in the car.. ;-)

The only negative I had is that the MBP plug was kinda loose in the AC outlet in the device, not sure if that's the fault of the MBP power adapter or this device. It was tight enough, so the plug did not fall out while the car was in motion.

I'm glad I bought this device.

Customer Buzz


 "No good...." 2009-08-22

By naps8532 (San Francisco, CA)

I bought this power inverter for a vacation and I wanted to use it in the airplane power hookup. I plugged it in and noticed the green light was flickering, so I pulled it out. It immediately fell apart. The black tip fell off and everything came undone. I put it back together and tried to use it again, same problem. I kept trying and trying and one of my attempts I was able to use it for about 2 minutes until it started smelling like fire. The green light kept going on and off and finally a flight attendant asked me to unplug it because if it starts smoking we're gonna have to make an emergency landing.

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Buy Wagan EL2405 100-Watt Smart AC USB Inverter with DC Socket Now


wagan el9796 easy quick jumper in-car jumpstarter


Buy Cheap Wagan EL9796 Easy Quick Jumper In-Car Jumpstarter


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Wagan Easy Quick Jumper In-Car Jumpstarter is designed to jump-start the car in a quick and easy way. It is used by simply connecting one end of the easy quick jumper to the 12-volt cigarette lighter of the 'dead' car and then plug the other end into the 12-volt cigarette lighter of the donor's car. Then let the Wagan Tech Automatic Power Charging system do its work! The red LED indicator lights lets one know of the charging status and once charged the green LED light will light up to let you know. It's that easy! There are no dials, no switches, and no buttons. It comes with an extra long heavy gauge 18 feet power cord for added mobility and convenience.



Technical Details

- Charges batteries by connecting cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter

- Works with all 12-volt automobile vehicles (standard voltage)

- Charges a weak battery in 5 to 10 minutes

- Green LED light glows when the battery is recharged eliminating guesswork

- Extra-long 18-foot power cord makes it easy to reach from car to car

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "did not work on a totally dead battery" 2010-01-31

By H. Hutchison

I Got this to use when the lights got left on in our SMART forTwo and the battery got drained. Unfortunately it did not work and I had to resort to pulling up the passenger floorboard and jumping it with traditional jumper cables. This might have worked if we had noticed the lights on sooner and the battery was not so drained.

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 "Battery Cable" 2009-11-07

By E. D. Cunningham

Have not used the cable yet. But they was on time, just as the e-mail noted projected.

Customer Buzz


 "It should be no star!!!" 2009-09-07

By Anand Subramanian (Detroit, MI, USA)

I bought this item in 2004. It has been in my car since then. Package unopened. Now, I had to jump my car last week. Opened this package. The product did not work. Tried several times with multiple cars. No use. Its just a junk. I was so happy I had this with me for emergency. But,its useless. Finally my roadside assistance saved me :). Stay away from this product.

Customer Buzz


 "save your money" 2009-09-01

By B. Upchurch (Omaha, NE USA)

Never worked. Got hot, smoked, and did not charge the second vehicle. Good thing I taught my wife to use standard jumper cables. Great idea, just turned out to be junk.

Customer Buzz


 "Not sure about this yet" 2008-09-20

By Laurie A. Hodges (Springfield, MO)

I plugged it all in and thought it was going to work because I heard the door ding on the dead car, but when I checked it 15 minutes later, nothing. Not even the charger seemed to be working. Then I figured out that it had blown my cigarette lighter fuse in the dead car. I also found out later that my battery was completely dead so I don't know if that had anything to do with it blowing a fuse. I'm sure I'll try it again someday. So, not fair to rate it either good or bad. All I know is it did not work for me in this situation.

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Buy Wagan EL9796 Easy Quick Jumper In-Car Jumpstarter Now


Sunday, April 18, 2010

whistler xtr-540 cordless radar detector with digital compass


Buy Cheap Whistler XTR-540 Cordless Radar Detector with Digital Compass


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Cordless Radar Detector with Digital Compass



Technical Details

- Total Band protection with selectable bands

- Low-profile alert periscopes

- Radar Signature ID (RSID)

- Cordless platform

- Intense blue text display

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "an end to speeding tickets" 2010-04-03

By J. Tyson (Baltimore MD)

My first long trip using the Whistler certainly saved me 2 tickets. The radar detector alerted me that the officer had locked-on to my car and I was able to reduce speed quickly and shortly after, on my return journey the Whistler alerted me that there was a cruiser hiding behind a wall with radar locked on to me. I am by no means a speed freak but I have a habit of driving slightly above the limit and recommend this product to save points on the license.

Customer Buzz


 "No better than eyes" 2010-02-05

By Mornington (Georgetown, SC)

This detector has many cool features, and gives the initial impression that it is a hi-tech wonder. Unfortunately, the range is so limited that I have yet to hear the warning siren before I can see the cop! It seems to have a range of about four or five hundred yards, which is pitiful. My son's Beltronics 940 is far superior.

Customer Buzz


 "So-So" 2010-02-01

By Travis B. Bundtzen (Anchorage, AK USA)

This product is equivalent to the $100 items you would buy at a local department store. Has saved me from atleast two speeding tickets in the first month of ownership. The range is short to medium at best. The charge does not last more than 8 hours tops. I really like the fact that it is cordless which is one of the reasons I purchased this. I get a fair amount of false positives which is annoying. All in all I would go with something else.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Product!!" 2010-01-31

By R. Ginther (Kansas City, Mo.)

This new whistler is great!!! The fact that it is cordless makes it universal from car to motorcycle. It's charger works very well when plugged in to a power point for a short time. The XTR-540 lasts a whole week on one charge on my work commute, (approx 12 hours). Since my commute is 45 minutes to and from work, the battery saver set to 1 hour works well for me.

On the other side, this unit will detect radar alot further than the eye can see, if it alarms, you better believe it.

Buy it!!! for the money, it's the best on the market. It's better than my last $400.00 Escort that was stolen.

Customer Buzz


 "XTR-540 Review" 2009-12-26

By D. Faulkner

Overall I am very pleased with this radar detector. The one inconvenience is with the digital compass. When you mount the detector in a different vehicle or even in a different place on your car's windshield you have to recalibrate the compass. It's very easy to do, but a little annoying....you have to drive in two complete circles.

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Buy Whistler XTR-540 Cordless Radar Detector with Digital Compass Now


wagan 400-watt power dome jumpstarter with built-in air compressor and led utility light


Buy Cheap Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jumpstarter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Power Dome Jumpstarter features 900 peak cranking amps, industrial grade number 6 cables and heavy-duty booster clamps. The 275-PSI air compressor features quick flow high-powered motor, high-pressure air hose, inflates a 16 inch tire in about 6 minutes! Features built in 400 watt inverter and 5 LED Lights. The DC power source features 2 DC portable power outlets with overload protection and easy to read bi-color LED indicator lights inform you of power status and charge level.



Technical Details

- 400 cranking amp jump starter

- 275 PSI air compressor

- 5 built-in LED lights

- 18 amp hour DC power source

- Rechargeable via the included AC or DC adapters

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "JUNK!!!" 2010-03-11

By R. Olsen

I had to send this back three times, at my own expense of course. It will not hold a charge and never has. JUNK, JUNK, JUNK. I bought a cheap one from Harbor Freight and it has never failed.

Customer Buzz


 "packaging" 2010-03-08

By Tommie Jane Lane

Inside packaging was severely damaged, and the prongs on the AC charger were bent. My suggestion is to use high density flexible foam packaging to protect this valuable HEAVY ITEM.

Customer Buzz


 "Wagan 400watt Power Dome" 2010-03-07

By Thomas C. Hardy


Customer Buzz


 "Low Quality" 2010-02-18

By Bill

I own a previous version of this jump starter. My was made by UST and not Wagan. The exterior is identical to my unit so I assume it is made by the same manufacturer. I normally recharge it every two months even if I have not used it to maintain a full charge for when I need to jump start a car. I forgot to charge it for about 5 months and the unit is completely dead. I have try to charge it but when you press the battery status button, you can see the voltage just keep dropping. I have try to recharge it several times and I think the battery is completely dead. The charger adapter is also dead. I measure the output voltage and it measures a little over 3 volts. I take special care of my adapters so I do not damage the wires. This unit was only used several times to add air to several tires. It has not been used to jump start. Overall very bad quality.

I also have a Vector unit which is now Black and Decker and it also was not charged for 5 months. This unit still had two red lights which indicate it was in good condition. I recharge it for several hours and it came back with full power. I also own Jump and Carry JNC660 jump starter. This is a professional unit with 1700 peak amps. It can hold a charge for months and still show plenty of power. This unit is the best but expensive ($130). This unit can jump start big engines and completely dead batteries.

One other general comment for those people out there assessing which jump starter to buy. These lower cost, lower peak amp starters are only good for cars that has a weak battery (i.e. as engine is slow to crank over). If your battery is dead where the engine cannot even slowly crank over, these starter will not have enough power to start your car so do not blame the jump starter as low quality. I see such comments in other reviews. For a completely dead battery, you need a more powerful jump starter such as JNC660. I have the same problem with my Vector starter which has only 300 peak amps. It also would not start a completely dead battery. That was the reason I bought the JNC660 and carry it in which ever car we own that has the oldest battery. I need to buy another jump starter (I keep one in each car) and am thinking of buying JNC300XL which claims to have 900 peak amp and is about half the price of JNC660. The reviews seem very good and is made by the same company.

Customer Buzz


 "Battery Reliability is the biggest Issue!" 2010-01-29

By Ramin B. Ghadimi (Austin, TX USA)

My unit lasted less than 2 years. I successfully used it to jump start a few times and used the Air Compressor to top off tires. However, after sitting idle indoors for several months, it failed to hold a charge. The instructions warned me not to overcharge the battery, so I did not periodically recharge the idle battery. This probably led to battery sulfation, a common problem with idle Lead-Acid batteries. My experience with Lead-Acid batteries leads me to believe that the battery can be kept healthy only be recharging the battery about once a month. With a 16V DC Power Supply, I was able to recover about 1/3rd of the 18Ahr Capacity which supports my theory that the battery became sulfated. (I do not recommend trying to desulfate the battery because this involved about a dozen 2hr 15.5-16 V Charge cycles while monitoring the battery temperature).

My recommendations for this, and all other battery-based Jump Starters is:

1. Recharge the battery at least 1x per month at room temperature. Use a 'smart charger' to prevent overcharging.

2. Don't deep discharge the battery. This will dramatically reduce the life of this type of battery.

It is possible to replace the internal 18Ahr battery; however a repacement unit costs between $42 and $75 (B B Battery: VRLA Rechargeable Battery BP17-12).

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Buy Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jumpstarter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light Now


Saturday, April 17, 2010

sunforce 60032 30 amp digital charge controller


Buy Cheap Sunforce 60032 30 Amp Digital Charge Controller


Buy Low Price From Here Now

The Sunforce 60032 30 Amp Digital Charge Controller prevents overcharging of 12-volt batteries. It is intended for use with 12-volt solar panels, and can handle up to 30 amps of array current and up to 500 watts of solar power. The controller will continuously display the charging current or battery voltage on the LCD digital meter, and also automatically indicates the charged condition of your battery on the LED bar graph. The 60032 is designed to work with all kinds of 12-volt solar panels for indoor use.



Technical Details

- Charge controller prevents overcharging of 12-volt batteries

- Intended for use with 12-volt solar panels

- Handles up to 30 amps of array current and up to 500 watts of solar power

- Continuously display the charging current or battery voltage on the LCD digital meter

- Automatically indicates the charged condition of your battery on the LED bar graph

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Sunforce Digital Charge Controller" 2010-02-07

By John E. Miles (LAURINBURG, NC, US)

I've purchased the Sunforce 30 Amp controller, and the Sunforce 39810 80-watt solar panel. I completed the easy installation and both units are working as advertised. The panel provides approx 4.7 amperes on a sunny day to recharge my battery.

Customer Buzz


 "great controller at a fair price" 2009-09-10

By Sea Angel (California/Caribbean)

I've lived with solar panels for 10 years now, mostly on a cruising yacht, and I decided to try one of these controllers with a couple solar panels I just installed on my recently acquired land yacht (a used 5th wheel trailer) and it works great! So good in fact that I just ordered a second one to bring back to my boat in the Caribbean this fall to regulate the 4 solar panels which I live with there. It's much more than just an on/off relay so it charges the batteries much better.

Customer Buzz


 "Sunforce 30 Amp charge controller" 2009-08-31

By matterhorm computers

Item works, I expected a little better performance. Shows amperage of charge accurately when it is higher than 2.5 amps, at less then 2.5amp display goes to 0.1 and does not display lower currents, then starts weirdly to "pulse".

The built in Voltmeter is not too exact. It is important to know if battery bank has 12.8V or 12.5V since this reflects the percentage of its charge - 12.8V = close to 100%; 12.5 = 70%. The Voltmeter in the device I got is about 3% off ; about 0.3V to 0.4V - I never know till I do an exact measurement).

So basically it is o.k. if one is not looking for 99% accuracy. Nevertheless, for the money I spent, I thought I'd get little more.

Customer Buzz


 "So far it works great for me!" 2009-08-14

By Viviannicol (Idaho)

I have not had any problems with this charger and Ive compared it to my volt meter and all seems to match up!

Customer Buzz


 "Liked it at first..." 2009-08-09

By Joe Abrahamson

Bought this controller from Amazon and really liked it at first. In fact I still like it but am having to return it.

The controller works great and is a lot better than the previous model I had on the solar panels.

Problem is that the voltage display on the unit is not working right. I have 3 80 watt GE solar panels hooked up to this controller. They put out about 22 vdc to the charge controller, which is then regulated by the controller going to the batteries at anywhere from 12-14 vdc.

Hooked the controller up and it was fine for the first hour or two. Then checked the voltage display and it was reading 20 vdc! If it was really at this level, it would overcharge my 12 volt batteries and ruin them very fast. Checked the actual output with a digital volt meter and it was actually at 13.7, which is normal. Tried a second meter and got the same reading.

End of the story is that the new controller works great, but the meter on the front of the unit that tells you what the meter is putting out to the batteries is defective 1-2 hours after being hooked up. Its going back and will be getting a better controller and hope it works better and for a longer time. Amazon was very easy to work with but hope that they get things like this fixed.

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Buy Sunforce 60032 30 Amp Digital Charge Controller Now


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