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AC Schnitzer ACS1 1-Series Cabrio

Viewed from its roof construction, the new BMW 1-series Cabrio is a classic softy. But under its soft shell lurks a hard masculine cornering machine which isn't pushed aside by anyone: especially in the AC Schnitzer version. As honed as a high performance athlete, the car cuts a fine figure even in the car park. The Aachen-based BMW-tuners have transplanted the muscles visually to the right places. In the end, the vehicle is an agile sprinter and not a bodybuilder who can scarcely move for power. At first glance, the new front skirt strikes you - it is less rounded than standard and runs into a slight taper. This, in combination with the diagonal grille insert, ensures a far more dynamic appearance. And naturally the Cabriolet not only has a neat front, but also a strong rear: The AC Schnitzer rear skirt lip or insert (for M-Technik version) provides an extra cross contour in comparison with the original, and hence a more "powerful" look. Underneath, a diffuser element highlights the sporting heritage of the vehicle. The final touch is given by the chromed tailpipe trim in "Racing" design, available for the 118i, 120i, 125i, 120d and 123d.

The fact that the sporting appearance is more than just Show & Shine becomes evident to the driver from a glance in the rearview mirror. Because the car behind grows smaller at record speed when you put your foot to the floor. In both petrol and diesel engine variants, the Aachen tuners inject any amount of power into the compact cabrio. Extra horsepower is available for the 135i, 120d and 123d. And because the standard speedo is sometimes overloaded with so much "unbridled" power, AC Schnitzer upgrades it to 320 km/h.

Any pursuer's hopes of overtaking the agile 1-series on the next corner are soon deflated by the AC Schnitzer suspension. The spring kit alone allows transverse acceleration which seems to go beyond the laws of physics. But fortunately physics doesn't issue penalty notices! Obstacles can be evaded more quickly and precisely with the complete sports suspension, or even circled completely with the height-adjustable racing suspension. The comfortable 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel from AC Schnitzer, and the further refined controls, always ensure that the car is a joy in your hands. All that remains for the final touch is a set of attractive wheels, and the 1-series will be dressed to take centre stage not just on twisty roads but also in front of the latest trendy café or bar. The 18" Type VI with its exciting re-interpretation of the classic Y-spoke design is an ideal choice of decor for the cabrio, as is the delicate but sporting Type IV in either 18" or 19", in silver or "BiColor". Or take your pick from a wide range of other styles in 17", 18" or 19". With the 1-series, the only thing left open by AC Schnitzer is the roof - not your dreams.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R56

The new MINI (R56) by AC Schnitzer

At the moment the AC Schnitzer designers and engineers develop a special accessories range for the new MINI. Following the history of the MINI, we will concentrate on special developments in the area of performance upgrades, sports rear silencer, sports suspension, exterior components and Interior details.

Engines - Exhaust

The present focus of our activities is the new 170 HP turbo engine in the Cooper S, for which we develop a performance upgrade. And when the driver puts the power down, the sound track plays loud and clear, thanks to the sonorous twin sports silencer with chromed Racing tailpipe.

The Suspension Technology

Full gas to the next corner - and through it at full speed! Touring Car legend Manfred Wollgarten set up the AC Schnitzer racing suspension on the North Loop of the Nürburgring - and it runs rings round the already very good standard suspension. You can feel the difference just with the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit

The Bodywork

Back from the track to the city, where the reflective glass facades flashes the face of a model athlete. AC Schnitzer achieves this masterpiece with a few tricks. The front bumper has a new front spoiler. The front bumper has a new front spoiler. Painted in body colour, and with its striking prominent corners, it sets a clear visual highlight. The sassy rear has also been subtly lifted. The rear skirt from AC Schnitzer, painted in contrast to standard, has a diffuser which effectively pulls the MINI down to the tarmac.

The Interior

And naturally the enthusiastic MINI fan has a wealth of matching accessories for the interior. Such as aluminium handbrake handle, aluminium gear shift knob (aluminium/chrome), aluminium foot rest, aluminium and pedal set as well as velours floor mats - naturally from AC Schnitzer.

The Wheels

Two sporting wheel designs, the Mi1 in the classic AC Schnitzer look in 7.5J x 17" and the brand-new Bicolor wheel Mi2 in 7.5 x18" complete the sporting range for the MINI R56. The new AC Schnitzer Mi2 BiColor alloy, with its ultramodern styling combined with the highest standards in materials, production methods and driving dynamics, is now available as a one-piece variant for all MINI vehicles. Naturally the new Mi2 BiColor wheel generation fits the current and the antecessor MINI vehicles. For tyres, we recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin in size 215/35 R 18 or optionally in 205/40 R 18.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW 1-Series Coupe

Not only in proportions is the new 1-series Coupé a worthy successor to the BMW 2002, but also technically: As in the 70s, the current most powerful standard version is powered by a "charged" engine. Daringly, the overtaking prestige was then enhanced further by the mirror-image Turbo logo on the front spoiler. In the 1-series Coupé, the possibilities are more refined, not least thanks to AC Schnitzer from Aachen. And naturally the company founded in Aachen in 1987 has made more than its logo available in its refinement package. Particularly impressive is the extensive AC Schnitzer bodykit including front grille, which is far more than mere decoration, but also effectively harmonised into the entire concept. The front spoiler elements and the rear skirt insert, together with the rear wing and rear roof spoiler, increase downforce and ensure better ground adhesion. For the front spoiler elements, AC Schnitzer supplies optional aluminium struts as used in motorsport - after all, the BMW 2002 was renowned for its track speed at the time. And it is on one particularly legendary circuit, the Nürburgring North Loop, that Manfred Wollgarten, Technical Director at AC Schnitzer, set up the sports suspension for the ACS1 3.5i. As a Touring Car driver, he knows what he's doing. He also sent the Coupé on its way with another strut brace for the front, to further reduce the torsion of a body already very stiff as standard. So at every point on the course, the driver has total control over the vehicle to centimetre precision when he turns the neat AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel. And that's good, because finally the unrestrained power of the biturbo engine is applied on the right track. Especially since AC Schnitzer has not only improved the downforce of the vehicle, but also its thrust. Its heart now beats at 360 instead of 306 HP (265 instead of 225 kW) and accelerates the fiery 1-series Coupé to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. At the same time, the maximum torque rises from 400 to 450 Nm and the top speed from 250 to an impressive 300 km/h.

Values which you can not only see but also hear because the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with its refined "Racing" tailpipe sounds its baritone. It goes almost without saying that AC Schnitzer also offers a range of sporting alloy wheels for the ACS1 3.5i. The perfect complement with their sleek and refined design are the Type IV "BiColor" rims in size 8.5Jx19" and tyres 225/35R19. The stuff of dreams for drivers of the BMW 2002, just like the countless attractive interior components from AC Schnitzer in the form of controls and decor elements of aluminium and carbon.

AC Schnitzer Tension Street Version

TENSION Street Version

Naturally the "small brother" could not be a 1 : 1 copy of the Concept Car, as the TENSION is a technology showcase which demonstrates what is technically feasible. In contrast, the TENSION Street Version had to incorporate suitability for everyday use with no loss of driving pleasure or reliability.

The focal point of the development work was adaptation of the breathtaking, costly aerodynamic conversion for series production.

The bonnet of the AC Schnitzer TENSION, restyled from the standard 6-series, is used on the Street Version. It reveals at first glance, from its large air outlet edged in a chrome frame, that the ventilation of the power plant is actively supported by sufficient cooling air flow .

The front skirt of the TENSION technology showcase has been completely adapted. It makes the TENSION Street Version look much lower and at the same time improves downforce on the front axle at high speeds. The air intake provides additional cooling for the engine and the front brakes and also gives the TENSION Street Version its unmistakeable facial expression .

To provide sufficient ventilation for the power plant, the new front wing has integral air outlet openings which with their three chrome ribs and the indicators are reminiscent of a shark's mouth.

Adequate air exchange is essential not only in the front of the vehicle in order to develop its full potential. The same principle applies to the rear .

Consequently, in the TENSION Street Version too air ducts for the rear brakes have been worked into the striking side skirts . The side skirts which give the vehicle its elongated appearance form the smooth transition to the rear , which on the TENSION Street Version in comparison with the Concept Car is still very sporting but slightly less lavish.

The rear skirt houses not just the solid stainless steel twin exhaust system with chromed Sports Trim tailpipes but also a carbon diffuser .

Another highlight at the rear of the TENSION Street Version is the boot lid which was originally reserved for the TENSION. But its modified styling gives the rear of the BMW 6-series the " Finishing Touch ", so the new boot lid is now a firm part of the Street Version conversion.

The bodystyling of the TENSION Street Version is completed by the AC Schnitzer sports mirrors and the extravagant two-colour paintwork in Alpine White in combination with Anthracite Metallic . Naturally other paint options are available on request.

What does a costly aerodynamic conversion look like without the right wheel and tyre combination? We think it's incomplete. So we decided to equip the TENSION Street Version with the latest AC Schnitzer wheel generation : the forged alloy Type V .

Appearance is one thing, but much more important in this context is the safety aspect. To take this into account, and secondly to meet the high technical demands placed on the AC Schnitzer wheel by our engineers, a complete new wheel development was required.

The result is the Type V alloy forged wheel with bi-colour finish . It has a partly polished, partly painted surface . This wheel type, available for all 5 and 6-series, achieves a fundamental paradox: reduction in weight with simultaneously maximum wheel diameter and width.

The TENSION Street Version is fitted with rims size 9.0J x 20" on the front and 10.0J x 20" on the rear, and each front wheel weighs in at just approx. 10.8 kg . The tyres to fit the wheels are size 245/35 ZR 20 on the front and 285/30 ZR 20 on the rear .

In conjunction with the wheel and tyre combination, a sports suspension has been developed for the TENSION Street Version which lowers the vehicle by around 25 - 30 mm and perceptibly improves driving dynamics . For the M6, a suspension spring kit is available.

To counter lateral roll, AC Schnitzer antiroll bar sets are fitted to the front and rear axles . Another suspension highlight is our in-house spring strut brace of aluminium which superbly prevents distortion in the vehicle front .

Depending on base vehicle, the TENSION Street Version can be fitted optionally with the new AC Schnitzer 5.1 l engine . This is available in principle for all BMW 6-series with N62 B44 or N62 B48 TU engines.

The new engine offers a true alternative to the M5 or M6 . As this conversion is also available for vehicles with automatic transmission , fans of automatics can now enjoy the higher power in conjunction with the pleasures of an automatic .

Whereas the basic engine gives maximum torques of 450 or 490 Nm , the AC Schnitzer 5.1 l engine achieves 550 Nm . Naturally the performance has been optimised. It rises from 245 kW (333 HP) or 270 kW (367 HP) to a superb 302 kW (411 HP) . At the same time, driving performance is enhanced. The top speed rises on average by around 35 km/h .

These excellent figures are obtained by the use of specially developed engine components. Individually, these are:

  • AC Schnitzer special cylinder block
  • AC Schnitzer special cylinder head
  • AC Schnitzer special pistons
  • AC Schnitzer special conrods
  • AC Schnitzer special crankshaft
  • AC Schnitzer exhaust manifold
  • AC Schnitzer special catalyst
  • AC Schnitzer Control Unit Program
  • AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with chromed Sports Trim tailpipes

To achieve excellent deceleration figures , the AC Schnitzer high performance brake system from the TENSION has been modified. At the front axle , an 8-pot fixed caliper with perforated, vented brake discs and special pads ensures braking with ruthless efficiency. However, this kit is reserved for the Street Versions based on BMW M6.

Only the interior remains, and this too has been modified in typical AC Schnitzer fashion: Starting with the carbon interior trim in titanium via the 3-spoke airbag sports steering wheel in leather with carbon applications , the automatic selector lever in carbon , the new combi-instrument with a speed display up to 320 or 330 km/h , through to velours mats for footwell and boot with red embroidered logo : this all gives the characteristic look to the interior of the TENSION Street Version. The overall impression is completed with silver or black anodized aluminium accessories comprising pedal set, foot rests, handbrake handle and cover for the controller of the "i-Drive" systems .

Last but not least, the silver serial number on the black anodized aluminium placard on the centre console permanently reminds the driver that he is sitting in a very special car: e.g. TENSION Street Version no. 1/50.

The AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version is available in various levels. The conversion work is performed exclusively by AC Schnitzer in Aachen. The only exceptions are the USA and Japan, where trained specialists perform the vehicle conversion locally.

AC Schnitzer ACS7 7Series E65

We know what matters: The new AC Schnitzer ACS7 Facelift

Luxury and excellent driving properties - the new BMW 7-series combines these two attributes like no other luxury saloon. Owners of this model who want even more sporting performance have come to the right place at AC Schnitzer.
Our engineers and designers are currently developing an aerodynamically optimised body kit for the new facelift variant of the E65 / E66, and adapting the suspension specifically for the use of AC Schnitzer wheels up to size 22".
In the interior, the enthusiastic driver will appreciate the generous use of aluminium in various applications. The high performance exhaust system completes the image of the sports saloon both visually and acoustically, and ensure improved exhaust gas flow.

The luxury saloon becomes even more attractive thanks to the elegant aerodynamic kit. The front of the car stands out with its new striking skirt with grille which has benefits beyond the visual: it improves downforce on the front axle, which is particularly evident at high speeds with more stable driving behaviour.
As an option, a Chromeline Set is available for fitting around the radiator grille.

The rear is enhanced by a new design of rear skirt available in two designs to suit customer preferences. In the first stage the exhaust is invisible as on the standard vehicle. In the second variant, a corresponding cut-out ensures harmonious integration of the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with chromed tailpipe trim. A Chromeline Set is available for both versions to accentuate the lines of the rear skirt.

The visual and aerodynamic balance is further enhanced by a rear roof spoiler, a one-piece rear spoiler and mirror covers. The front and rear of the vehicle are linked by the AC Schnitzer side skirts which can be further refined by the Chromeline Set.

The AC Schnitzer alloy wheels in various designs and sizes provide both increased driving pleasure and a more attractive appearance.
Alloy wheels are available in Type II and Type IV designs, and racing rims in Type II, III and IV. And if you want even larger and wider, you can fit up to size 22". The maximum wheel and tyre combination we offer is the AC Schnitzer alloys Type II in 10.5J x 22" with tyres 265/30 R 22 on the front and 295/25 R 22 on the rear. The standard tyres can still be fitted with size 19" wheels. We recommend Continental and Michelin tyres.

For improved driving dynamics compared with the standard car while retaining the existing high level of comfort, we have developed suspension spring kits with progressive special springs. The resulting lowering by 25 millimetres improves the cornering abilities of the saloon even further.

For the interior there are 4-spoke sports airbag steering wheels and velour foot mats available, together with the characteristic AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals and foot rests.
The new design of an aluminium cover for the controller of the BMW
"i-Drive system" in the style of the Type IV wheel neatly sets the finishing touch to the interior design.

The complete AC Schnitzer special accessory range for the BMW 7-series facelift is expected to be available from Autumn 2005 - and the equally complete range for the non-facelift model is of course available immediately.

The New AC Schnitzer TENSION Concept Car based on the BMW M6

Psychologically, tension means excited expectation or apprehension of a proposed event which is either particularly desired or feared.
Physically, tension describes a force within a resilient body.
Mechanical tension (symbol σ) is the force per surface unit which acts in an imaginary section plane through a body, a fluid or a gas.
Tension is also the most important instrument of playwrights and authors for motivating the viewer and reader to watch and read further.

The applicaton of all these different definitions to a single vehicle - viewed from all aspects - is demonstrated by AC Schnitzer at the IAA 2005 with the Concept Car:


The basis for the extensive conversion could only be one vehicle: the 507 HP BMW M6, which underwent a performance upgrade as the first development stage. Optimising the entire engine management system and fitting a new AC Schnitzer exhaust manifold system with special catalyst, sports rear silencer with chromed tailpipe trims in right/left combination in "Sports Trim Design" help the TENSION achieve an incredible 406 kW / 552 HP. The Sports Trim Design will also shortly be included in the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer range exclusively for the new BMW M vehicles.

Even more imposing than the pure engine power is the maximum torque of 540 Nm at 6200 rpm, which pushes the driver back in the seat and catapults the TENSION explosively to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.
The AC Schnitzer Vmax delimiter means that the acceleration thrust continues to 325 km/h before the speedo needle can relax - where driving conditions allow.

Conversely of course tremendous forces are also necessary to bring the TENSION back to a standstill. To achieve good deceleration values, development of an AC Schnitzer high performance braking system was essential. On the front axle this takes the uncompromising form of an 8-pot fixed caliper with slotted and vented brake disks in 374 mm diameter and with 36 mm thick brake discs. On the rear axle, a 4-pot fixed caliper is used in conjunction with the standard brake discs.

For both acceleration and deceleration, it is the wheels which are permanently under full load in all manoeuvres. To take account firstly of the safety aspect and secondly to fulfil the high technical requirements imposed on the new Concept Car by our engineers, a completely new wheel had to be developed.

The result is the AC Schnitzer "Forged Wheel": a lightweight forged wheel with bi-colour finish, i.e. it has a part polished, part painted surface. The forged wheel embodies an apparent contradiction: reduction in weight with at the same time the largest possible diameters and widths.

The TENSION is fitted with wheels size 10.0J x 20" all round. The offsets of -12 on the front and -2 on the rear allow tyres of size 285/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 20 respctively, of type MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2.
The weight of the front wheel is approx. 10 kg and the rear wheel 10.8 kg. But the AC Schnitzer Forged Wheels are not reserved exclusively for the TENSION. From December 2005 this new wheel type will also enrich the AC Schnitzer range for the BMW 5-series and 6-series.

In motorsport the right Set Up often makes the difference between first and second places, and our engineers put particular importance on optimum chassis set-up. In the AC Schnitzer TENSION, driving dynamics are decisively improved by the special development of an adjustable AC Schnitzer racing suspension. As well as lowering by 30 mm in relation to its standard brother M6, the spring and damper rates have been clearly modified towards sporting performance.
To counter lateral roll movements the AC Schnitzer antiroll bar kits are fitted to the front and rear axles. A further suspension highlight is the specially developed strut brace in aluminiumcarbon combination, which perfectly prevents torsion in the vehicle front.

The TENSION body conversion is absolutely breathtaking, and is totally dedicated to optimising the aerodynamics. A further focal point of the development was the improvement of the air supply and extraction for the power plant and braking system.

The redesigned bonnet of the AC Schnitzer TENSION reveals at first sight - through its striking power bulge and large air outlets - that it conceals an extremely powerful engine which requires maximum cold air flow especially at full load.
Another totally new development is the front skirt which makes the TENSION look even lower and further increases downforce on the front axle at high speeds. Its large air intake provides additional cooling for the engine and front brakes, and gives the TENSION its unmistakeable visual expression.
To provide additional venting for the V10 engine, large air outlet openings have been provided in the new front wings, where the 3 chromed ribs and LED flashers are reminiscent of a shark's mouth.

Adequate air flow is essential for the TENSION to develop its full potential not only in the front of the car: this principle naturally also applies to the rear.

Consequently air ducts for the rear brakes have been worked into the striking side skirts; these skirts not only give the TENSION a more elongated appearance but also ensure a harmonious transition to the huge rear.
The rear skirt accommodates not only the twin exhaust system made totally of stainless steel with chromed Sports Trim tailpipes but also a unique underfloor wing construction with diffuser.

The driver of the AC Schnitzer TENSION has the option of actively changing the vehicle aerodynamics to suit his needs. This is achieved through two interchangeable carbon diffusers which meet the differing needs for downforce on a track or when driving on country roads. The fast action aluminium catches mean that this conversion can be made effortlessly by the driver and the unused diffuser can be carried in a special holder in the boot so conversion can be spontaneous.
The same applies also to the rear wing of the TENSION. This too was designed as a mobile option for the track and has its place either in the boot or, using fast action catches, on the specially redesigned boot lid.
The boot lid of the TENSION is a real eyecatcher even without the rear wing. In contrast to the standard car, it comes without integral rear spoiler, giving smoother lines to the vehicle rear.

The body concept, which makes the TENSION 25 mm wider on each side, is complemented by the AC Schnitzer sports mirrors and the extravagant two-colour paint in Magic Orange Metallic with Carbon Grey.
The AC Schnitzer engineers are currently planning to include in the range a "softened" version of the TENSION aerodynamic concept for the M6, which is now in development.

The interior of the AC Schnitzer TENSION is a combination of developments from the AC Schnitzer range which are available for many BMW models, and special one-off products. The latter include amongst others the racing seats in leather with AC Schnitzer logo and the carbon interior trim in Magic Orange. The 3-spoke airbag sports steering wheel in leather is also fitted. The selector gaiter and handbrake handle are finished in Alcantara with black seams.
The arm rests in the doors and on the centre console are finished in Magic Orange leather to match the paintwork. Velours foot mats with embroidered TENSION logo complete the interior. The aluminium accessories consisting of pedal set, foot rests, handbrake handle and a cover for the controller of the "i-Drive" system are however an established part of the AC Schnitzer range.

The AC Schnitzer TENSION was developed as a technology platform. This Concept Car in the equipment level and form shown here would cost around € 260,000.00. There are no plans for series production.

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