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Getting The Best Deal On A Car Rental In Spain

Many travellers use a car rental Spain for transportation on their trip. A rental gives you the freedom to tour the countryside. You won’t have to plan your activities or rely on the schedule for the train or bus service with your own vehicle.

Renting a vehicle is not as expensive as you may think. In many cases, a weekly rental can cost just a little more than a rail pass for one person. If you are travelling with two or more people, renting a vehicle will actually save you money compared to rail passes for each person in your group. This is true even when the cost of fuel is included.

Getting the Best Deal on a Car Rental Spain

Compare rental companies on the internet. The cost of the same car can vary widely according to the company you choose. You can pick up your car at the airport for the best convenience. Return it prior to your flight home. It’s often cheaper to pick up and return at the same location. Some companies charge high fees for returning at a different location.

Choose a smaller vehicle to save money. The rental rate on a smaller car is less than a larger, luxury model. In addition, you will save money on gas. Compact cars are more fuel efficient than larger cars. To save even more on fuel, consider renting a diesel car. The price of gas in Spain is higher than in North America. You will want a vehicle that is as fuel efficient as possible, especially if you plan to travel a distance.

Other ways to save:

o Pick up and return your vehicle on weekend days.
o The longer the length of the rental, the more you will save on the daily rate.
o Return the vehicle with a full tank of gas to avoid the additional fees charged for re fueling.
o Compare the cost of renting in town or at the airport; sometimes there is a difference
o Book early to get the best price

Things to Consider in a Car Rental Spain

Consider the size of the car you need. The car you will need depends on the number of people in your group. A couple can do fine with a compact size car and save money. If you are travelling with your family, you may need a larger vehicle.

You will need to choose between an automatic or manual transmission. A manual transmission has a cheaper rental rate. They also get better gas mileage. If you want to save money, go for the manual. If you can’t drive a manual or don’t like to, then you will need the automatic.

Does the car have air conditioning? This feature may cost extra money. If you are travelling in the summer, the additional cost will be well worth the money. The summers get very hot and you will appreciate the air.

When you reserve your car, you will be asked for a deposit. The amount can vary by company, but 30% is not unusual. Get confirmation in writing when you pay your deposit. Make sure to get a copy of your rental agreement in your language. Most large companies have multi lingual personnel that can do this for you.

Ask about the company’s cancellation policy. Some allow you to cancel without a penalty, as long as you cancel before the deadline. Some will make you pay a penalty if you don’t cancel at least twenty four hours in advance. This is generally the price of one day’s rental. Ask about the time required for cancellation without penalty when you reserve the car.

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Buying Cheap Repossessed Cars At State Auctions

Buying repossessed cars at state auctions seems to be increasingly popular nowadays. That is because people see these transactions as practical and sane if they would want to acquire cars at below or lower than normal prices.

State auctions for repossessed cars are almost always held in the your locality. That is because more and more cars are falling into the state possession through legal and valid means.

Repossessed cars are the in thing of today. That is because practicality wise, these cars are affordable and are reasonable enough, making their prices and tags really attractive and a wise buy.

Here are some tips on how you could get away or secure the best deals when buying repossessed cars at state government auctions.

1. Check or inspect the car for any flaws or damages. By finding such, chances are that you secure and haggle for discounts to pricing.

2. Evaluate the overall state of the car. Inspect the car model and do a little research. Find out if the tag price is really justifiable and reasonable.

3. Inspect and check on the plates and do a little research about the original owner. Doing so would give you peace of mind in the future and would definitely appease the superstitious in you.

4. Haggle for discounts and significant cost reductions. Sometimes, the idea is not likely and feasible because it is an auction, but if the opportunity arise, grab and it and take to your advantage.

5. When shopping for seized cars at state auctions, try to bring along a peer or a friend who is somehow more expert in vintage and second hand cars than you are. Expert opinion and advice is a must.

6. Check the mileage and fuel efficiency capacity of the car. Check the brakes and other components to make sure the car would be a great buy.

7. Do not expect low prices for vintage cars and hybrid cars. It is a given fact that they ought to be that way—expensive, even if these are seized cars already.

8. Arrange of finalize the payment terms appropriately and clearly if you ever arrive at closing a deal to buy a seized car. The terms could be in cash, checks, or installment arrangements, depending on the contract. Installment based seized cars deals are usually at a premium, to be fair, right?

Buying repossessed cars would not be as exciting and efficient as buying brand new, but what the heck, the cost differences and savings are really appealing and attractive.

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