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Discount Power Acoustik D1-6000D for $234.41 On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

POWER ACOUSTIK D1-6000D Demon 6000 Watt Mono Bass Amp Review

POWER ACOUSTIK D1-6000D Demon 6000 Watt Mono Bass Amp Feature

  • MOSFET PWM Power Supply: Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistors with Pulse Width Modulated circuitry make up each DEMON amplifiers power supply. MOSFET transistors increase durability and longevity over bi-polar counterparts.
  • Variable 12dB Crossovers: Filter out frequencies that could cause damage to speakers, or that subwoofers can't play via 12dB/octave slope high pass, low pass and subsonic crossovers.
  • Dash Mount Remote Gain Control: Mono Bass DEMON amplifiers include a dash mount remote gain control. The remote gain control allows amplifier level adjustment from a remote location in the vehicle.
  • Variable 18dB Bass Boost: All DEMON series amplifiers feature an 18dB 45Hz parametric bass boost. Mono Bass models offer variable boost level adjustment to match the limitations of your subwoofers.
  • 1-Ohm Stable Class D, w/ 200mV-6V Low Level Inputs & High Level Inputs, 180 degree Phase Switch, Three-Way Protection Circuitry, Pre-Amp Outputs, 4 ga. Power & 8 ga. Speaker Terminals, Extruded Aluminum Brushed Finish w/ Red Anodizing

POWER ACOUSTIK D1-6000D Demon 6000 Watt Mono Bass Amp Overview

Music so powerful it makes the dead come to life. Try the all new Demon amplifiers, loaded with the features you expect on models priced much higher than this exquisite series of amplifiers. We provide all the necessary features, including variable 12dB Crossovers and 1-ohm stable on the mono bass amps. . Bass boost and dash mounted sub woofer control. Sporting a new hairline anodized Candy Apple finish with Skull logo and piercing eyes that light-up when the amp is turned on.

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