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power bright pw400-12 power inverter 400 watt 12 volt dc to 110 volt ac


Buy Cheap Power Bright PW400-12 Power Inverter 400 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC


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Power Bright Power Inverter for AC "juice" anywhere! Here's a huge range of Inverters to turn DC battery power into plug-in AC, so you're electrified, for outdoor work, entertainment, whatever. For job sites, campsites and beyond. Standard / peak wattage outputs indicated. They feature modified sine wave function for smooth power that "babies" electronics, and: Durable anodized aluminum case; Built-in cooling fan; External replaceable spade-type fuse; Overload indicator; 3-prong outlets. Power on / off switch.; Check out the specs and choose yours, for "wired" convenience anywhere! Two 120V AC outlets. 12V DC lighter plug and battery clip cable included. Approx. 7 1/2 x 5 x 2"h. 2 lbs., 5 ozs. Power Bright 400W / 800W Power Inverter



Technical Details

- 400 watts continuous power

- 800 watts peak power

- Anodized aluminum case provides durability

- Built-in Cooling Fan

- Cigarette lighter plug

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Laptop won't strain it." 2010-01-11

By Bobby Branham (Orange County, CA)

I manage a field team and have to have my office in the truck. I used to try to have 12 volt adapters for all my gadgets. 12 volt chargers are not usually smart chargers so if you leave your device plugged in beyond the battery's capacity it begins to cook and destroy its ability to hold a charge. Mobile device batteries are expensive, so you don't want to be replacing them unnecessarily. The 110 volt chargers are called smart chargers because they sense when the battery is at peak capacity and dials back to a maintenance level of input. At first I thought a converter would be too bulky but they can rest under a seat nicely or in my case under the drink tray. So there they are, all my adapters all plugged into two power strips with just the device end of the cords sticking up ready for easy access. The printer and laptop plugged into one power strip and everything else plugged into the other power strip. This way I can flip the rocker switch on the power strip not in use disconnecting it and its resident adapters while the other adapters are happily doing their jobs and avoid scuffling around on the floor of the truck trying to plug in the charger I need at the moment. (If you are going to be powering multiple adapters at once, you'll need to pay attention to the total wattage being used.) The added convenience of being able to plug in any transportable household appliance is just icing on the cake. Coffee anyone? (Don't be trying to power a 1000 watt microwave oven. Its an alternative power source for MOBILE battery powered products.) That said, it handles my printer and laptop simultaneously without stressing its capacity. With the Panasonic Toughbook CF29 laptop plugged in alone, the cooling fan doesn't even kick on in the inverter.

Note: The instruction book (yes I actually read them) said you shouldn't leave the converter plugged into your power port unattended as it can drain the car's battery even when the converter is turned off. From experience, I can tell you it only takes about an hour or a little more to deplete my truck's battery if the engine isn't running while this unit is powering my laptop, so...

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Buy Power Bright PW400-12 Power Inverter 400 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC Now


wagan twin usb/dc socket traveler's adapter


Buy Cheap Wagan Twin USB/DC Socket Traveler's Adapter


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Serves as a cigarette lighter adapter to power up two DC sockets and two USB ports.



Technical Details

- Two 12V DC outlets

- Two USB ports

- Built-in LED indicator

- Adapter head can swing 108 degrees

- Fuse protection, 12-24V input

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Disappointing" 2010-02-05

By S. Goldberg (Virginia, USA)

This is not well made and fell apart within a month. Also, we found that the USB slot did not work with our cellphones.

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 "Terrible quality" 2010-01-25

By Mr. Pecfectionist (Bay Area, CA USA)

It broke at the first week. the screws holes broke like cardboard so now it is hold by electrician tape.

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 "Nice Product" 2010-01-18

By Shawn Beal (Michigan)

I own this product as well, however I paid $9.95 for this from Lakeside Collection. It's a good deal for this price and works great. However, I would have liked the 12V prongs as well for my laptop. But works great.

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 "T Garza" 2009-12-28

By Thaimy Garza (USA)

This product comes very handy, I didn't know how much we were going to depent on it. Excellent condition and the product exceded my expectations.

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 "Works great" 2009-12-27

By Brett Snyder

Have had for a few months now and have had no problems. Works great and highly recommend.

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Buy Wagan Twin USB/DC Socket Traveler's Adapter Now


black & decker pi100ab 100-watt power inverter


Buy Cheap Black & Decker PI100AB 100-Watt Power Inverter


Buy Low Price From Here Now




Technical Details

- The Black & Decker 100-Watt power inverter features AC and USB power outlets to recharge personal electronics

- Converts vehicle's 12-Volt DC power into household 115-Volt AC power

- LED indicator shows power and fault conditions; low battery shutdown prevents total battery drain

- Accessory plug adjusts 45-Degree for convenient placement

- 10-by-6.4-by-1.9-Inch at 2.7-Pound

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "I use it a lot, not bad for the money you spent." 2010-03-24

By S. Sam (New York)

I have been using this inverter for a few weeks now, the noise is loud but all others I have had before is not much better. The inverter looks stronger on the picture. I like the fact it bends but its still a little big (my previous one was a bit smaller). If I have to buy a new one I will not buy this one because this has an auto shut off and it shuts off when used a longer period of time (it gets hot so it shuts off, however my old one did not get so hot and did not have the auto shut off) when the unit shuts off I have to unplug it, let it cool off before I plug it back in. Over all, it's a good unit for the price I paid.

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 "Noise level" 2010-01-17

By V. Sanders (Kansas)

I've had this unit for a year and love it. It is noisy when it starts and stops but it levels out. We often run two of them in my van since it has a back cigarette lighter also. I've found the reliability of this unit to be exceptional. I also love the USB slot on it.

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 "Happy with mine." 2010-01-12

By T. Cupp (Virginia)

I got this inverter elsewhere. I'm very happy with it, and I was very amused to see other reviews complaining about how noisy it is. This inverter will power my laptop just fine, as well as charge my blackberry via USB. The noise is acceptable to me. I'm a guy, and I like things that plug into power and make a whirring noise. It makes a whirring noise, so I know it's on, and the green light comes on when it's plugged in to let me know it's providing power to whatever I have plugged into it.

If you have a medium or larger laptop, heed my warning: If you're looking to charge your laptop from a dead battery, this will do it, provided you don't do something stupid like turn the laptop on while it's charging. You have a choice: You can keep the laptop powered by this inverter while your battery is at full power, or you can charge your dead laptop while it's powered off. You will probably ruin the inverter or pop its fuse if you try to charge your dead laptop AND power it at the same time.

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 "Saved my money" 2009-08-16

By Shantanu Choudhary

I was planning to buy Car charger for my two cell phones, Ipod, Digital Camera Charger,video camera charger; but cost for each of them was a big factor, then i got to know about black and decker inverter; It solved all of my problem. The price is quite reasonalble.

Charges all of the device quite efficiently.

Advise, it has low hissing sound; so if you are listening to soft music with your ipod connected, it might spoil the mood. Incase of Ipod first charge it

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 "Defective" 2009-07-06

By Lincoln V. Webbeking (Seattle, WA)

I bought one of these for a recent road trip to Yellowstone. When I plugged it in to the cigarette lighter, it did make a somewhat loud fan noise, but I didn't mind it very much and found that positioning (turning it on its side, or upside down) reduced the noise. However, after having my laptop plugged in for playing movies, the laptop died from a low battery--I figured it just wasn't powerful enough since my laptop draws 90W and the 100W on this inverter is a max value, vice sustained. So I next plugged in my cell phone charger, only to have my cell phone battery go completely dead a few hours later. I thought maybe the regular outlet plug wasn't working, so I tried charging my Blackberry using the USB port, and it too would not charge. Long story short, mine didn't work at all. I will be returning it soon and getting one with a higher max wattage.

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Buy Black & Decker PI100AB 100-Watt Power Inverter Now


wagan 5 amp ac to 12v dc power adapter


Buy Cheap Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Use your DC appliances at home, office or dorm.



Technical Details

- Allows high power 12V DC items to operate on 110v AC power.

- Easy plug in use and vented for safety.

- Works on portable cooler/warmers, air compressor and other DC appliances.

- Simple to use

See more technical details

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 "Not for Compressors" 2010-03-06

By Mark R. Bero

Despite the bullet in the PRODUCT FEATURES, this adapter didn't work with my car tire pump. The packaging correctly did not say it works with compressors.

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 "Works but back lacks some umph!" 2010-02-28

By F. Hussain (Peoria Ilinois)

I bought this to power my home air compressor to pump up my bicycle tires. It does work, but the odd thing is I have to turn it on before I connect it to to my bicycle tire valve. If I attach the valve first and then turn on, for some reason there's not enough power for it to start. But with this minor workaround, it does work fine and I can pump up my tires effortlessly in a minute.

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 "not enough amps for my task" 2010-02-28

By John W. Roach

I wanted to power from the AC a small, cheap compressor to inflate car tires. Not enough amps for that task. Otherwise a very nice product. I returned it and bought a more expensive power supply (Pyramid PS 15KX 10Amp) which did the job for me.

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 "works well" 2010-02-25

By banjo boy (Milford, OH United States)

use it to recharge my Rightway GPS which did not come with AC/12V DC adapter for charging. I can now charge while out of car which is valuable since Rightway GPS also has built in MP3 player. Also use for other 12v charging when item has cigarette lighter plug but no 110v ac adapter. Good price for 5 amp converter. Would buy from seller again.

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 "Perfect replacement." 2010-02-15

By Carsten Fosbo (Costa Rica (most of the time))

My original Coleman power supply burned off (after 6 years) and I was looking for a replacement.

My choice fell on this one as the 110V plug is sitting on cable (Coleman on the transformer which made it block both outlets in the wall).

It works perfect.

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Buy Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter Now


wagan el2402 smartac 200 w usb power inverter


Buy Cheap Wagan EL2402 SmartAC 200 W USB Power Inverter


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Wagan Smart Air Condition 200 W USB Power Inverter provides one USB Port and two AC 120V outlets. This inverter powers laptops, mobile appliances and other AC and USB appliances. It has a built-in surge protection for car start up and shut down and also has an overload protection as well as short circuit protection. This inverter can operate with the engine turned off and has an automatic shutdown on low battery. It had a continuous power supply of 200 watt, peak surge power of 500 watt, AC output voltage 110 +/- 5V AC RMS, DC input voltage range of 10-15V DC.



Technical Details

- Powers laptops, mobile appliances and other AC and USB appliances

- Comes with one USB port and two AC 120 volt outlets

- Overload protection, short circuit protection and built-in surge protection for car start up and shut down

- Can operate with the engine turned off

- Continuous Power: 200W; Peak Surge Power: 500W; DC Input Voltage Range: 10-15V DC

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "This is good and useful" 2010-02-19

By Ajay Kumar

I have not used it much so can not comment, but tried it for few hours. It gives the reqired output.

I am not able to comment on how it will work if used for longer time continously. I just used for 5 min to make sure it working

Customer Buzz


 "High Quality Item! Works well for use in the car!" 2010-01-30

By I Can't Drive 55 (USA)

This is a very well made Power Inverter that'll keep my laptop and mobile printer up and running when I'm on the road! Good price and quick delivery too!!! Thanks!

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 "Not Powerful enough" 2009-09-14

By Julian

This just wasnt powerful enough for me I needed something twice as strong to power my laptop and external harddrive. Simple as that.

It just wasnt enough.

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 "Great Product" 2009-09-11

By Karl Miller

I don't really see how you could get a better product. I took it cross country MA to CA and back, it worked like a charm always for all my charging needs. The USB is really handy for cell phones leaving two ports open for larger plugs like laptops or cameras.

Customer Buzz


 "Nice product" 2009-08-22

By David Ciaccia

Nice product which allows for flexibility (USB and 2-prong plug) in providing electrical power in the car.

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Buy Wagan EL2402 SmartAC 200 W USB Power Inverter Now


whistler pi-400w 400 watt power inverter


Buy Cheap Whistler PI-400W 400 Watt Power Inverter


Buy Low Price From Here Now


400 Watt Mobile Power Inverter Converts 12V DC to 110V AC provides 800 Watt peak power. Provides various kinds of Protection like Voltage protection, Short-circuit protection, Overload protection to Devices.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: Whistler Group, Inc

  • Manufacturer Part Number: PI-400W

  • Manufacturer Website Address:




    Technical Details

    - 400 Watt continuous power, with 800 Watt peak power

    - Plugs into cigarette lighter socket

    - Electronic circuit protection, and cooling fan

    - Overload, short-circuit, and temperature protection

    - Includes battery cables

    See more technical details

    Customer Buzz


     "Great product for plugging electronic devices into your car" 2010-03-21

    By Bobby C. (Boston, MA)

    I bought this so I could plug my laptops, phone chargers, portable shaver, etc. into a 3-prong receptacle in my 2010 Camry. The unit makes a little noise, but you can barely hear it if the heat/AC fan is on low or the radio is on. I've been using this on an as-needed basis for months now and have never had any issues. Excellent product for my purposes!!!

    Customer Buzz


     "Works Great!" 2010-03-08

    By Kenneth E. Schmidt (Mililani, HI United States)

    I bought this Item to power my laptop in my truck. It works Great so far and I have no complaints.

    Customer Buzz


     "Fans!" 2010-03-03

    By Maximillian A. Dragonovich, III (WM Square)

    My only issue with this unit is that it's fans are always on. I was working in my truck and there's no where to hide this thing where I'm not worried about it overheating. I ended up putting in my in-ear headphones to drown it out... but it does exactly what it's supposed to do and handles a pretty good load for the price.

    Customer Buzz


     "Great while it lasts." 2010-02-23

    By Christopher Diaz (Glendale,NY (Queens))

    I must say I really liked this inverter from Whistler. It performed very well in daily use. I used in My street sweeper that I drive in NYC for 8 hour work days. It worked awesomely to power my desk radio and Hamilton Beach air purifier. I started using June 1st 2009 and it lasted until just after Christmas. I loved the whistle it gave if my battery was low however it was the same whistle that would announce its death followed by horrible electrical smoke and smell. I was going to attempt to submit a warranty request but I have since lost the inverter altogether. I would have put five stars if it never burnt out yet I won't put one star because I never found out the warranty experience. So it's three stars.

    Customer Buzz


     "Very Disappointed" 2009-12-24

    By Stacy Spear (metro Atlanta)

    I bought this device after years of having a much lower power model work great and this one had good reviews.

    For lower power applications it has worked weeks flawlessly. Today I finally needed to use it for what I purchased it for. Startup watts on my device is 380 watts and continuous power is around 200. Well under the 800 watt peak of this unit. It died on within a second. Thinking the fuse had blown, I popped it out and it isn't. The unit itself is blown. I hope I'm within the return period and if they don't replace this one, it will be my last purchase of one of their products.

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    Buy Whistler PI-400W 400 Watt Power Inverter Now


music power 0900-72 encore dual port usb ac charger with rechargeable extended battery


Buy Cheap Music Power 0900-72 Encore Dual Port USB AC Charger with Rechargeable Extended Battery


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Rechargeable iPod Chrgr



Technical Details

- Music Power Encore Dual Port USB AC Charger provides 2 power sources in one

- Powers and charges your MP3 player, iPhone and other mobile devices when you're on the go and even enables 2 devices to be charged at once

- 500mA output per USB port plus slim design and folding blade provides greater portability

- Includes rechargeable, extended play battery and 2 USB port charger

- 2.3-by-1.7-by-8.6-Inch; backed by 1-year limited warranty

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Great Gadget" 2010-03-04

By Deborah Clark

This is a great gadget to have I don't have to carry so many chargers when I travel now. Works great.

Customer Buzz


 "Excellent value, works well" 2010-03-02

By Eric V. Schwartz (Dallas, TX)

This product is an excellent value and really fits the bill for ease of use and portability.

Customer Buzz


 "Reasonably priced product that performs as promised" 2010-02-26

By Music lover (coastal North Carolina)

I needed a way to recharge my .mp3 player when away from computer access. This very reasonably priced product did exactly that. It doesn't take up much space in a carrying bag, either. Music Power 0900-72 Encore Dual Port USB AC Charger with Rechargeable Extended Battery

Customer Buzz


 "Great little gadget for on the go charging" 2010-02-23

By ephany77 (Georgia)

I needed something to charge my Itouch when I didn't have access to my laptop. This device works just as described, and at an affordable price. I keep it in my bag at school and it's been very convenient to use when needed. It's bulkier than I expected, and the back cover over the battery is almost too easy to remove. However, it can charge two devices at one time and recharges fairly quickly when plugged into a wall socket. It doesn't come with any kind of cord, but as it works well with the official Apple charging cable included with my ipod, this isn't really an issue. This is a good alternative to lugging a laptop around or buying a pricier official charging unit.

Customer Buzz


 "Charges those USB devices (including iPhone)" 2010-02-15

By Mo (Ithaca, NY)

This item is basically like carrying a USB charger with the bonus of an "old, large cellphone-sized" battery. I think I was expecting it to be smaller, but it was actually much thicker than I expected.

Basically, there's a small place for a fairly small cellphone battery, which is enclosed by a fairly easy to dislodge cover. This is about a tenth of the space of the device. The rest of it is probably the hardware of the two USB ports and the electronics that allow it to charge the battery and charge the USB devices when it's plugged in.

Aside from it's bulkiness and fairly easy to dislodge cover, the charger works fine. You can plug it in to an outlet and it will charge the charger's battery as well as the USB device you want it to - in my case, an iPhone. If it is fully charged and there is no outlet in site (or if you're on the run) you can just hook in your device and it will charge it over a few hours. It holds about 1 to 1.5 times a charge for the iPhone, which is good since the iPhone's battery often just doesn't cut it unless you constantly think in advance to charge your phone before you go running around for a day playing with it.

So aside from it's size, it works as advertised in charging those USB-charging devices - particularly when traveling without access to an outlet or car charger.

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Buy Music Power 0900-72 Encore Dual Port USB AC Charger with Rechargeable Extended Battery Now


duracell dpp-300ep powerpack 300 with built-in 300-watt inverter and 250 psi air compressor


Buy Cheap Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300 with Built-in 300-watt Inverter and 250 PSI Air Compressor


Buy Low Price From Here Now

The Duracell Powerpack 300 is a sealed, non-spillable 14 amp-hour AGM battery. It can be safely and conveniently recharged from any household AC out or DC cigarette lighter outlet, making it ready to go whenever you need it.



Technical Details

- Runs 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere

- Built-in 300-watt inverter and 250 psi air compressor to meet your needs

- Includes ultra bright, detachable LED flashlight for ease of use anywhere

- Operate small appliances or recharge electronics for power any where anytime

- Sealed, non-spillable 14 amp hour AGM battery

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Duracell PowerPack" 2010-03-11

By J. Frank

Ok, except this is my second one. The first broke when the plastic cracked while filling auto tires on a cold day...somewhat substandard and cheap to say the least. But having the broken one to keep as a back up, temporary generator is good enough and the new one to fill tires as needed and as a generator as well, should work

Customer Buzz


 "Does what it says on the tin" 2010-03-07

By bd_

I bought this unit after draining my car's battery for the second time - I didn't want to have to keep calling AAA. It had no problem starting my 2000 Dodge Intrepid, even from a _completely_ dead battery. The flashlight and air compressor are a nice added bonus - I haven't had a chance to use the compressor yet, but the flashlight seems to be decent, although nothing special.

Customer Buzz


 "more stuff than i have space for" 2010-02-22

By H. K. Nakanishi (maui, hawaii, usa)

an amazing amazon bargain. for 50$, a jump-starter, a battery backup, and an air compressor. oh, and a nice little led flashlight. not bulky, heavy, noisy.

tastes great, and less filling. SEXY!!!if only it was as pretty as my gf.

Customer Buzz


 "very smart buy" 2010-02-20


very nice...the rechargeable flashlight really comes in handy...the air pump is great for blowing up basketballs,footballs,etc. slow for tires but it gets the job done...after i charged the unit i plugged in a lamp and a box fan and they both worked perfectly...this unit would jump start a 4 cylinder car with no problem (thats what i have) not sure about a 8 cylinder car...great for camping or power outage...

Customer Buzz


 "Great For Piece of Mind" 2010-02-11

By W. A. H. (Pennsylvania)

I bought this unit a year ago and it sat in my trunk.

A week ago, when the cold hit, I was at work, and four of our work vans had dead batteries. Our mechanic wasn't in, so I figured I'd try my "toy" out.

The charger is so easy a five year-old could do it. Hook up the leads, flip the ON switch located on the side with the RED lead, and turn the key. It got all four trucks up and running. Just make sure you give it ten minutes between jumps if you have to crank the engine for 30 seconds (Don't crank it for any more than that, as they say it may cause the unit to overheat).

The singular thing that amazed me was that each van started right up with no cranking. You don't even get that when you jump from another vehicle.

The only problem I found--and it's not that bad--is that the leads for the jumper cables are very short, so you have to sit the unit on the fan housing, or the battery itself.

But that's a small price to pay, in my opinion, for what it does.

It has lighter adapters in it, and home adapters (three prong) so you can plug in cell phone chargers, etc. Hell, it even says it will power a small television for a half hour.

If you have someone you love on the road, be it your spouse, or your kids, if you want to sleep a little better, get them one. Show them how to use it, and put it in their trunk. That way you'll know they'll never be stuck on the side of a dark road, or in an empty parking lot with a dead battery, (A can of Fix-A-Flat and the unit's air compressor will take care of a flat tire) and if it's something more--something major--at least they'll be able to keep their cell phone charged so they can call out for help or stay in contact.

It's like having a Service Station in your trunk.

It also comes with a button you can press that will show you with bars (red, yellow, green) how much of a charge it has. i would suggest checking it once a month, if you haven't used it.

Best money I've ever spent.

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Buy Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300 with Built-in 300-watt Inverter and 250 PSI Air Compressor Now


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